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FAME 0.9.0 by Vivien Chappelier

FAME project is a set of tools for encoding multimedia content.

It currently consists in the following tools:


libfame is a video encoding library.

It can currently encode MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 rectangular video, as well as MPEG-4 video with arbitrary shape.


Provide b… 

MPEG::MP3Play 0.15 by Joern Reder

MPEG::MP3Play is a Perl extension for playing back MPEG music.


use MPEG::MP3Play;
my $mp3 = new MPEG::MP3Play;

$mp3->open ("test.mp3");

This Perl module enables you to playback MPEG music.

This README and the documention cover… 

LibMPEG3 1.7 by Heroine Virtual

Libmpeg3 supports advanced editing and manipulation of MPEG streams. MPEG is normally a last mile distribution format but with libmpeg3 you can edit it like a production format. Unless you have a need for MPEG editing and copying, you're better off using a consumer library like FFMPEG.

Libmpeg3 i… 

MPEG Menu System 2 1.0.8 RC2 by Anders Rune Jensen

MPEG Menu System Version2 is a menu system for easy movie, audio, and image playback. It supports many common file formats, including MP3, OGG, DivX, XviD, VCD, SVCD, DVD, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

MPEG Menu System 2 is controlled using a remote control, USB device, or keyboard. It supports DXR3, DVB,… 

getID3() 1.7.7 by James Heinrich

getID3() is a PHP4 script that extracts useful information from MP3s & other multimedia file formats:

Tag formats:

ID3v1 (v1.0 & v1.1)
ID3v2 (v2.2, v2.3 & v2.4)
APE tags (v1 & v2)
(Ogg) VorbisComment
Lyrics3 (v1 & v2)

Lossy Audio-only formats:

MP3, MP2, MP1 (MPEG-1, layer III/I… 

Sinek 0.7 by G?rer ?zen

Sinek is a GTK+ video/audio player, capable of supporting all formats libxine supports. At the moment, this includes; Audio MPEG 1, 2, and 3, Vorbis (.ogg), Video MPEG 1 and 2, MPEG 4 (aka OpenDivX), MS MPEG 4 (aka DivX) and motion jpeg.

One of the main differences between Sinek and other popular… 

MPEG::Audio::Frame 0.09 by Yuval Kojman

MPEG::Audio::Frame is a class for weeding out MPEG audio frames out of a file handle.


use MPEG::Audio::Frame;

open FILE,"file.mp3";

while(my $frame = MPEG::Audio::Frame->read(*FILE)){
print $frame->offset(), ": ", $frame->bitrate(), "Kbps… 

Yet Another Time Machine 0.4 by Mario Lang

Yet Another Time Machine is a command line Ogg Vorbis and MPEG audio player with the ability to control the tempo of playback without changing the pitch.

Primary usage would be to listen (for example) to audio books at 150% tempo. This is still understandable and saves time, hence the name of the… 

Ogg Vorbis 1.1.2 by Xiph.Org

Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for mid to high quality (8kHz-48.0kHz, 16+ bit, polyphonic) audio and music at fixed and variable bitrates from 16 to 128 kbps/channel.

This places Vorbis in the same competitive class as… 

playvideo 0.0.2 by Adam Williams

playvideo is a video player for svgalib that supports AVI, Quicktime (though not all codecs are supported), MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 formats. Most of the codecs are ported from xanim (or are xanim binary codecs). The parts from xanim are to be found mainly in the vidplay.c file. This makes this program su… 

VLC 0.8.6 by The VideoLAN Team

VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

VideoLan Client can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 o… 

Video::Info::MPEG 0.993 by Benjamin R. Ginter and Allen Day

Video::Info::MPEG is a basic MPEG bitstream attribute parser.


use strict;
use Video::Info::MPEG;

my $video = Video::Info::MPEG->new( -file => $filename );

print $file->type; ## MPEG

## Audio information
print $file->acodec; ##… 

Video::Info 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info can retrieve video properties such as: height width codec fps.


use Video::Info;

my $info = Video::Info->new(-file=>'my.mpg');

## ... see methods below

Video::Info is a factory class for working with video files. When you… 

MPEG Audio/Video Player 1.1.2 by Dennis Lew

MPEG Audio/Video Player is a simple MPEG and AC3 player for Linux, BSD, and Windows systems.

It plays MPEG transport, program, and elementary stream files. It also has basic DVD support (using libdvdnav on Linux/BSD sytems only).

Here are some key features of "MPEG Audio Video Player":

SMPEG 0.4.4 by Loki Software, Inc.

SMPEG is SDL MPEG Player Library.

SMPEG is based on UC Berkeley's mpeg_play software MPEG decoder and SPLAY, an mpeg audio decoder created by Woo-jae Jung. We have completed the initial work to wed these two projects in order to create a general purpose MPEG video/audio player for the Linux OS.

xmpgedit 0.72 Beta3 by Adam Bernstein

xmpgedit project is an MP3 editor for VBR and CBR encoded files.

xmpgedit is an MPEG 1 layer 1/2/3 (MP3), MPEG 2, and MPEG 2.5 audio file editor that is capable of processing both Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoded files.

xmpgedit can cut an input MPEG file into one o… 

Iris Video Conversion Utility 0.75 by Greg Schenzel

Iris is a video conversion utility in C++ that works as a front-end to mencoder. Iris Video Conversion Utility can run in command-line or graphical modes and currently supports conversion to DVD MPEG, DivX AVI and VCD MPEG

This software intends to ease video conversion to common formats.


Aldegonde 0.0.1 by Ronald Bultje

Aldegonde is a simple and efficient media player based on the powerful GStreamer media framework.

It supports all file formats supported by GStreamer, including Ogg (Theora, Vorbis, Speex, FLAC), ASF (WMV/WMA, ...), AVI (XviD, MJPEG, DivX ...), Quicktime (MPEG-4, Sorensen, ...), MPEG (1, 2, 4) an… 

Kiss 0.0.1 by Ronald Bultje

Kiss is a simple and efficient media player based on the powerful GStreamer media framework.

It supports all file formats supported by GStreamer, including Ogg (Theora, Vorbis, Speex, FLAC), ASF (WMV/WMA, ...), AVI (XviD, MJPEG, DivX ...), Quicktime (MPEG-4, Sorensen...), MPEG (1, 2, 4) and so o… 

MP3val 0.1.2 by Alexey Kuznetsov

MP3val is a tool for MPEG audio files validation and (optionally) fixing problems.

It was primarily designed for MPEG 1 Layer III (MP3) files, but supports also other MPEG versions and layers.

MP3val can be useful for finding corrupted files (e.g. incompletely downloaded).

MP3val supports:



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