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Pod::Hlp 1.02 by Peter Prymmer

Pod::Hlp is a Perl module that can convert POD data to formatted VMS HLP Help module text.


use Pod::Hlp;



pod2hlp < input.pod


perl pod2hlb

Pod::Hlp is a module that can convert documentat… 

Pod::PlainText 1.34 by Russ Allbery

Pod::PlainText is a Perl module that can convert POD data to formatted ASCII text.


use Pod::PlainText;
my $parser = Pod::PlainText->new (sentence => 0, width => 78);

# Read POD from STDIN and write to STDOUT.

# Read POD from… 

Jeti 0.7.6 by Eric de Boer

Jeti is a Java Jabber client that supports most chat features such as file transfer, group chat, emoticons, and formatted messages.

Jeti can be used as an application or as a Web applet.

Jeti is an instant messenger based on the Jabber protocol, it is programmed in Java so it can run on every… 

PolyglotMan 3.2 by Tom Phelps

PolyglotMan project takes man pages from most of the popular flavors of UNIX and transforms them into any of a number of text source formats. In contrast various man2html filters, which essentially translate bold and italic text and otherwise wrap the entire manual page in PRE tags, PolyglotMan trie… 

BoreWiki 0.975 by Tomi Ollila

BoreWiki provides a Web form interface to edit reStructuredText formatted text and creates static (X)HTML pages out of it.

BoreWiki provides password-based user authentication, and has directory-based access control for these users. All edited and saved pages are stored in RCS files if there is n… 

Pod::LaTeX 0.58 by Tim Jenness

Pod::LaTeX is a Perl module to convert Pod data to formatted Latex.


use Pod::LaTeX;
my $parser = Pod::LaTeX->new ( );


$parser->parse_from_file ('file.pod', 'file.tex');

Pod::LaTeX is a module to convert documentation in the Pod format… 

Anagram Solver 0.1 by Tim Harper

Anagram Solver is a simple anagram solver program.

You can use it against any spelling dictionary that is formatted:

- one word per line
- in alphabetical order

If its not in alphabetical order, you could send it through pipe.

The basic algorithm tries all possible combinations of a… 

Spreadsheet::WriteExcel 2.17 by John McNamara

Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module is can be used to create native Excel binary files.

Formatted text and numbers can be written to multiple worksheets in a workbook. Formulas and functions are also supported. It is 100% Perl and doesn't require any Windows libraries or a copy of Excel.

It will al… 

OraRep 0.3.4 by IzzySoft

OraRep is a PL/SQL snippet (embedded in a shell script) which creates a well-formatted HTML report on a given database instance, providing you with an overview on your instance(s), some hints for performance tuning, and more.

It has been tested with Oracle 8.1.7, 9.0.1, and 9.2. The script easily f… 

Prima::TextView 1.20 by Dmitry Karasik, Anton Berezin and Vadim Belman

Prima::TextView is a rich text browser widget.

Prima::TextView accepts blocks of formatted text, and provides basic functionality - scrolling and user selection. The text strings are stored as one large text chunk, available by the ::text and ::textRef properties. A block of a formatted text is a… 

xcurs 0.5.1 by Pasi Savolainen

XCurs is a program used for editing XCursor formatted XFree86 mouse cursors. This type of format became available as a result of Keith Packard's work on XFree86 v4.3.

What's So Important about xcursor?

xcursor contains a) Alpha Info, b) ~16 million colors c) animation of cursor, none of which… 

RTTTL2WAV 0.2 by Kari Jarvinen

RTTL2WAV converts a RTTTL-formatted mobile phone ringing tone to a WAV file. A raw pcm output can also be copied to stdout if wanted.

This package also includes a simple shell-script name playrtttl. This script plays rtttl stream without using any temporary wav-files. You need a sox frontend ca… 

Web Reference Database 0.9.0 by Matthias Steffens

Web Reference Database is a bibliographic manager that can import and export references in various formats (including BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML, and OpenOffice).

It can make formatted lists of citations in HTML, RTF, PDF, or LaTeX, and offers powerful searching, rich metadata, and RSS support


Adminalyser 1.0b02 by Mark Schonewille

This tool allows you to analyse virtually every text-formatted admin log file. This application counts the domain names, IP-numbers and e-mail addresses in your log file and, among other things, tells you:

the address (domain, IP-address or e-mail) used by the worst spammer or hacker;
the amount… 

Net::Whois::RIPE 1.23 by Paul Gampe

Net::Whois::RIPE is an object-oriented Perl library module that provides methods to query, retrieve, and update RIPE-157 formatted objects from whois servers that support this format.

In particular, both the Asian and European Internet Registries ( and support this… 

Oggify 1.0.0 by Scott Paul Robertson

Oggify is a perl script designed to take flac formatted audio and encode it into ogg vorbis or mp3. Oggify allows you to specify a directory that contains flac files and will encode all flac files in the directory tree into ogg or mp3 files in a similar directory tree.

Here are some key features… 

Parrot::Docs::Group 0.4.5 by Parrot::Docs::Group Team

Parrot::Docs::Group is a group of documentation items.


use Parrot::Docs::Group;

A documentation group is a number of items with some optional descriptive text.

Parrot::Docs::Group is a subclass of Parrot::Docs::Item.

Class Methods

new_group($name, $text, @items)


Gentoox Home 5.0 by David Pye

Gentoox Linux is an adaptation of the popular source based Linux distribution called Gentoo. Gentoox Home retains all the features of the original (portage, sysvinit etc...) but has a patch system created from the ground up, by myself, which is specifically designed for Gentoox.

"Magic" (as I hav… 

Biferno 1.3 by Valerio Ferrucci

Biferno is a new generation, Cross Platform Web Scripting Language that allows developers the rapid implementation of dynamic Web applications and of Web sites that offer a high degree of user interactivity.

Biferno project is a Web server add-on module that allows dynamic generation of HTML page… 

recoverPhotos 0.5 by dmgerman

recoverPhotos is a program that recovers digital images from camera memory cards that have been formatted or damaged.

This program relies on the fact that most photos are composed of contiguous sectors. If you tend to delete a lot of photos before a format, then you might not have very good succe… 



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