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Fast Genetic Algorithm 1.0 by Alessandro Presta

Fast Genetic Algorithm is a simple yet powerful implementation of a general genetic algorithm, and provides many types of crossover and selection procedures.

It is suitable to solve mathematical problems such as combinatorical optimization ones, as well as to build artificial life simulations.


GAJET 20051220 by Mikhail Vladimirov

GAJET (Genetic Alrogithm for Java Evolutionary Testing) is an automatic test generation tool for Java that uses a genetic algorithm.

GAJET project uses EMMA to measure test coverage.


To run tests generated by GAJET you need the following software:


Distributed Hardware Evolution Project by Miguel Garvie

The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project allows the distribution of a genetic algorithm evolving hardware designs across the Internet by setting up an island on each client's PC which will evolve during idle time. Individuals from these islands will migrate between each other as they compete for s… 

fastbreeder 1.0.0b2 by Dave Griffiths

fastbreeder is an experimental genetic programming synthesiser. This program is free software, developed for linux, using jack for audio.

Fastbreeder is essentially a 4 button synth. The idea is to grow code by choosing from a range of automatically generated variations of functions, you don't h… 

Genetic Algorithm File Fitter 0.5.0 by Douglas Augusto

Genetic Algorithm File Fitter (gaffitter) is a command-line software written in C++ that extracts --via Genetic Algorithm-- subsets of an input list of files/directories that best fit the given volume size (target), such as CD, DVD and others. Genetic Algorithm File Fitter is initially designed to r… 

PGAPy 0.1 by Ralf Schlatterbeck

PGAPy is a wrapper for pgapack, the parallel genetic algorithm library, a powerfull genetic algorithm library by D. Levine, Mathematics and Computer Science Division Argonne National Laboratory.

The library is written in C. PGAPy wraps this library for use with Python. The original pgapack librar… 

Textbender 0.1.2 by Michael Allan

Textbender project is a toolkit for collaborative authoring based on structures and methods derived from nature.

Structures include a genetic code, populations, and a gene pool. A text is encoded with genetic markup and then distributed out to writers to form a population of copies and a gene poo… 

JGAP 3.1 by Neil Rotstan and Klaus Meffert

JGAP (pronounced "jay-gap") is a genetic algorithms component written in the form of a Java package. JGAP project provides basic genetic mechanisms that can be easily used to apply evolutionary principles to problem solutions. The ground is laid for introducing Genetic Programming to JGAP in the nea… 

GPalta 0.2 by Neven Boric

GPalta is a genetic programming toolbox that aims for simplicity and speed.

GPalta features tree-based genetic programming, optional strong typing, a multithreaded GUI to control an evolution process, the ability to save evolutions to a file, to be continued at another time and place, and easy inte… 

Return To Castle Wolfenstein 1.4.1b by id Software

Return To Castle Wolfenstein is the awesome follow-up to the original Wolfenstein 3D.

This is the follow-up to the old Wolfenstein 3D game, and it does not disappoint. Gorgeous graphics, wonderful sound, and awesome gameplay. Killing Nazis is fun!!! When you've finished the single player missions… 

N-genes 0.9 by Jean-Luc Falcone

n-genes is a powerful Genetic Algorithms and Programming toolkit written for Java 5.

Using advanced object oriented techniques, like generics and introspection, it is one the simplest system to learn and use. N-genes's design allows fast coding and a total flexibility.

n-genes is an open-sourc… 

Cultivation 6 by Jason Rohrer

Cultivation is a unique game that explores conflict and cooperation in a gardening community.

Cultivation explores the social interactions within a gardening community. You lead one family of gardeners, starting with a single individual, and wise choices can keep your genetic line from extinction… 

JOpt.SDK 1.1.0 by DNA Evolutions

JOpt.SDK is a tour optimization JAVA library that uses specialized genetic algorithms to calculate an optimized allocation of orders and stops to mobile resources. The algorithm not only provides tours at minimum costs but also considers an arbitrary set of constraints for each tour.

You may defi… 

Open BEAGLE 3.0.1 by Christian Gagn?

Open BEAGLE is a C++ Evolutionary Computation (EC) framework. It provides an high-level software environment to do any kind of EC, with support for tree-based genetic programming, bit string and real-valued genetic algorithms, and evolution strategy.

The Open BEAGLE architecture follows strong pr… 

Flames 2.7 by Scott Draves

Fractal Flames are algorithmically generated images and animations. The software was originally written in 1992 and released as open source, aka free software. Since then it has developed a lot.

Flames has been incorporated into many graphics programs and ported to most operating systems. The sha… 

Darwinia 1.3.0 by IntroVersion

The world of Darwinia is a virtual themepark, running inside a computer network built by a computer genius named Dr Sepulveda.

Darwinia is populated by a sentient evolving life form called the Darwinians. They are the product of a decades worth of research into genetic algorithms.… 

Pos 1.9 by Folkert van Heusden

Pos is an experimental chess program based not on the Shannon algorithm, but on several others. Pos is not a brute force system.

The algorithm used is determined by a genetic (evolutionary) algorithm.

How to run it?

In a terminal

When using the SUN Java 5.0 runtime environment, start it… 

Array Designer 4.11 by PREMIER Biosoft International

Array Designer project can help design thousands of efficient, highly specific oligos to make microarrays for SNP genotyping and expression studies with the click of a button.

For investigating gene control elements in the post-sequencing era, the software designs tiling arrays for interrogating… 

EvoJava 0.9.0 by Scott Robert Ladd

EvoJava is an program for interactively exploring intriguing concepts in computer science. From cellular automata and rule-based systems to fractals and genetic algorithms, EvoJava is an education tool for anyone interested in the "edges" of science. Or, if nothing else, it makes lots of pretty pict… 

Open Metaheuristic 0.3 by Johann Dreo

Open Metaheuristic (oMetah) is a library aimed at the conception of metaheuristics (i.e. genetic/evolutionnary algorithms, tabu search, simulated annealing, ant colony algorithms, etc.). Open Metaheuristic library follows the "adaptive learning search" approach in the design of metaheuristics (an ap… 



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