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Mp3CatgBuilder 1.2b by zRenard

Mp3CatgBuilder is a script that can be used to create Web pages for audio files like MP3 and WAV. The Web pages taht you will create include ID3 tags, pictures, lyrics, and playlists.

Here are some key features of "Mp3CatgBuilder":
Multiples parameters to build your own mp3page.
All in CSS.

getID3() 1.7.7 by James Heinrich

getID3() is a PHP4 script that extracts useful information from MP3s & other multimedia file formats:

Tag formats:

ID3v1 (v1.0 & v1.1)
ID3v2 (v2.2, v2.3 & v2.4)
APE tags (v1 & v2)
(Ogg) VorbisComment
Lyrics3 (v1 & v2)

Lossy Audio-only formats:

MP3, MP2, MP1 (MPEG-1, layer III/I… 

ccHost 3.1 by Jon Phillips

ccHost is a Web-based infrastructure that may be used to host and allow for commenting, remixing, and distribution globally.

The more installations of ccHost and its variations, the more content there will be available for enjoyment and artistic re-use in a sane and legal setting.

ccHost is wh… 

ReleaseForge 1.1 by Phil Schwartz

ReleaseForge project is designed to be an alternative to the SourceForge File Release System (FRS).

ReleaseForge is an open source utility designed for the administrators and release engineers of SourceForge projects.

ReleaseForge allows you to easily create new SourceForge project releases an… 

StatRelief 0.3.17 by Richard Harris

StatRelief downloads and displays a digest of your SourceForge and freshmeat project statistics.

It is ideal if you spend way too much time watching and repeatedly refreshing those pages when you have something better to do.

What's New in This Release:
A number of retries may now be specifie… 

LarryMessenger 0.9.0 by chrissi

LarryMessenger is a simple to use and easy to install Instant Messenger. It is Open Source Software and is hosted as an Open Source Project at

It is published under the GNU General Public License

You can download all available Source Codes, Binary Releases and Documentation f… 

Smurf 0.52.6 by Josh Green

The Smurf Sound Font Editor is a sound font editor for Linux and other *nix like operating systems.

Soundfont is considered a standard for creating instruments (also called patches) for use in composing MIDI music. This standard utilizes digital audio "samples" (recorded or generated sounds) with… 

TroveSendTwo alpha-test by TroveSend Authors

TroveSendTwo project is a program to help to maintain project listings at freshmeat and similar sites.

Change once & have the client login to the sites & update all your listings FOR YOU.

What's New in This Release:
Initial alpha release.
Has support for receiving .html files from sourcef… 

MPyRe 0.1.1 by William F Pearson III

MPyRe (Music Python Ripper) is a Python front- end to cdparanoia, LAME, Musepack, and Ogg Vorbis and FLAC encoders. It has support ID3 and APEv2 tagging.

Here are some key features of "MPyRe":
Reads the CDDB server and grabs disc info
Rips the CD with CDParanoia in secure ripping mode

Boss Ogg 0.13.6 by Ted Kulp

Boss Ogg is a server based music (ogg/mp3/flac) player. Written in Python/C, uses sqlite for a database backend, and xml-rpc for client/server communication. Clients are released for php, sdl and curses(geezer).

Compilation and installion are very typical for unix applications. './configure' to… 

tsemgr 0.8 by smoon

tsemgr is a GTK+ application which was made to manage the SonyEricsson T68 mobile phone.

It allows you to read and send short messages (sms), view and edit the phonebook, upload files via IrDA and Bluetooth, and turn your phone into a remote control for your Linux box.

To co… 

php-syslog-ng CL 2.7 by PHPwizardry

php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL. It lets you quickly and easily manage logs from many hosts.

It features customized searches based on host, facility, priority, date/time, and the content of the log messages. It also has a tail mode, with customized filt… 

DB Copy Plugin 1.0 by Rob Manning

DB Copy Plugin is a database copying plugin for the SQuirreL SQL Client. DB Copy Plugin makes it possible to copy and paste tables from one session to another and between different databases and includes primary key and foreign key constraints for copied tables, and uses Hibernate 3.0 internally to… 

Magda 1.0 by Michal

Magda project is a graph drawing application.

Magda (Magda Aesthetic Graph Drawing Application) is an application developed for mathematicians intrested in graph theory, specially in graph drawing.

Magda provides a nice and extensive GUI for creating and drawing graphs using appropriate algor… 

Audiotag 0.15 by Ryan McDougal

Audiotag is a command-line tool for mass tagging/renaming of audio files. The application was written because i really don't like any of the id3/ogg tag managers found on freshmeat, most are inadequate, only support one format, or have a poorly designed/unnecessary GUI.

Originally, i wrote this i… 

Big Sam 2.2.6 by Slash Admins

Slash is a database-driven portal system that uses Apache/mod_perl and MySQL.

As you may know, Slash development for the past several years has all been in CVS, with no tarball releases. We may do a tarball at some point, but for now, we recommend installing the most recent R_ tagged code from CV… 

Pybber 0.1.0 by Claudemir Todo Bom

Pybber is a single window Jabber client that is being written in Python, PyGnome, PyGlade ,pyjama. The main objectives of this project is:

* All chats and group chats in one window, using tabs. Always that's possible, use main window tabs to show things;
* Gnome panel applet that show cl… 

openModeller 0.4 by Mauro E. S. Mu?oz

openModeller library is a spatial distribution modelling library, providing a uniform method for modelling distribution patterns using a variety of modelling algorithms.

openModeller can be used via programatic interfaces, including SOAP and SWIG-python, as well as via a user friendly desktop gra… 

GrabTheMic 0.5 by Michael Gorsuch

GrabTheMic is a clone of Digg written in Ruby on Rails.

rabTheMic is a community-driven news platform that provides a simple feedback mechanism through voting.

It allows users to submit links to various news / blog articles, and for others to vote and comment on them.

It is based on the… 

Wsynth-DSSI 0.1 by Gordon JC Pearce

Wsynth-DSSI is a simple wavetable synth. It is not based on any "real life" synth, but was written with the PPG Wave and Prophet VS in mind.

The code is based on Xsynth-DSSI, hence the imaginative name.

A lot of the sound generation code, most of the user interface, and nearly all of the DSSI… 



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