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Crystal Monitor 6.3 by Mihael Simonic

CrystalMonitor is SuperKaramba theme with:

* Guess distro
In .py file is link to files, where are basic infos about your distro. .py file finds sitably file and only writes out data to CrystalMonitor.

* Kernel monitor
Display your kernel version

* Cpu monitor
Display your procesor na… 

Multi Distro 2.5 by Multi Distro Team

Multi Distro is a CD that contains multiple small linux distributions. Multi Distro is a compilation of several live, bootable, distributions.
It's based on R.I.P. It uses GRUB, as bootloader. It goes in one, 700MB CD.

What's New in This Release:
11.04.06 RIP from 11.6 to 15.2
DSL from 0.9.… 

BrutalWare 3 by Marko

BW3 is a mini-cd live distro, continuing in the philosophy of the original floppy-distro BrutalWare .

BW3 is based on Tomas Matejicek's Linux Live scripts. BW3 contains bonus software of your "daily use" or for fun. BW3 also contains some stuff from the hysteria's famed "arxiv".… 

maliGNUz 2.4 by

maliGNUz is a slackware based live distro quick, light, useful..and obviously nerd!

What does maliGNUz mean?

It means Mentor Avatar linux GNU, the ending "z" is to let it sound something like Malignous..z

But what is it maliGNUz?

nothing more than another live distro.. with some new ide… 

MyGeOs 2.0 by MyGeOs Team

MyGeOs is a High Performance GNU/Linux Distribution. We provide a i686-Optimized Binary-Distro called "MyGeOs-B" and of course the Source-Distro "MyGeOs".
"MyGeOs" is compiled completely from the source code, so that the installed Linux system suites perfectly your computer.

Your processor is au… 

Fluxbuntu nBuild1 Revision2 by Fluxbuntu Team

Fluxbuntu is an Ubuntu with Fluxbox window manager.

I started this project in order to provide people with a distro which was lightweight productive (and efficient) and agile (LPEA). I believe some people have confused (because of the name Flux-Buntu) this project to be just another "letsmakeaubu… 

KGeography 0.4 by Albert Astals Cid

KGeography is a geography learning tool.

Here are some key features of "KGeography":
Browse the maps clicking in a map division to see it's name
The game tells you a map division name and you have to click on it
The game tells you a capital and you have to guess the division it belongs to

DNALinux 0.5b (592) by GenesDigitales

DNALinux is a Linux distribution with bioinformatics software pre-installed.

We believe that this distro fills an empty niche. Specialized biotech software usually is released as source code only and it's not packaged for easy installation on "mainstream" Linux.

Most scientific software is "au… 

OCSID 10.2 by Stefano Stabellini

OCSID is a Slackware based distro with Gnome, like the good old Slackware used to have.

First let's start with what OCSID is NOT:

is not yet another linux distro;
is not yet another fork;
is not born to divide the Community;
is not a closed development project.

So What OCSID really… 

Voyage Linux 0.1 by Voyage Design and Consultants

Voyage Linux is a Debian sarge-based distro (voyage) built from scratch. It is best run on a x86-based embedded platform such as Soekris 45xx/48xx and WRAP boards.

Here are some key features of "Voyage Linux":
based on Debian Sarge r3.1 kernel
prism54, hostap, madwifi, ipw2100, rt24… 

DFBKana 0.3 by Andreas Hundt

DFBKana project is a kana drill program for DirectFB.

DFBKana is a small DirectFB program to help you learn Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana).

You will be presented a kana character and you have to guess the pronounciation by selecting the apropriate romanji field in the romanji grid wind… 

Deep-Water Linux 0.4.0 Beta01 by Deep-Water Team

Deep-Water Linux is a 'half' minimalist software distribution using the linux kernel released under the terms of the gnu gpl license v2.

Originaly i designed it for myself to make my work a bit easyer - it was a few years ago when there were not so many live distributions that fit my needs - i ne… 

Echelon Linux 0.2 by Mikael Mourcia

Echelon Linux is a distro designed to monitor services on your network. Echelon Linux is based on the DamnSmallLinux project.

I started building echelonlinux last year but I stopped working on it a few month later. Today I have decided to publish a new release of echelonlinux. It is a little bit… 

LinuxUpdate 0.5 by Patryk Zawadzki

LinuxUpdate is a distro-independent automatic package upgrade utility.

LinuxUpdate is written in perl using Gtk2 bindings. It justs sits there in your tray, executing specified commands once in a while and processing the output to produce a viewable list of upgradable packages.

GUI is provide… 

LazyDragon GNU/Linux RC2 LiveDVD by The Lazy Dragon Project

LazyDragon Gnu/Linux is a Linux distro aimed at video and audio production. Unfortunatly their aren't many distributions aimed specifically at Audio/Video editing and production.

So thats where LazyDragon comes in. Currently Chainsaw Linux is one of the only Distributions orientated towards media… 

JayOS 20061108-2 by Jay Lewis

JayOS is a live CD distro intended for use as a more secure mobile environment. JayOS integrates in-RAM filesystem encryption with plausible deniability for a system that can be difficult to alter without rebuilding.

This offers a user with a high degree of data integrity; since all filesystems a… 

MoviX 0.8.3 by Roberto De Leo

MoviX is a mini Linux distro on CD aimed at playing multimedia: when you boot your PC with the MoviX CD the distro should be able to start a console menu interface to MPlayer, the best multimedia player in the Unix world.
At that point you can safely remove the MoviX CD and play all multimedia file… 

Pingwinek 1.0 Preview 4 by Grzegorz Dąbrowski

Pingwinek is a Linux distro made in Poland.

The main desktop is GNOME and it currently supports Polish and English languages. The project also provides a Live CD edition.

Long awaited Pingwinek GNU/Linux 1.0preview3 codename 'Light' is ready! Many improvements have been made since preview2.


MoviX2 0.3.1rc2 by Roberto De Leo

MoviX2 is a small Linux distro on CD aimed at playing multimedia: when you boot your PC with the MoviX2 CD the distro should be able to start X-windows and launch gmplayer, the GUI interface to mplayer, so that you are left with a nice user-friendly interface you can control by your mouse.

At tha… 

AfterLive 1.0-pre1 by ShadowGod

AfterLive is a live Linux CD distribution based on Damn Small Linux.

AfterLive distro uses AfterStep instead of fluxbox for the window manager, and includes other AfterStep-related apps.

AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix X Window System. Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTSt… 



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