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MySQL High Availability clustering Alpha-0.6.5 by Fernando Ipar Pe?aloza

MySQL High Availability clustering is a set of scripts and programs that provide a high availability database cluster using MySQL replication.

MySQL High Availability clustering is transparent to client applications, as the cluster uses a shared logical IP to provide the service.

What's New in… 

Linux Replicated High Availability Manager 1.2.4 by Simon Edwards

The Linux Replicated High Availability Manager (aka allows the creation of clusters for application high availability through data replication.

Currently, clusters are limited to two nodes, but multiple applications can be hosted and failed-over between the nodes. The software uses D… 

Linux-HA 2.0.5 by The Linux-HA crowd

Linux-HA provides a heartbeat and IP address takeover functions for a high-availability Linux cluster.

The basic goal of the High Availability Linux project is to:

Provide a high-availability (clustering) solution for Linux which promotes reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) thr… 

HA-Tools 1.12 by Markus Winand

HA-Tools provide some programs to improve shell scripting in a High Availability environment.

The halockrun program provides a simple and reliable way to implement a locking in shell scripts. A typical usage for halockrun is to prevent cronjobs to run simultanously. halockrun uses a lock on a fil… 

HA/FST 3.0.1 by Foundation Software Tools

HA/FST is a high availability clustering tool for up to four Solaris nodes. HA/FST project supports any application that can be managed from the command line.

HA/FST works similar to other HA tools. Heartbeats sent across a private network are monitored. If these heartbeats fail and subsequent ch… 

Websuite 1.0.0 by Shevek

Websuite is a suite of simple CGI programs written in C, designed for speed, high availability, and support of name-based virtual hosts. I say that here because that seems to be the number one mistake made with these programs. If given no arguments or incorrect arguments, they will simply exit and e… 

Hapm 0.6 by Hapm Team

Hapm stands for High Availability Port Monitor and is a local port status check. It is a simple, light and fast daemon to check TCP/UDP ports.

If one or more monitored ports (per IP) downs then the Heartbeat will be killed by HAPM.



You will need gc… 

lvs-kiss 1.32 by Linpro AS

lvs-kiss is a daemon which enables you to create load balanced, high availability services.

lvs-kiss is designed to make loadbalancing with fail over simple. The primary design-goal is for you to get loadbalancing with fail over up and running within an hour or so. Setting up a load balancing web… 

FreeHA 1.0 by Phil Brown

FreeHA is designed to provide a free, portable, and easy to use (compared to alternatives) program to run nodes in a high availability cluster.

FreeHA will let you run a service (program), or group of services, on a computer, but have one or more others running in standby mode. The service can b… 

Prelude Manager 0.9.6 by Prelude Manager Team

Prelude-Manager is a high-availability server which collects and normalizes information from distributed Prelude-IDS sensors and stores them in a database (or any kind of user-provided media).

Prelude Manager also provide the ability to relay received events to one or several other prelude-manage… 

J-EAI 1.0 Beta6 by Process-one

J-EAI is the first Open Source EAI built as a free software standards-based solution.

J-EAI is built on:

* XML: XML is the new standard for data exchange between heterogeneous systems. It is normalized by the W3C.
* XMPP: XMPP stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. It is stand… 

WhizzBee Proxy Server 2.0 by Whizz Technology Ltd.

WhizzBee Proxy Server is built on our EC-Cache technology.It is build for a smoother and more enjoyable web experience to the clients and helps to reduce network traffic. Remote servers are contacted only when necessary and user requests will enjoy a much faster response when they are served by Whi… 

Rezervi 2.5 by

Rezervi is an availability overview and guest database that you have to install directly on your webserver. You need a MySQL database and the support of PHP on your webserver to do this.

Rezervi shows the available rental properties of your organisation on your website.

Your customers must not… 

MaxDB by MySQL by MySQL AB

MaxDB is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database for OLTP and OLAP usage which offers high reliability, availability, scalability and a very comprehensive feature set. MaxDB by MySQL is targetted for large mySAP Business Suite environments and other applications that require maximum enterpr… 

HAproxy 1.3.3 by Willy Tarreau

HA-Proxy is a TCP/HTTP reverse proxy which is particularly suited for high
availability environments. Indeed, it can :

- route HTTP requests depending on statically assigned cookies ;
- spread the load among several servers while assuring server persistence through the use of HTTP cookies ;

ASPLinux 11.2 by ASPLinux

ASPLinux is a modern multifunctional GNU/Linux distribution, includes all components for creation of a high perfomance Internet/Intranet server or powerful multimedia workstation.

What's New in This Release:
Some of the more prominent features of the new version include:

simplicity - all th… 

High Visibility Calculator 0.0.9 by Andrew Enyart

High Visibility Calculator is a high visibility calculator for people with disabilities.

Large buttons with bold text are easy to push for people with motor control or vision problems.… 

BalanceNG 1.714 by Inlab Software GmbH

BalanceNG is a modern software IP load balancing solution. It is small, fast, and easy to use and setup. It offers session persistence, different distribution methods (Round Robin, Random, Hash, and Least Resource) and a customizable UDP health check agent in source code.

It supports VRRP (Virtua… 

TCPDuP 0.50b by Benjamin Rossi

TCPDuP is a command-line networking utility that can proxy TCP service to a remote host:port pair, thus duplicating the availability of that service.

TCPDuP project differs from using netcat and a named pipe in that it supports multiple concurrent connections. It is also faster than using a pipe… 

pMH 1.0.0 by Jacopo Romei

phpMyHotels is a general purpose reservation engine featuring plugins that define availability, searches, and resource management tools.

It also features a complete properties promotion and advertising tool.

phpMyHotels is a plug-in based general purpose online reservation platform.

It feat… 



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