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Pound 2.1 by Robert Segall

Pound is a reverse load balancer, HTTP proxy and SSL wrapper. It proxies client HTTPS requests to HTTP backend servers, distributes the requests among several servers while keeping sessions, supports HTTP/1.1 requests even if the backend server(s) are HTTP/1.0, and sanitizes requests.

Here are so… 

httping 1.2.2 by Folkert van Heusden

httping is a "ping"-like tool for HTTP requests. Give it a URL and it will show how long it takes to connect, send a request, and retrieve the reply (only the headers).

httping can be used for monitoring or statistical purposes (measuring latency).

What's New in This Release:
One can now set… 

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser 0.08 by Benjamin Boksa

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser is a Perl module to simulate a browser session described in a XML file.


use WWW::Meta::XML::Browser;

my $session = WWW::Meta::XML::Browser->new();

HappyHTTP 0.1 by Ben Campbell

HappyHTTP is a simple C++ library for issuing HTTP requests and processing responses.

Here are some key features of "HappyHTTP":
Simple to integrate - just drop in the .h and .cpp files
Easy-to-use interface (example)
Non-blocking operation, suitable for use in game update loops

HTTPManifold 0.9b by Adam M. Lane

HTTPManifold is an application for tunnelling Web/HTTP traffic for multiple servers through a single IP address (a reverse proxy). HTTPManifold is intended for home users and small businesses so that they can host multiple domains and sub-domains through a single IP address on port 80.


Redirex 1.0 by John Walker

Redirex is a small, lightweight Perl server which intercepts HTTP requests sent to the old address and redirects them to the site's new home. Handy when you change the IP address of a Web server and discover that, months later, requests still rain in from search engines and other sites which have li… 

mod_ifier 0.8 by Steve Kemp

mod_ifier is a simple Apache2 module which intercepts each incoming HTTP request to your webserver. mod_ifier allows you to reject malicious, buggy, or unwanted clients. Consider it an intelligent Apache-specific firewall!

Clients are rejected by a series of rules which you will need to create yo… 

Polipo 0.9.11 by Juliusz Chroboczek

Polipo project is a small and fast caching web proxy (a web cache, an HTTP proxy) designed to be used by one person or a small group of people.

I like to think that is similar in spirit to WWWOFFLE, but the implementation techniques are more like the ones ones used by Squid.



Protoscope 0.7.2 by Chris Shiflett

Protoscope is a utility that aids Web developers by revealing the HTTP communication in their own applications. It is a nice tool for Web developers who want to "look under the hood" as they develop.

Protoscope is somehow like a HTTP proxy serve and runs like it. It expects to receive HTTP reque… 

NatACL 3.0 Beta 15 by Fabio Yasusi Yamamoto

NatACL is an authentication daemon for NAT and transparent proxying that man in the middles outbound HTTP requests and forces the user to a login/password page requesting credentials to allow the outbound connection. After proper credentials are received, NAT rules are automatically generated.


Proxy Detector 0.1 by Daantje Eeltink

Proxy Detector is a PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy. This class can detect if a visitor uses a proxy server by scanning the headers returned by the user client.

When the user uses a proxy server, most of the proxy servers alter the header. The header is returned to PHP in the arra… 

Fletch 0.46 by Vipul Ved Prakash

Fletch is a non-interactive FTP/HTTP client-agent designed to perform in bandwidth-deficient environments. It maintains a queue of jobs that are executed when a connection is available. Job states are maintained and a job is retried till it completes or dies of a permanent error. Fletch carefully mi… 

Kernux 1.0 by Girish A., Krishnendusekhar J.

Kernux project is a fully kernel-mode http-daemon for Linux. Currently Kernux is in it's developing stage. Similiar developments in the same area were khttpd by Arjan van de van and Tux web-server by Ingo Molnar.

Khttpd was included in the linux testing kernel 2.5 by Linus Torvalds. But it was ac… 

IMAP Calendar Proxy 1.3 by Viraj Alankar

IMAP Calendar Proxy implements an HTTP proxy that converts HTTP PUT requests of vcalendar data to separate messages stored on an IMAP server.

IMAP Calendar Proxy project can be used with Mozilla Sunbird/Calendar to allow storage of a calendar via IMAP.

There are many issues with the program in… 

hatatap 0.8.8 by Martin Klang

hatatap project is an HTTP scripting tool with scripts in XML. The scripts are transformed into Java/o:XML before they are either executed from the commandline, integrated into Ant build files, or run interactively from a Web application.

hatatap supports cookies, Javascript, HTML DOM, Web Servic… 

HttpAuth 0.5 by Nate Nielsen

HttpAuth is a daemon and framework for authenticating HTTP requests. It supports Basic and Digest authentication against various databases such as LDAP, PostgreSQL, or MySQL.

HttpAuth project also supports NTLM authentication against a Windows Server.

Compatibility: Various web servers can tal… 

Calamaris by Cord Beermann

Calamaris parses logfiles from Squid, NetCache, Inktomi Traffic Server, Oops! proxy server, Novell Internet Caching System, Compaq Tasksmart or iplanet/Netscape Web Proxy Server and generates a report. Written in perl5.

Here are some key features of "Calamaris":


Charles Web Debugging Tool 2.4.1 by Karl van Randow

Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information).

Charles can act as a man-in-the-midd… 

Solex 0.5.3 RC1 by Solex Team

Solex is a free open source Web application testing tool built as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. Solex project provides functions to record a client session, adjust it according to various parameters and replay it later typically in order to ensure non regression of the application's behaviour (with… 

lisp-cgi-utils 0.10 by Alexander Schreiber

lisp-cgi-utils is a CGI library for Common Lisp.

It implements a very basic HTTP/CGI interface (sending headers, getting GET/POST and environment variables) and offers tools for easier HTML generation with special support for handling HTML forms.

lisp-cgi-utils also supports HTTP cookies for… 



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