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AllInOneRuby 0.2.10 by Erik Veenstra

AllInOneRuby creates a compressed executable for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) that includes both the Ruby interpreter and the runtime libraries. Why? Because it's sometimes not easy, or possible, or desirable, or allowed to do a complete Ruby installation. That's where AllInOneRuby comes in.… 

Tab Mix Plus by CPU

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more.

Tab Mix Plus also includes a full-featured session manager with crash recovery that can save and res… 

Graph-includes 0.11 by Yann Dirson

Graph-includes creates a graph of dependencies between source files and/or groups of source files, with an emphasis on getting readable and usable graphs even for large projects.

Graph-includes project is meant to be an helper tool for a refactoring effort. Usability of the dependency graphs are cu… 

Flash! Torrent 5.8.7 by Waninkoko

Flash! Torrent is a BitTorrent client that includes a small web browser for navigate in the webs about BitTorrent.

BitTorrent is a programl for distributing files. It's extremely easy to use - downloads are started by clicking on hyperlinks. Whenever more than one person is downloading at once

xlayout 0.7 by stroppytux

Xlayout is a simple utility for controlling X11 windows and pointer from the console or remotely.

It can alter the geometry of a window, the position of the pointer, hide a window or send it to the top, list all windows, and get the current pointer position.

For use in scripts, it has the abil… 

Sidenet 1.9.0 by Winetips

Sidenet helps you set up a Wine environment. Sidenet includes some base tools like the file explorer, and sets up menu entries for KDE and GNOME. Sidenet can automatically install Internet Explorer and Media Player.

Here are some key features of "Sidenet":
Install fake-windows environment autom… 

Dynamite 1.1 by Phil Hassey

Dynamite is an isometric puzzle game. The evil potentate is ruining everyone's lives! You can use the power of dynamite to destroy his strongholds.

Detonate dynamite by the blue load bearing pilars to bring down the castles. Watch out for the guards, hide next to walls but not too close to guards… 

jEdit 4.3 pre8 by Slava Pestov

jEdit is an Open Source text editor written in Java. jEdit has many useful features, such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, regular expression searching, multiple file search and replace, folding, and keyboard macros.

jEdit also includes a powerful plugin architecture that allows more tha… 

SkinLF 6.7 by

Todays applications tend to be skinnable: cdplayers, email notifiers, even operating systems. SkinLF project provides a skin system for Java programs.

Skin Look And Feel allows Java developers to write skinnable application using the Swing toolkit. Skin Look And Feel is able to read GTK (The Gimp… 

KCad 2.0 by Flaming Sword Productions

KCad is a screensaver for KDE 3, based on KCad 1.1 (a old screensaver for Kde 2.2). KCad is a KDE Control+Alt+Canc screensaver.

KCAD is a very simple screensaver for KDE. In fact, it may remind you of certain OTHER evil screensavers. This was designed so that you can "trick" your Boss (in the BO… 

RubyScript2Exe 0.5.1 by Erik Veenstra

RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby script into a standalone, compressed Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) executable.

You can look at it as a "compiler". Not in the sense of a source-code-to-byte-code compiler, but as a "collector", for it collects all necessary files to run your script on an… 

LAME 3.97 by Mark Taylor

LAME is short from LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder and is a research project for learning about and improving MP3 encoding technology. LAME includes an MP3 encoding library, simple frontend application, a much-improved psycho-acoustic model (GPSYCHO), and a graphical frame analyzer (MP3x).


CrossOver Office Standard 5.0.0 by CodeWeavers Inc.

CrossOver Office allows you to install your favorite Windows productivity applications and plugins in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing a Windows application simple and fast.

Once installe… 

PoDoFo 0.4.0 by Dominik Seichter

PoDoFo library is a free, portable C++ library. PoDoFo library can parse existing PDF files and create new ones from scratch.

PoDoFo is a library to work with the PDF file format. The name comes from the first letter of PDF (Portable Document Format). A few tools to work with PDF files are alread… 

InstallJammer 1.0.4 by Damon Courtney

InstallJammer is a multiplatform GUI installer designed to be completely cross-platform and function on Windows and most all versions of UNIX.

InstallJammer is a re-design of my previous installer, InstallBase. The initial release has not been done yet, but it should be released very soon.


Twisted Web 0.6.0 by Glyph Lefkowitz

Twisted Web includes an HTTP/1.0 protocol implementation for both servers and clients. Twisted Web also includes a resource framework for implementing rich, dynamic web applications. It includes support for authentication either via HTTP AUTH, session URLs, or session cookies.

It supports CGIs an… 

JBother 0.8.9 by Adam Olsen

JBother is a Jabber client written in pure Java (1.4.x). It supports groupchat in a tabbed window, multiple resources, transport registration (so you can get on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ through JBother), sounds for different events, has several different skins, and should run on any platform that h… 

ETcl 8.4.12-pl16 by Evolane

ETcl is a "batteries-included", thread-enabled Tcl/Tk runtime, available as a single standalone executable.

ETcl library includes several popular extensions (Sqlite, Thread, Zlib, ...), together with a Tcl wrapper for the Pixane image processing library.

Evolane Tcl Engine (eTcl) is made available… 

Nexedi Desktop Linux Server 10.0 RC1 by Nexedi

Nexedi Desktop Linux Server (DLS) is a LiveCD which instantly provides 500+ Linux Desktop applications to all PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN).

It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Unix or GNU/Linux environments as well as with eBox thin clients. Nexedi DLS also includes a complete network infr… 

ThinLinc 1.5.0 by Cendio AB

ThinLinc is a fast and versatile terminal server system. ThinLinc is based on open protocols such as TightVNC and SSH.

The ThinLinc server software runs on Linux or Solaris, and can be used to distribute Linux/Unix desktops to thin clients. The system also supports additional application servers,… 



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