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Modularized Information Environment 0.8.0 by Kenneth Smith

Modularized Information Environment (MIE) is a Web-based information management tool designed to meet the needs of small or medium sized organizations.

Modularized Information Environment implements user authentication, storage of settings in a database, multi-lingual support and a presentation l… 

Information Currency Web Services 0.2.2 by Information Engineer

ICWS provides a Web services (SOAP) interface for information currency systems. Information Currency Web Services implementation uses Java, the Axis SOAP engine, and the PostgreSQL database server.

Information Currency CVS is a work-alike adaptation of CVS which returns information currency for c… 

GEnna 0.1 by V Harishankar

GEnna is a system information tool for Linux. GEnna project consolidates a lot of useful information into a nice GUI.

Some time back, I created a little Linux system information app in Python/Glade. Most system information in Linux can be determined from the command line, but many people aren't v… 

Issue Dealer 0.9.110 by Morten W. Petersen

The Issue Dealer is an application for managing information. We currently use it in Nidelven IT to manage day-to-day tasks and information.

The Issue Dealer features issue management (information and tasks), relations (to relate issues) and different publishers; to see one of the publishers in ac… 

miPortal 0.5 by miPortal

miPortal is a free personalized Mobile Information portal that can provide an array of useful information services on your handheld device such as a PDA or mobile Phone.

It offers a wide variety of information services for very diverse needs such as stock quotes to ATM locator, movie listings in t… 

Useful Traffic Accounting Dragon 0.4 by blindCoder

Useful Traffic Accounting Dragon is a traffic accounter that actually gives useful information about traffic instead of stupidly counting incoming/outgoing packets.

Dragon accounts traffic by user, program and timestamp and puts this information into useful correlation.

Dragon is implemented a… 

Information Resource Manager 1.5.7 by Yann Ramin

Information Resource Manager project the Information Resource Manager, is a powerful web-based asset tracking and trouble ticket system built for IT departments and HelpDesks.

It keeps detailed information about each computer, as well as providing a trouble ticket system, an FAQ system, and a Kno… 1.3 by Kirk Waingrow is a system information gathering script for Linux. It is non-intrusive and simply gathers information from commands that are already available.

It outputs a single file or generates a menu driven Web page.

The information includes:

software packages
OS information

WWW::Google::Video 0.3 by Lilo Huang

WWW::Google::Video is a fetch the Google Video Information.


use WWW::Google::Video;

$foo=new WWW::Google::Video;

# The Google Video Page URL, such as… 

libvarexp 1.1 by Peter Simons

libvarexp is a C++ library that allows its users to detach any kind of information from the representation of that information by providing a simple-to-use but powerful text-template mechanism.

Similar mechanisms have been available in tools like sh(1), make(1), or perl(1) forever and have proven t… 

Lxbios 2.0.1 by Dave Peterson

lxbios is a utility for reading/writing LinuxBIOS parameters and displaying information from the LinuxBIOS table. Lxbios project works only on x86-based Linux systems that use LinuxBIOS. For more information about LinuxBIOS.

The LinuxBIOS table resides in low physical memory. It is created at boo… 

Battery OSD 0.1 by WhiteTiger

Battery OSD is a program that displays battery information and other types of system information on screen with the OSD library.



make install

About XOSD:

XOSD displays text on your screen, sounds simple right? The difference is it is unmanaged… 

Support Information Tracker 2.0.6 by David McDonald

Support Information Tracker is a knowledge base with loads of advanced features.

Here are some key features of "Support Information Tracker":
multiple document versions
group permissions
document submission reviews
and more

1. Download the latest gzip file from sourceforge.… 

NET=MGM 1.2 by Davide Lima Daum

Net=MGM (Netmanager) is a tool to store information about subnets and virtual LANs in a data center environment.

NET=MGM is useful for network administrators who manage a large network and want to track information on every LAN or VLAN in the network. You can view information grouped by ownership… 

Netscape Address Book Recovery 0.1.0 by Robert Sandilands

A tool to take that corrupted Netscape Address Book and get your information out of it. This is a tool to take that corrupted Netscape Address Book and get your information out of it. After the third time my book got corrupted, I gave up trying to fix it by hand and wrote this program. This program… 

svninfo 0.6 by Achim D. Brucker

svninfo project can be used to extract the revision and file information provided by the Subversion revision control system.

To present the version information of a document, one needs to extract it from some kind of text inserted by the revision control system.

Subversion offers therefore the… 

Web Information Saver Beta by Cali

Web Information Saver saves and organizes texts, infos and quotations from the web.

Saving all kinds of text like news, quotations, informations with source and date for offline use.

The saved infos are sorted in categories and can be searched easily. Very handy for creating papers and researc… 

pyChing 1.2.2 by Stephen M. Gava

pyChing project is a used for cast and interpret I Ching hexagrams.

Here are some key features of "pyChing":
allows saving/restoring of readings for use within pyChing
user configurable colors
nifty coin animations
readings may also be saved as text, for subsequent printing or whatever

Kalzium 1.4.2 by Carsten Niehaus

Kalzium project is an application which will show you some information about the periodic system of the elements. Therefore you could use it as an information database.

Kalzium has already some nice features but there are still a lot of things to do. As Kalzium has been included in KDE 3.1 we are… 

SCSS 0.2.2 by Julian Graham

SCSS is a Scheme module for emitting, querying, and parsing style information compatible with the W3C Cascading Stylesheets recommendation.

While SCSS does not itself provide any rendering functionality, it can provide style information to applications and libraries that do.

If used with XML d… 



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