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Module::Install::Deprecated 0.64 by Adam Kennedy

Module::Install::Deprecated are warnings and help for deprecated commands.

One of the nicest features of Module::Install is that as it improves, there is no need to take into account user compatibility, because users do not need to install Module::Install itself.

As a result, the Module::Insta… 

Fedora Frog 0.1 by Raivis Dejus

Fedora Frog application is a GUI install script that jumps your Fedora Core 5 to life in no time...

Here are some key features of "Fedora Frog":
Install extra repositories [RPMForge]
Note: Not all repositories are mutually compatible. See the Warning mixing repositories
Install GUI fronte… 

Jarl 0.5001 by reatmon

Jarl is a Perl/Tk Client. It strives to provide full functionality with every aspect of the Jabber IM system. It currently supoprts messaging, chat, groupchat, ICQ, AIM, and IRC support. This package includes also the perlo modules required for this release.

To install Jarl just run the program… 

GLosung 3.0 by Eicke Godehardt

GLosung is a watch words program.

This program shows the watch words (german: Losungen) for each day. The `Losungen' are words out of the bible, one from the Old and one from the New Testament.

GTK+ version 2.4.x


To install glosung you… 

phraze 0.4 by Jeff Pace

phraze is an application written in Ruby which takes a telephone number and produces a list of combinations of valid words that can be derived from it, using the keypad of a US phone.

To install the RPM:

# rpm -i phraze-0.4-1.noarch.rpm

To install the tar/gzipped release:

# tar zxvf phra… 

Zero Install 0.1.27 by Thomas Leonard

The Zero Install system makes software installation not merely easy, but unnecessary. Users run their applications directly from the Internet from the software author's pages.

Caching makes this as fast as running a normal application after the first time, and allows off-line use.

Here are so… 

Atox 0.5 by Magnus Lie Hetland

Atox is a fully customizable tool for converting plain text to XML. Analoguous to XSLT processors, the Atox command line program uses a simple XML language to describe the format of the input text and the desired transformations and tagging.


To install, run

python i… 

Bundle::OS2_default 1.07 by Bundle::OS2_default Team

Bundle::OS2_default are Perl modules to install last for OS/2 binary distribution.


perl -MCPAN -e "install Bundle::OS2_default"

perl_ -MCPAN -e "force 'install', Bundle::OS2_default1"
perl_ -MCPAN -e "force 'install', Bundle::OS2_default2"
perl_ -MCPAN -e "force 'install'… 

Rubilicious 0.2.0 by Paul Duncan

Rubilicious project is a set of bindings for Ruby.

You'll need to create an account at Delicious in order to use Rubilicious. An RDoc-generated API reference is in doc/, and some simple examples are in examples/.

Ruby 1.8.0 or newer


The easiest w… 

The Modular Manual Browser 1.2 by Greg Schenzel

The Modular Manual Browser is a set scripts designed as a man/apropos work-alike. It indexes manual pages across different operating systems and displays them in a searchable database in a Web browser.

It is easy to set up and includes highlighting, linking support in man pages, browsing and sear… 

Faroese Spell Checking Dictionary 0.2.26 by Jacob Sparre Andersen

Faroese Spell Checking Dictionary is intended to be used with programs like aspell and ispell.


After unpacking this package you can use it at least four ways:

Make and install a Faroese dictionary for aspell:
$ make aspell && su -c "make install-aspell"

Make and inst… 

Guitar Tuner 0.1.2 by Matteo Bertozzi

Guitar Tuner project is a simple Gtk+ guitar tuner.

GTK+ version 2.6.x

How To Install From "Zero Sources"

$ aclocal
$ autoheader
$ touch stamp-h
$ autoconf
$ automake -a -c

How To Install

$ ./configure

Once you have done this check if the program compiles and ca… 

CheckInstall 1.6.1 by Izto

CheckInstall project keeps track of all files installed by a "make install" or equivalent, creates a Slackware, RPM, or Debian package with those files, and adds it to the installed packages database, allowing for easy package removal or distribution.

When make install is done, CheckInstall will… 

XMMS-MSA 0.5.4 by Michal Kunikowski

XMMS-MSA is an XMMS visualization plugin.

GTK 1.2
XMMS 1.0.1


type 'make' and then 'make install'
if 'make install' fails to install in your xmms vis plugin directory you may try to install it manually.


if everything goes well, you should be able to ac… 

jack 3.1.1 by Arne Zellentin

Jack is a console tool, somewhat in the great tradition of command-line oriented software. When using XTerm and xtermset the xterm's size is automagically changed to match the number of tracks.

Install the software as recommended in doc/INSTALL.
run jack -h for quick help or read the doc/(umenta… 

Tin 1.8.2 by Tin Team

Tin project is a full-screen easy to use Netnews reader.

It can read news locally (i.e., /var/spool/news) or remotely (rtin or tin -r option) via a NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) server.

It will automatically utilize NOV (News OVerview) style index files if available locally or via the… 

LowCal 1.1.2 by Dave Sherohman

LowCal is a lightweight Web-based calendar of events.

These instructions assume you have root access to the machine you're installing on. If you don't, you're not likely to be able to install new apache modules without help (and permission) from a system administrator.

You need to actually in… 

Dry Brush Plug-In 0.1 by Kyoichiro Suda

Dry Brush Plug-In is a plug-in like a tool in Gimp.

It mainly tries to express a feeling of a drawing materials with strength that is brought by pressure sensor of a tablet.



You need the Gimp version 2.2 and development environment for Gimp.

Do "make inst… 

Firedraw 1.0 by Christophe Suire

Firedraw permits administration of a network's firewalls through a graphical Web interface.
It makes firewall rules according to objects and services created by the user, which can be of different types, such as a workstation, a domain, a network, etc.

Need Python
Need pytho… 

slackrpm 0.3 by Dan Fandrich

slackrpm is a program which creates Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages from Slackware packages.


slackrpm requires the Python interpreter in order to run. The RPM packaging tool is not necessary to just create .spec files, but the -i, -b and -C options require that it be ins… 



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