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SMM++ Mud Client 6.1.1 by Selim

SMM++ Mud Client project is a client with mapping functionality and lots of other features.

SMM++ Mud Client is a mud client with extended and unique features.

Aside from all standard mud client functionality like ANSI color support, aliases, action triggers, and tab-completion, SMM++ feature… 

Oww Client 0.5.4 by Dr. Simon J. Melhuish

Oww Client is a graphical client program for One-Wire Weather (Oww) servers. Oww Client is based on GTK+, displaying lists of collected weather data from one or more servers.

What's New in This Release:
Owwl was enhanced to include new sensor types (mainly for cryogenic readout).
A status win… 

GGZ Gtk+ client 0.0.13 by Josef Spillner

GGZ Gtk+ client is a XChat-based GGZ core client with the ability to launch or watch online games.

The Gtk+ core client of the GGZ Gaming Zone permits the management of user profiles with the server, logging in, chatting, switching to game rooms and playing games. Spectators, player statistics a… AIM Client 1.0 by Blaine Simpson AIM Client is a PHP client for the AIM API for customers can use this class to submit credit card charges to This is a PHP port of the Java class com.admc.lm.AIM.

Make sure to verify the checksums, and do not obtain these files from an… 

GNU inetutils 1.4.2 by Free Software Foundation

The GNU inetutils are a collection of common networking utilities and servers.

Here are some key features of "GNU inetutils":
ftp client and server.
telnet client and server.
rsh client and server.
rlogin client and server.
tftp client and server.… 

Net::Nessus::Client 0.09 by Tiago Stock

Net::Nessus::Client is a Nessus client module.


# Connect to the Nessus Server
require Net::Nessus::Client;
my $client = Net::Nessus::Client->new('host' => 'localhost',
'port' => '1241',

SMB Web Client 2.9 by Victor M. Varela

SMB Web Client is a simple script to use Windows Networks from a web browser.

To run SMB Web Client all you need is smbclient and PHP 4.1.x+

Change your settings in smbwebclient.php and copy it to your web server. Take your browser and go to [your-url-path]/smbwebclient.php.

What's New in T… 

ThinStation 2.2 by Miles Roper

Thinstation is a thin client Linux distribution that makes a PC a full-featured thin client supporting all major connectivity protocols: Citrix ICA, No Machine NX, MS Windows terminal
services (RDP), Tarantella, X, telnet, tn5250, VMS term and SSH.

No special configuration of the application ser… 

PHP Client Sniffer 2.1.3 by Roger Raymond

PHP Client Sniffer is a PHP class file that allows one to quickly determine the client's browser and system information based on the HTTP_USER_AGENT string. The class can be used to generate browser specific html marks and other client side scripting.

What's New in This Release:
add k-meleon… 

Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client 0.01 by Sander van Zoest

Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client is a Perl module with a bundle to install MusicBrainz::Client and required modules.


perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client'


MusicBrainz::Client - for to get to know thyself
MusicBrainz::Queries 0.05 - The RDF Query Constants

MSNCP 0.7.0 Beta by Sebasti?n Santisi

The MSNCP is a complete client that works over the MSN net. It's a Python script and doesn't require any installation.

MSNCP is written on Curses and takes the MSN protocol support from the Alberto Bertogli's msnlib.

The basic idea of the MSNCP is to be an easy and intuitive MMS client that could… 

PHP FTP Client 0.9.4 by Adam Sutton

PHP FTP Client is an FTP client that is useful for allowing people behind a firewall access to FTP without opening the FTP ports inside the firewall.

It could be used as a front end to a local FTP server, and therefore allow the administrator to provide access to the FTP server only from localhos… 

GQ LDAP Client 1.2.2 by Sven Herzberg

GQ LDAP Client is a GTK-based LDAP client.

Here are some key features of "GQ LDAP Client":
LDAP browser
LDAP V3 Schema browser
Template builder
Export subtree or whole server to LDIF
Use any number of servers
Search based on single argument or LDAP filter
Edit and delete entries

yaSSH 0.0.2 by Sawtooth Consulting

yaSSH project is a fast, dual-licensed implementation of SSH.

It will include an SSH client, a client library, a server, and a server library.

It is focused on speed, limited memory requirements, a simple API, portability, and use in an embedded setting.

What's New in This Release:
This r… 

Ghoti IRC Client 0.86 by Peter Smith

Ghoti is a GUI-based IRC Client for unix/linux, written in Perl, and distributed under the GPL. Ghoti IRC Client has an uncanny similarity to mIRC.

Here are some key features of "Ghoti IRC Client":
Multi-server support
Fully customisable GUI
DCC Resume support
Support for mIRC colours

DTLS Client/Server Example 0.2 by Arun Kumar Srinivasan

DTLS Client/Server Example contains a simple DTLS client and DTLS server to show how to send UDP data over an encrypted channel using OpenSSL DTLSv1 support.


Directory: common - Contains callback functions and error reporting functions common to client and server


demexp 0.8.0 by David MENTRE

demexp is a client/server system for direct democracies. demexp makes it possible to ask questions in the system, add new answers to those questions, and vote on proposed answers.

The voting procedure used is Condorcet voting. Questions are classified, and a delegation system allows one's vote fo… 

k12admin-client 0.3.6-1 by Steve Tonnesen

k12admin-client project is a web-based server administration tool for K-12 school systems (client package).

K12Admin is a Wide Area Network administration program geared specifically to K-12 school systems.

It allows teachers in individual schools to administer the accounts in that school. K1… 

Console Jabber Client 1.0.0 by Jacek Konieczny

Console Jabber Client is a Jabber client with text-based user interface resembling those known from popular IRC clients.

CJC is a Jabber/XMPP client for text terminals. Console Jabber Client uses pyxmpp library for XMPP comunication and curses for screen output. It is not finished yet, but still… 

Java VideoLan Client Bindings 0.0.9 by Filippo Carone

Java VideoLan Client Binding lets you use the VideoLan multimedia player in any Java software.

Here are some key features of "Java VideoLan Client Bindings":
displays an original VideoLan Client
using JVLCCanvas (extends java.awt.Canvas) or JVLCPanel (extends javax.swing.JPanel) is possible… 



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