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whatsnewfm 0.6.5 by Christian Garbs

whatsnewfm is a filter for the daily newsletter from that only shows "new" or "interesting" items.

The main purpose is to cut the huge newsletter to a smaller size by only showing items that you didn't see before.

The items already seen will be stored in a database. After some t… 

Project Summary Doclet 1.01 by Assen Antov

Project Summary Doclet project is a doclet that extracts release info and links report items to SF tracker items.

It creates a flat report that contains summaries of changes, known bugs, and tasks.

The default output format is HTML, and the way reports are generated may be modified easily by… 

GNOME Vazaar 0.3 by Tom?s V?rseda

GNOME Vazaar is an organizer for your items.

Here are some key features of "GNOME Vazaar":
Classify your information in categories and subcategories.
MIMEs are autodetected and is able to handle text/html/images.
Other MIMEs are handled with its default application in GNOME.
Syntax highli… 

Bloglines applet 1.0.0 by Brett Hall

Bloglines Notifier is a Gnome panel applet that monitors a Bloglines account and displays an alert when there new items.

When there are new items the applet displays a tooltip with the count of unread items. Also one can double click on the applet in order to launch a web browser and point it at… 

Koha 2.2.6 by Pierrick LE GALL

Koha is a library and collection management system. It is designed to manage physical collections of items (books, CDs, videos, reference, etc.). Koha provides cataloguing, searching, member/patron management, an acqusitions system, and circulation (issues, returns, and reserves).

What's New in T… 

multirss 1.2 by N7DR

multirss is a SuperKaramba theme that supports aggregation of multiple RSS feeds and displays items in order of publication, most recent first.


What's New in This Release:
Added error checking for XML errors in the feeds and to ensure that fields that are used ac… 

phpWishlist 0.1.16 by phpWishlist Team

phpWishlist is a web-based wish list manager. phpWishlist project is ideal for anyone who has ever received three of the same item for Christmas or a birthday.

The items on your wishlist can be claimed by others, notifying everyone else that at least one of the item has already been purchased. Ev… 

Zinc 3.3.2 by Patrick Lecoanet

Zinc is a Tk widget developed with Perl/Tk, Tcl/Tk and Python/Tk bindings. Zinc widgets are very similar to Tk canvases in that they support structured graphics.

Graphical items can be manipulated, and bindings can be associated with them to implement interaction behaviors. But unlike the canvas,… 

Wizz RSS News Reader 2.1.5 by Mike Kroger

Wizz RSS News Reader is a very simple Really Simple Syndication and Atom news aggregator.

It is an XUL application, implements as a Firefox extension and is absolutely 100% free of charge. Wizz RSS does NOT contain ANY spyware or adware.

Here are some key features of "Wizz RSS News Reader":

todo2html 0.1 by James Shuttleworth

todo2html generates pretty HTML from a standard text TODO file. The formatting is configurable with style sheets, and there is an easy-to-read built-in style or a style-free option.

Here are some key features of "todo2html":
Add a given page title (using the < TITLE > tags in < HEAD >)
Add a… 

LiteCD 0.1.3 by Petr Ambroz

LiteCD project is useful utility for managing personal CDs, DVDs, video cassettes, etc.

You can define your own categories, add your personal media, and then set which items have been lent and which are at home.


What's New in This Release:
A German translation has b… 

Brim Lite 1.2.2 by Barry Nauta

Brim is an application suite that allows you to manage all your personal items online. No need to syncronize your bookmarks and favorites and contacts, you can now keep them well-secured online in one single place.

Additionally, Brim provides a calendar, a task manager, notes, a password manager… 

RechnungsZentrale V2 1.1.6 by NFec

RechnungZentrale project is a software which can create and manage invoices and invoice line items.

The software is completely webbased and can manage unlimited admins(persons who are able to create invoice line items and invoices) and customers of the admins. The software is quite simple, so don… 

libarxx 0.7.1 by Hagen Mobius

libarxx is a C++ implementation for accessing ARX archives.

ARX archives are compressed and structured collections of data items with advanced features like data synchronization, references for external data items, and merging multiple archives.

What's New in This Release:
Minor fixes were m… 

Housekeeper 0.2.7 by Adrian Gygax

Housekeeper helps you keeping track of any items (like food or drugs) in your household.

You can specify expiry dates so you always have an overview of what you should use or rebuy in the near future. Also, shopping lists can easily be created an exported.

Latest Java.


HTML Renderer in Pure PostScript 2006-01-05 by Terry Burton

HTML Render in Pure PostScript project can facilitate the rendering of trivial HTML entirely within PostScript.

It makes including HTML content within a PostScript document as simple as inserting the following commands:

50 750 moveto

/options 4 dict def
options (fontface) (Helvetica) put

PHP time management 1.07b by PHP time management Team

PHP time management project is a Web-based time management application. You can enter scheduled items, copy items, and view them on a calendar.

A few minor items in the login page for the system were fixed.

PHP 4+
MySQL 4+
Apache or IIS


Unzip all files/fo… 

PHP Gift Registry 1.5.2 by Ryan Walberg

PHP Gift Registry is a a Web-enabled database that allows members to keep track of the gifts they'd like to receive and see what items other members would like to receive. Private reservations ensure gifts are not bought twice.

Here are some key features of "PHP Gift Registry":
A single unifyin… 

K Learning Aid 0.7.6 beta by Rene Schmidt

Klaid - K Learning Aid pops up kvtml file items on the desktop. Use KWordQuiz or FlashKard to produce kvtml files and load them into Klaid. It will grab all complete n x m related items (e.g. "Question" and "Answer", or "Word A" and "Word B") and displays them periodically as PopUps on the desktop.… 

Allow HTML temporary 0.5.3 by Alexander Ihrig

Allow HTML temporary is a Thunderbird extension that allows to have HTML temporary enabled/allowed in the selected message by only one click.

When switching to another message, it'll be shown automatically again in plaintext or simple html mode (if this is your default mode).

It isn't necess… 



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