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Nuxeo Runtime 1.0.1 by Nuxeo

Nuxeo Runtime is the foundation of the Nuxeo 5 infrastructure. Nuxeo Runtime handles deployment and extensibility of components to target platforms.

This component allows the whole Nuxeo 5 infrastructure to be easily ported between Java platforms (Java EE, OSGi, etc.) and features an easy plug-in… 

pittrainer 1.2 by David Calkins

pittrainer provides a cockpit training environment for the Falcon 4 Allied Force simulation.

In order to run Pit Trainer, you will need to have the Java v1.4.2 (or later) runtime installed.

What's New in This Release:
This version provides an interactive ICP/DED with tips for the various DED… 

Jasmin 1.0.0 by TU Braunschweig & NEC CCRLE

Jasmin software distribution includes an implementation of the Script MIB according to RFC 2592 with a Java runtime engine, a selection of demonstration scripts, a Java package called "scriptmib" supporting the development of manager applications for the Script MIB, Smurf, a graphical user interface… 

Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment 6 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment 6 (Mustang) offers a 'feature complete' version of Sun's next major release of the Java SE platform.

Sun has endeavored to foster the highest level of transparency and collaboration on the platform with the Java community through the Mus… 

Test::AutoBuild::Runtime 1.2.0 by Daniel P. Berrange

Test::AutoBuild::Runtime is a Perl module with builder runtime state.


use Test::AutoBuild::Runtime;

my $runtime = new Test::AutoBuild::Runtime (archive_manager => $archive_manager,
monitors => %monitors,

Nuxeo Core 1.0 by Nuxeo

Nuxeo Core is an embeddable document management core, based on Nuxeo Runtime. Nuxeo Core provides all necessary low-level services to define, store, manage, audit, request and search content.

It is the kernel of Nuxeo 5 and can also be embedded in third-party applications to provide advanced cont… 

jVisualizer 2.5 by Holger Schimanski

jVisualizer is analysing and visualising of first-order NMR coupling patterns.


java -jar jVisualizer.jar

java 1.1.8 runtime environment
java swing package… 

Channel16 0.1 by Joseph Kuan

Channel16 is graphical tool that allows users to browse the content of deleted files in an ext2 filesystem interactively, and to recover them into new files. The application also provides a search and rescue operation. This allows the user to input some exact text from the deleted file, which the pr… 

Runtime Java Class Editor 1.0 by James Bloom

RJCE allows all methods or variables of user defined classes to be altered at runtime. These alterations are then applied to a single instance, a collection of instances (i.e. list, set or map), or an entire class.

This helps you to test your application in an interactive way; altering running pr… 

Java Gui Builder 0.6.5a by Francois Beausoleil

The Java Gui Builder program is designed to decouple the GUI building code from the rest of the application code, without hand-writing code.

It allows one to describe the layout of windows and controls using an XML file. A full DTD was written to allow on-the-fly validation.

Using an XML file… 

Physics 3D 1.0.5 by Ben Childs

Physics 3D project is a 3D physics simulation program.

It simulates gravitational attraction, momentum, and collisions of rigid bodies.

It is written using Java and the Java3D API.

Sun Java Runtime Environment / SDK
Java3D Runtime / SDK


# java -jar Physics3D… 

Mount'n Fall 1.01 by Werner BEROUX

Mount'n Fall is a free Java board game.

Java 2 Runtime library.

What's New in This Release:

Counter's looks

Bug fixed:

Rendering sprites under 1 pixel freeze the game on some Java versions.… 

Caffeine.NET 0.1.0 by Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz

Caffeine is a free high-performing interoperability solution between the Java platform and the .NET framework.

Caffeine's key differentiator is that does not replace the Java Virtual Machine. Instead, your JVM of choice is hosted within the .NET runtime, ensuring that vendor-specific VM optimizat… 

C::Sharp 0.01 by Simon Cozens

C::Sharp is a parser and Lexer for C# Programming Language.


use C::Sharp;
use C::Sharp::Tokener;
use C::Sharp::Parser;

This module distribution contains (or will contain, when it's finished) a tokeniser, parser and, hopefully, compiler for C#. C# is Microsoft's new programm… 

Lunar Calendar 1.0 by Alexander Kolesnikov

Lunar Calendar is a small and simple program, built in Java, which means you can run it on any platform - Linux, UNIX, Mac, Windows... As soon as your computer has Java Runtime Environment instaled. If not, you can get JRE for free from

Lunar Calendar displays a verbose description… 

Clok 1.4 by Caskey L. Dickson

Clok is a graphical Java application which brings a new way of viewing the time.

It isn't for everyone though and it is not meant to replace clocks, it is meant to be used in concert with them.

Clok runs as a Java application, however it is implemented as a JPanel so any Swing application can… 

Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment 1.5.0 9 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Java 2SE technology readily harnesses the power of the network because it is both a programming language and a selection of specialized platforms.

As such, it standardizes the development and deployment of the kind of secure, portable, reliable, and scalable applications required by the networked… 

Tiny Marbles 0.9 by Felipe Kamakura

Tiny Marbles provides persistence for dynamic objects, through a data model that you can create, modify and extend at runtime.

It is useful for developers who need to create rapid prototypes with an unknown model and developers of applications that have inherently dynamic data models. Tiny Marble… 

Wooden Fish Messenger 1.0 beta1 by NetCAE Solutions, Inc.

Wooden Fish Messenger is an instant messenging client application based on the open Jabber Standard Protocals and the SMACK API.

The application is written in Java and can be launched directly from your browser through Java Web Start.

Here are some key features of "Wooden Fish Messenger":

Pos 1.9 by Folkert van Heusden

Pos is an experimental chess program based not on the Shannon algorithm, but on several others. Pos is not a brute force system.

The algorithm used is determined by a genetic (evolutionary) algorithm.

How to run it?

In a terminal

When using the SUN Java 5.0 runtime environment, start it… 



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