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Java-Chess 06_30_03 by Andreas Rueckert

Java-Chess project is a standalone Java chess program.

Java-Chess is a fully-featured chess program that uses using Java 1.2 (including Swing) and 64-bit computing where possible.

The goal of the Java-Chess project is to develop an OpenSource chess application written in Java. We want to demon… 

Java for C++ 0.4 by Stefan Palme

Java for C++ is a tool to generate C++-wrapper-classes for existing Java-classes. This tool reads a list of Java class names and creates source code for C++-classes to wrap them.

The implementation of the wrapper classes uses JNI (Java Native Interface) to call the "real" Java classes.

The C++-AP… 

java-diff 1.0.5 by Jeff Pace

java-diff is a set of Java classes which implement the longest common subsequences algorithm.

java-diff compares the elements in two arrays, returning a list of Difference objects, each of which describes an addition, deletion, or change between the two arrays.

Java Environment… 

Kanaputs 1.4 by KFra

Kanaputs is an interpreter for Java. With Kanaputs you can use Java as an interpreted language: no more compilation, each instruction is executed when you write it.

It is a small programmation language to make script files above Java.

If you know Java and you dont want to learn a new script la… 

JSON-RPC-Java 1.0 by Michael Clark

JSON-RPC-Java provides an RPC implementation that allows JavaScript DHTML Web applications to call remote methods in a Java Application Server (AJAX functionality) without the need for page reloading.

JSON-RPC-Java library is an enabler for the next generation of fast and highly dynamic enterprise… 

libeds-java 0.5.1 by Sean Coughlan

Java-GNOME is a set of Java bindings for GNOME and GTK libraries, so GNOME applications can be written in Java. Java-GNOME is implemented as a JNI layer that delegates the Java calls out to the underlying C library.


See the INSTALL file in each module for instruction on how to bu… 

JIPSY 0.2.1 by Matthew Flanagan

JIPSY library is a drop-in replacement for parts of the classes that enables Java applications to seamlessly communicate using IPv4 and IPv6.

Applications require no modification or re-compilation to use the software, therefore making any Java network application IPv6-ready.


Asterisk-Java 0.3-m1 by Stefan Reuter

The Asterisk-Java package consists of a set of Java classes that allow you to easily build Java applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server. Asterisk-java supports both interfaces that Asterisk provides for this scenario, The FastAGI protocol and the Manager API.

Asterisk-Java is compa… 

mod_jserv 1.1.2 by The Java-Apache Project

Apache JServ project is a 100% pure Java servlet engine designed to implement the Sun Java Servlet API 2.0 specifications and add Java Servlet capabilities to the Apache HTTP Server.

mod_jserv is a Java servlet interface.


Installation instructions for UNIX systems are included… 1.5 by Petteri Kettunen project is a simple IPv4 subnetting calculator.

Java Environment

What's New in This Release:
This release includes a major code rewrite and a fix for a bug that implicitly limited network bits to 24.… 

FProfiler 0.6.4 by Michael Jakl

FProfiler project is a Java profiler for finding hotspots in Java libs/apps.

FProfiler is a Java Profiler using BCEL and log4j.

It's very fast because it inserts the needed instructions into the Bytecode of the classes. It can be used to find Hotspots in Java programs, libs, and servlet envir… 

MikMod for Java 24.04.98 by Shlomi Fish

MikMod for Java is a Java port of the MOD player MikMod. It supports MOD, S3M, XM, MTM, and many other MOD formats.

The make file "source/Makefile" is intended for GNU make, so if it's present you can just type 'make' to build everything. The default java compiler name is javac, and if it isn't… 

Java VideoLan Client Bindings 0.0.9 by Filippo Carone

Java VideoLan Client Binding lets you use the VideoLan multimedia player in any Java software.

Here are some key features of "Java VideoLan Client Bindings":
displays an original VideoLan Client
using JVLCCanvas (extends java.awt.Canvas) or JVLCPanel (extends javax.swing.JPanel) is possible… 

Java EDF files viewer 2.0.1 by Nizar Kerkeni

Java EDF files viewer is a multiplatform (Linux and Windows) EDF (European Data Format) files viewer written in Java and developped with Borland JbuilderX Foundation.


1. You need the Java software installed.
2. To execute the viewer

- type in command line: java -jar jEDF.jar


Escher 0.2.3 by Stephen Tse

Escher is a Java X11 library.

Escher is a collection of libraries for X Window System written purely in Java.

It consists of an X11 protocol implementation (similar to Xlib for C/C++), and its extensions including GLX, and the OpenGL rendering protocol.

How To Run

Install JDK 1.3 (http… 

Java-Gnome 2.14.2 by Mark Howard

Java-GNOME application is a set of Java bindings for the GNOME and GTK libraries that allow GNOME and GTK applications to be written in Java.

The Java-Gnome API has been carefully designed to be easy to use, maintaining a good OO paridigm, yet still wrapping the entire functionality of the underl… 

Java Brainfuck Compiler 2.0 by Petter E. Stokke

The Java Brainfuck Compiler is a compiler for the uniquely powerful Brainfuck language, which produces Java bytecode that will run on any Java Virtual Machine (with no intermediate steps such as going by way of Java code).

You will need the BCEL package in your classpath to compil… 

Java Service Wrapper 3.2.3 by Leif Mortenson

Java Service Wrapper is a configurable tool which allows Java applications to be installed and controlled like native NT or Unix services. Java Service Wrapper includes fault correction software to automatically restart crashed or frozen JVMs. It is built for flexibility.

The Java Service Wrapper… 

Xgrid Agent for Java 2006-03-29 by Curtis James Campbell

Xgrid Agent for Java is an agent for Apple's Xgrid clustering protocol written entirely in Java. This makes multiple platform Xgrid clusters possible.


usage: java -jar xgridagent.jar -r|host name mhz

-r will resolve the controller via bonjour
host is the address or hostname on the… 

YaHP Converter 1.2 by Quentin Anciaux

YaHP Converter is a java library that can convert an HTML document into a PDF document.

YaHP is licensed under the LGPL (GNU).

Method Summary

void convertToPdf(java.lang.String content, IHtmlToPdfTransformer.PageSize size, java.util.List hf, java.lang.String urlForBase,… 



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