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Atlassian JIRA 3.6 by Mike Cannon-Brookes

JIRA is a J2EE-based, issue tracking and project management application developed to make this process easier for your team.

Atlassian JIRA has been designed with a focus on task achievement, is instantly usable and is flexible to work with.

Here are some key features of "Atlassian JIRA":

PHP OpenID Standalone Server 1.0 by Jonathan Daugherty

PHP OpenID Standalone Server functions as a standalone OpenID server and supports Yadis service discovery. The Simple Registration Extension, and admin-controlled or public account creation.

MySQL and the JanRain PHP OpenID library are required.

This server supports:

- The OpenID protocol… 

XML::DOM::XMLDecl 1.44 by XML::DOM::XMLDecl Team

XML::DOM::XMLDecl is a XML declaration in XML::DOM.

XML::DOM::XMLDecl extends XML::DOM::Node, but is not part of the DOM Level 1 specification.

It contains the XML declaration, e.g.

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" standalone="yes"? >

See also XML::DOM::Document::getXMLDecl.


pxdmcp 1.0 by Peter Eriksson

pxdmcp is a standalone XDMCP client that can be used to request a remote X Display Manager (such as XDM, GDM, or CDE Dtlogin) to take control and manage an X server display.

This is essentially the same as what an X server does when started with the "-query" option, but using a standalone client ca… 

Oyez by Seth de l'Isle

Oyez is a portable, standalone streaming audio server written in Python. Oyez is a standalone server capable of playing playlists of Vorbis or MP3, or of accepting input from an external encoder such as Oggenc or Lame.

Python1.5 or newer


- Download the latest… 

Crackalaka 1.0.19 by attila

Crackalaka is a small, standalone IRC server. Crackalaka does not implement the inter-server portions of the IRC protocol, and is meant for use by a small workgroup, preferably behind a firewall.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bug in the MODE command due to the fact that it do… 

gnetmd 0.6.1 by Pete Ryland

gnetmd is a suite of NetMD-related programs and plugins.

gnetmd plugin includes the libgnetmd library, a standalone GNOME2.0 frontend, an XMMS plugin, and a Nautilus view.

Here are some key features of "gnetmd":
A library (still no uploading or downloading of songs).
An XMMS plugin.

Gld 1.7 by Salim Gasmi

Gld is a standalone greylisting server for Postfix. Gld project listen on a TCP port and uses MySQL for storing data.

The server supports whitelists based on sender, sender_domain, and client_ip. It also supports light greylisting and DNS white lists.



RubyScript2Exe 0.5.1 by Erik Veenstra

RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby script into a standalone, compressed Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) executable.

You can look at it as a "compiler". Not in the sense of a source-code-to-byte-code compiler, but as a "collector", for it collects all necessary files to run your script on an… 

DiaDBDesigner 1.5.3 by Ivo van Kamp

DiaDBDesigner is a standalone module for constructing databases with the help of the diagram creation program Dia.

In an easy to use environment, with DiaDBDesigner you can join multiple diagrams together to form one model of interconnected tables.


What's New in This… 

PHP Mini SQL Admin 1.3.061201 by Oleg Savchuk

PHP Mini SQL Admin is a light, standalone script for accessing MySQL databases. PHP Mini SQL Admin is intended for Web developers and requires knowledge of SQL commands.


What's New in This Release:
The ability to TRUNCATE and DROP tables directly from "show tables… 

ghli 0.0.2 by Tibor Palinkas

ghli is GPMI's Highlevel Language Interpreter, developed to operate under GPMI, though it works as a standalone script interpreter as well.

It features a byte code interpreter with complex instructions for high level languages, a framework to ease implementing precompilers, a Pascal precompiler,… 

Floodcast 0.0.12 by METZ

Floodcast is a streaming plugin for Noatun that allows:

- Running a simple standalone-server on the machine Noatun is running on
- Forwarding whatever sound is currently played in Noatun to some shoutcast- or icecast-server

It was originally developed by Ryan Cumming (aka Phalynx).


Java-Chess 06_30_03 by Andreas Rueckert

Java-Chess project is a standalone Java chess program.

Java-Chess is a fully-featured chess program that uses using Java 1.2 (including Swing) and 64-bit computing where possible.

The goal of the Java-Chess project is to develop an OpenSource chess application written in Java. We want to demon… 

DieHard 1.0 by Emery Berger

DieHard project automatically hardens software applications against a wide range of bugs.

These bugs, known as memory errors, often end up as serious security vulnerabilities, cause crashes, or lead to unpredictable behavior.

DieHard either eliminates these bugs altogether, or avoids them with… 

mooseekd 0.02 by Milosz Derezynski

mooseekd project is a partial fork of Museek+, containing only the standalone daemon needed to connect to the Soulseek P2P network. Naming has been changed so as not to clash with an existing Museek+/museekd installation.

The goal of the fork is to provide a means of having only the daemon instal… 

Q3Master 1.0 by Hendrik Lipka

Q3Master project is a Quake3Arena master server.

Q3Master is a standalone master server for Quake3Arena (and derived games, like RTCW).

It is intended for local networks without Internet connections (or firewalls which block Q3A). It can also be used for larger private networks on which more… 

kFlickr 0.7 by M. Asselstine

KFlickr is a standalone KDE application that allows for easy upload of your favourite photos to your account.

Here are some key features of "kFlickr":
drag and drop from other applications (such as Konqueror and DigiKam)
easy editing of your photo properties (title, description, pr… 

Newsd 1.44 by Michael Sweet

Newsd is a standalone local NNTP news server for private newsgroup serving on a single server.

It is useful for serving private newsgroup(s) to an intranet or the Internet and can act as a simple mail gateway, however it does not interface with other news servers and cannot manage distributed news… 

JRuby 0.9.1 by Jan Arne Petersen

JRuby is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter, being developed by the JRuby team.

JRuby is free software released under a dual LGPL/GPL license.

JRuby is tightly integrated with Java to allow both to script any Java class and to embed the interpreter into any Java application.



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