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KAutoClick 0.1 by Paul Giannaros

KAutoClick is an autoclicker for the KDE desktop. KAutoClick provides a convenient way to automate repetitive clicking tasks (especially in click-orientated games).


Install KAutoClick and run it. You'll get a dialog box wich lets you specify the time in milliseconds between each click (… 

XScreenSaver.App 1.0 by A.Sleep

XScreenSaver dockapp that will lock (left-click) your XSession and upon right-click bring up the XScreenSaver prefs.

Window Maker


make install


XScreenSaver.App &

* Left-click on the dockapp to lock the screen us… 

Click 1.5.0 by Click development team

Click modular router project is a fast, easily-extended software router. It's designed to handle all stages of IP transactions, and includes support for packet mangling, packet scheduling, queueing, etc.

It can be run standalone on most Unix OSes or as a module for the Linux or Exopc kernels.


wmtrash 0.2 by Jean-Philippe Guillemin

wmtrash is a simple yet useful trash dockapp :

-left click : browse trash,
-double right click : empty trash.

Trash icon can be change from config file.… 

xAutoClick 0.19 by Ivo van Poorten

xAutoClick enables you to automatically click the left mousebutton. It is designed to reduce strain on the wrist muscles caused by repetitive mouse clicking, which can lead to serious injury or impair (RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, et cetera).

By specifying the interval, a random factor and the nu… 

JustBlogIt 0.3 by Dylan Parker

JustBlogIt allows easy right-click posting to a weblog. From any website your new blog post is only a right-click away.

JustBlogIt supports posting to a variety of weblog system types and is not specific to just one.

You can also use the Custom... setting to add any weblog type you want.


Allow HTML temporary 0.5.3 by Alexander Ihrig

Allow HTML temporary is a Thunderbird extension that allows to have HTML temporary enabled/allowed in the selected message by only one click.

When switching to another message, it'll be shown automatically again in plaintext or simple html mode (if this is your default mode).

It isn't necess… 

DVDAttache 3.7.0 by Marshall L Smith Jr

DVDAttache is an application for managing your database of DVD titles. DVDAttache is freely available, but donations are accepted.

Here are some key features of "DVDAttache":
Amazon and IMDB searching.
Quick Add feature with a database of over 3,500 titles. Just check the ones you own and cli… 

wmDonkeyMon 0.91 by Marcelo Morgade

wmdonkeymon shows the status of edonkey's downloads in progress based on '*.part.met' temporary files.

Click on a file name to show details. Click again to return to list. Plz, don't hack uploads ...



1) % tar -zxvf wmdonkeymon-0.9.tar.gz

CastPodder 5.0 by Scott Grayban

CastPodder is a media aggregator that automatically downloads podcasts to your computer or portable device, leaving you 'one click away' from the latest media feeds.

CastPodder is based on the iPodder idea of Adam Curry.


What's New in This Release:
Lots of… 

WmCdrom 0.4 by Matteo Lucarelli

WmCdrom is a dock application for WindowMaker. When launched WmCdrom creates a 48 x 48 pixel showing an icon (centered in a 64 x 64 pixel tile). To dock WmCdrom, left-click on the border of the tile and drag the tile to the dock area.

By clicking the icon you can mount,unmount,eject and launch a… 

wmifinfo 0.09 by Ico Doornekamp

wmifinfo is a simple applet showing basic network info for all available interfaces. It shows IP address, netmask, gateway and MAC address.

Left-button click moves to the next interface, right-button click calls ifup/ifdown scripts.

Please report bugs if you find any.

Left-button click move… 

Spring IDE for Eclipse 1.3.6 by Torsten Juergeleit

Spring IDE for Eclipse project provides Eclipse plugins to ease working with Bean Factory configuration files for the Spring Framework.

It contains a Spring project nature (with an incremental builder for validating Spring bean config files), an image decorator (which decorates Spring projects an… 

M3U-Playlist Manager 0.0-3 by staudi009

M3U-Playlist Manager is an administration of loose m3u-playlists in tree structure. Simple mouse-click to add or remove a song from playlist with currently running Song in the Player.

And other interesting functions. Supporting only XMMS at the moment.

Gambas Runtime
Gambas Q… 

PHP-Aquarium 1.1 by Ruediger Cordes

PHP-Aquarium save you time by simple one-click-operation! Write PHP-code on the left, click on "Execute" and view the effect on the right side.

Here are some key features of "PHP Aquarium":
Best-suited for beginners to progress quickly in PHP
Perfect for advanced programmers to crash-test fun… 

heYoka Uploader 0.4 by Boaz Dodin

heYoka Uploader is a Thunderbird extension which helps you upload images to heYoka Gallery via right-click menu.

From the developers of PrintMall and PrintMall Direct - new site for Kanvas and poster prints.

Upload any picture and image, from any site, to heYoka Gallery (Hebrew site) via righ… 

File Beamer 0.1.5 by Martin Holler

File Beamer is an easy to use file transfer tool. The programm is platform independent. That means it runs with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux, Unix and MacOS X.

This is made possible by using Trolltech's Qt Library which provides an easy to use GUI toolkit, networking functions and a lot more.


Transfer to Media Device 0.8 by madpenguin8

Transfer to Media Device is a script that creates a new Playlist Right Click Menu item for transferring selected playlist items to your iPod via the Media Device Browser.

This script now also supports generic copy to operation for USB mass storage devices. Currently the script will prompt for a… 

wmseti 1.0.3 by Alan Swanson

wmseti is a dockapp for monitoring and the control of upto 10 SETI@home processes. wmseti can display various statistics and can pause/continue or kill/run the program.

It can be compiled with or without graphics showing alien faces coming out of the shadows as the workunit progresses, with a pr… 

QuickSynergy by Otavio Cordeiro & Cesar Blum

QuickSynergy is a graphical interface (GUI) for easily configuring Synergy2, an application that allows the user to share his mouse and keyboard between two or more computers.

Synergy2 uses the TCP-IP protocol to share the resources, without the need for any external hardware, even between machi… 



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