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Paste and Go 2 by Holio Lin

Paste and Go 2 is a Firefox extension that lets you Paste Text and Load/Search It Immediately.

Here are some key features of "Paste and Go 2":
Select "Paste and Go" on context menu of URL bar
Keyboard Shortcuts: Accel + Shift + V (default)
Select "Paste and Search" on context menu of Search… 

kkbswitch 1.4.3 by Leonid Zeitlin

KKBSwitch is a keyboard layout indicator for KDE 2 or 3. It is useful when you have configured the XKeyboard extension of your X Server to have more than one keyboard group (layout), for example US/ASCII and Russian.

KKBSwitch displays an icon in the system tray that indicates which layout is cur… 

GTKYahoo 0.18.2 by Nathan Neulinger

GTKYahoo is a GPL'd GTK+ based yahoo pager client for unix. I wrote this for a couple of reasons - hating windows, wanting to learn GTK+, and because the Java client is highly irritating and seems extremely buggy. (I.e. try resizing a chat window)

The current version works without any problem til… 

Booh 0.8.6 by Guillaume Cottenceau

Booh is a static Web-Album generator. It's a program that takes one or several series of photos and videos, and automatically build static web pages to browse them, creating thumbnails etc. Booh is comparable to bins, for example.

Here are some key features of "Booh":
automatic rotation of port… 

N:aRC 0.6 by Necoro d.M.

N:aRC is comes from Nec's Amarok Remote Control and is a shell script, which allows the (remote) controlling of amarok per ssh.

It is mainly a wrapper for the amarok DCOP functions, but also simplifies the ssh process.

It is possible to run it with keyboard shortcuts.

Usage: $0 [Option… 

Nostalgy 0.1.7 by Alain Frisch

Nostalgy is a Thunderbird extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to change folder, move/copy messages, with folder name auto-completion.

Save time and get back the productivity you were used to with mutt/pine!

Thunderbird 1.5 - 1.5.0.* ALL

What's New in This Release:

LiteCD 0.1.3 by Petr Ambroz

LiteCD project is useful utility for managing personal CDs, DVDs, video cassettes, etc.

You can define your own categories, add your personal media, and then set which items have been lent and which are at home.


What's New in This Release:
A German translation has b… 

Ooo-macro 2.2en by C. Kruk

Ooo-macro is a toolkit for or StarOffice including macros written in StarBasic, associated shortcuts, the template SPECIAL.stw, and the Perl script.

It is a complete kit of macros and shortcuts for everyday usage of StarWriter and Writer. (English version.)

What's New… 

Eqe 1.3.0 by Ronan Le Hy

Eqe project is a LaTeX equation editor.

eqe transforms LaTeX input into an image, that you can save, or drag and drop onto other applications (like OO Impress).

It has a command line backend that can generate the images without the graphical user interface.

perl modules: Fi… 

Cymbaline 1.3b by Andrei

Cymbaline is a learning music player. In random mode, it will play your favorite tracks more often.

It also allows album-based navigation: you can start playing the next album, skip 2 albums ahead, go to a specific album, etc.

It has a random queue mode where you see a list of randomly chosen… 

HexCurse 1.55 by FishMoth

HexCurse is a versatile ncurses-based hex editor written in C that provides the user with many features.

It currently supports hex and decimal address output, jumping to specified file locations, searching, ASCII and EBCDIC output, bolded modifications, an undo command, quick keyboard shortcuts,… 

KBDE 1.1.5 by Valery Reznic

KBDE is a keyboard emulator. It allow emulate keyboard input for keyboardless x86 computers.

KBDE include following:

linux kernel module
user-space tools
development library

What's New in This Release:
support for FC5 (obsolete MODULE_PARM replaced to module_param)… 

fbxkb 0.4 by Anatoly Asviyan

fbxkb is keyboard indicator and switcher. It shows a flag of current keyboard in a systray area and allows you to switch to another one. It is NETWM compliant.

It's written in C and uses the GTK+-2.4 library only (no GNOME is needed).… 

NCXmms 0.8 by Mariusz Gniazdowski

NCXmms is an XMMS frontend based on ncurses. Feature highlights include its ability to control XMMS from a text environment using comfortable menu library widgets.

It can also quickly find items in the playlist after the user enters part of the name.

What's New in This Release:
Entries in pl… 

The DaisyPlayer Project 0.2.4 by DaisyPlayer Project Team

DaisyPlayer is a program for playing Digital Talking Books (DTB). The DaisyPlayer Project's main focus is to make a library with a small, easy-to-use API, making it easy for other developers to write their own daisy players without having much knowledge about the Daisy format and standards.

A con… 

GAI Leds 0.3 by Jonas Aaberg

GAI Leds displays the keyboard status leds.

This is a simple applet that displays the status of the keyboard leds. Useful for us that have a wireless keyboard without the leds.


Simply do:

make install

It requires the GAI library (General Applet Interfa… 

Goggles 0.9.1 by Sander Jansen

Goggles is a frontend for the Ogle DVD player. It supports all the features that Ogle provides, including bookmarks, and adds automatic starting, automatic bookmarks, a convenient preferences panel for setting keyboard shortcuts, DXR3 settings, and language and country preferences.

Goggles is wri… 

Goby by Ken Ishii

Goby is an image viewer based on the GTK+ toolkit. Goby is being developed with the aim of providing an intuitive, ACDSee-like user experience.

Here are some key features of "Goby":
Two modes of operation, browse mode and view mode
Basic file browsing (folder tree and file list)

ESE Key Daemon 1.2.3 by Krzysztof Burghardt

ESE Key Daemon is a multimedia keyboard driver for Linux. No kernel patch is needed.

ESE Key Daemon is a userspace program which pools /dev/input/event interfaces for incoming keyboard key presses.

What's New in This Release:
A bug in the configuration file handling routines was fixed.… 

Jreepad 1.5 by Dan Stowell

Jreepad is an excellent free "personal database" program it's a great way to organise all your personal notes, thoughts, recipes, tasks, memories...

What's more, it's open-source and programmed in Java, so that all may benefit from it!

Here are some key features of "Jreepad":
A Jreepad file… 



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