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Jradmin 0.6.0 by Rob McGrath

Jradmin is a GTK-Perl frontend to system management.

Latest version of:

What's New in This Release:
Many bug fixes to correct ducumentation issues.
incremented version number to adequately show progress of the application.Everyone that uses jrad… 

GAI BG Switcher 0.3 by Gregory Wilson

GAI BG Switcher is a simple background switching application using the GAI framework.

GAI 0.5.3 libraries or better (available at either fbsetbg from Fluxbox 0.9x+ or Esetroot (from Eterm)

I realize that I could make the program allow for a user specified background… 

ROOT GNU/Linux 1.4b1 by John Eriksson

Version 1.4 (Pommes) of the GNU/Linux operating system ROOT has been released! ROOT is a complete GNU/Linux operating system with the latest GNU and Linux technology.

Release 1.4 includes lots of high quality software like GCC 3.4.3, Perl 5.8.6, WindowMaker 0.91.0, 6.8.1, KDE 3.2.3, TeTeX 2… 

DB Copy Plugin 1.0 by Rob Manning

DB Copy Plugin is a database copying plugin for the SQuirreL SQL Client. DB Copy Plugin makes it possible to copy and paste tables from one session to another and between different databases and includes primary key and foreign key constraints for copied tables, and uses Hibernate 3.0 internally to… 

MacOSD 0.3.1 by Rene Rebe

MacOSD is a visualization frontend for PBButtonsD, the button and power event daemon used for Apple computers.

For PowerPC laptops such as the iBooks and PowerBooks a special daemon named pbbuttonsd can handle the special "multi-media" keys to dim the display and regulate the audio volume accord… 

DOOM 3 by id Software

Science has unlocked the gates to the unknown, and now only one man stands between Hell and Earth. A sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM 3 is like nothing you have experienced.

Dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action, incredible graphics, and revolutionary technology combine to draw you into the m… 

WorldForge::Atlas-C++ 0.6.0 by Alistair Riddoch

Atlas C++ is the standard implementation of the WorldForge Atlas protocol. WorldForge::Atlas-C++ is currently being developed in parallel with a stable branch, and the development code maintained separatly.

The stable branch are numbered 0.4.x and implement the atlascpp-0.4 API, and the latest ve… 

SoftwareUpdate 1.10 by Jim Youll

SoftwareUpdate is a Java class that assists with adding an automatic software-update feature to applications.

It doesn't perform the update, but takes care of administrative stuff like looking up the version number of the latest version, with the ability to distinguish and check different places… 

Openrdate 1.1.2 by David Snyder

Openrdate is an rdate date and time-setting program that implements RFC 868 (inetd time) and RFC 2030 (SNTP/NTP) protocols. Openrdate is an independent package of the OpenBSD's rdate program.

What's New in This Release:
Updated the arc4random.c file to the latest OpenBSD version. 20060928

xsddoc 1.0 by Kurt Riede

The xsddoc subproject is a XML Schema documentation generator for W3C XML Schemas.

The latest version of xsddoc is release 1.0 which is mainly written in XSLT. Based on the experience in developing xsddoc and the problems we had handling the highly recursive nature of XML Schema with XSLT, we decid… 

giFTcurs 0.6.2 by G an Weinholt

Peer-to-peer klient using OpenNAP protocol. giFTcurs is a cursed frontend to the giFT daemon and has been described as “seriously slick”. It won’t work that well without giFT, which you should have already. The version in CVS always works with the daemon in CVS. The latest giFTcurs release also work… 

PeraPera-kun 0.5.21 by Justin Kovalchuk

PeraPera-kun extension added the despirately needed ability to export words you highlight to the latest version called Rikaichan and I call it Perapera-kun after my study site.

Here are some key features of "PeraPera kun":
First goto the Perapera-kun options in the extensions menu to choose whe… 

AirSnort 0.2.7e by Blake Hegerle

AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys. AirSnort operates by passively monitoring transmissions, computing the encryption key when enough packets have been gathered.

802.11b, using the Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP), is crippled with numerous security flaws. Most d… 

Sixlegs PNG Library 2.0 RC6 by Chris Nokleberg

Sixlegs PNG Library is a Java 1.1-compatible PNG decoder which features full compliance with the latest PNG specification.

Sixlegs PNG Library supports all valid bit depths (grayscale/color), interlacing, palette-indexed images, alpha/transparency, gamma correction, access to all standard chunk… 

The Snake Game 1.0 by The Snake Game Team

This is an adapted, improved version of the popular javacave game, written in QtRuby.


chmod +x snake(gl).rb
run it.

QtRuby bindings

Don't know which specific versions (I use the latest ones and those work); if someone has an older ve… 

BashBurn 1.8.0 by Anders Linden

BashBurn (Previously Magma) is a bash script designed to make CD burning at the console easier. BashBurn project supports burning normal data CDs, audio CDs, blanking CD-RWs, multisession, and more.


1. First, download the latest version. Usually the development versions are prett… 

Slamd64 11.0 by Fred Emmott

Slamd64 is an unofficial port of Slackware Linux to the x86_64 architecture; despite the name containing AMD64, Slamd64 should work both on K8 (AMD64) and EM64T (some Intel) processors.

Slamd64 includes the latest KDE desktop environments, and lots of updates, fixes, and improvements over the 10.… 

openModeller 0.4 by Mauro E. S. Mu?oz

openModeller library is a spatial distribution modelling library, providing a uniform method for modelling distribution patterns using a variety of modelling algorithms.

openModeller can be used via programatic interfaces, including SOAP and SWIG-python, as well as via a user friendly desktop gra… 

SlackCheck 3.60 by Georgi Chorbadzhiyski

SlackCheck allows users to keep many Slackware machines up to date with the latest packages. All upgrades are performed from single machine though SSH (or RSH).

SlackCheck project generates an upgrade script and list of non-standard packages for every machine.

What's New in This Release:

Ketchup 0.9.8 by Matt Mackall

Ketchup is a tool for updating or switching between versions of the Linux kernel source.

Ketchup can find the latest versions of numerous kernel trees, calculate which patches are needed to move to that version, download any patches or tarballs that aren't cached, check GPG signatures where avai… 



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