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rsyncbackup 1.0 by Andreas ?kre Solberg

rsyncbackup is a perlscript that reads configuration files for sources and destinations, and feeds the rsync tool with the appropriate parameters.

rsyncbackup is written on Mac OS X, but will probably work on every system that have both perl and rsync installed. rsyncbackup is GPL licenced.


Mapasuta openArchitectureWare WorkFlow Runner 1.1 by The Mapasuta Development Group

Mapasuta openArchitectureWare WorkFlow Runner plugin allows to start a workflow file during a Maven2 build run.

There are only two goals, one for running a workflow file during normal build (run-workflow), and one for test builds (run-test-workflow).


Generate sources

The common wa… 

Research Project Helper 0.9 by Adrian Tucker

Research Project Helper manages sources, notes, quotes, and links between them.

It's designed to help you write a research project by managing your sources, quotes and notes.

It is written in Java and uses compressed XML for storage so both application and data are portable and will run from… 

SlimPeer 0.11 by JElmi

SlimPeer project client is a fully PeerCast compatible but small, fast, and easy to use peer that can be used for replaying peercast:// streams without the need to perform complex and difficult configurations.

After installation, all PeerCast P2P streams can be replayed immediately.

SlimPeer w… 1.8.0 by Per Liden is a mixer application for Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD systems and is designed to be docked in WindowMaker.

This application has three volume controllers that can be configured to handle any sound source, the default sources are master-, cd- and pcm-volume.

Sound sources can easily… 

klogview 0.6 by Konstantin Sobolev

klogview is a KDE real-time log file viewer, like tail -f. The main window contains any number of dockable log panels, with an arbitrary number of log sources in each of them.

Every log source can have a separate font color and style. Other features include filters, alerts, different encodings, a… 

VDOWall 0.3 by Martijn Houtman

VDOWall is an application which enabled you to create a realtime streaming video out of different sources.

These sources can be controlled seperately and are then combined into one single stream, which can then be displayed with a projection device, such as a beamer. This displaying can be used to… 

KPowersave Icon Patch 0.1 by Calin Don

KPowersave Icon Patch is intended for KPowersave 0.6.2

This patch changes the way of displaying power state for KPowersave. Using this patch you can better theme KPowersave, by using a series of pixmaps.

Installation instructions:

>>> Patch the sources

1. Copy the patch file in the pa… 

EasySQL 0.0.1 by Jon Frisby

EasySQL is a front-end that provides a slightly extended version of the MySQL SQL syntax allowing for far more sophisticated tasks to be accomplished without resorting to using an external language such as Perl.

Here are some key features of "EasySQL":
Iterate across a SQL result set, and execu… 

PingoS Tipptrainer 0.6.0 by PingoS Software

PingoS Tipptrainer project is a touch typing trainer that supports German and English keyboard layouts.

Because of many problems with wxGTK and GTK, this only works with wxGTK-2.4 and GTK-1.2 and a non-UTF-8 locale.


What's New in This Release:
We welcome Hendrik… 

Informant 0.01 by Travis B. Hartwell

Informant is a set of utilities for keeping a user informed of events. It consists of an informant, which is the means by which the user is alerted to the occurrence of the said event, and a number of sources that "whisper" an alert to the informant when the event occurs.

The current implementati… 

Serverstats 0.7 by David Danier

Serverstats is a simple tool for creating graphs using rrdtool. It does not have any features to manage the created rrd-files, so if you change anything you have to delete and recreate the files.

There is also no frontend for managing your graphs and sources. Serverstats is designed to be configu… 

patch_kde 0.2 by Ballarin Marc

This script does not modify or delete existing files (sources and deltas). However, all temporary files - including automatically downloaded xdeltas are deleted when the script exits.

This tool can only apply one update at once. For example, if you want to patch from KDE 3.2.0 to 3.2.2, do an upg… 

Medoosa 1.2 by Martin Vidner

Medoosa is an application which creates UML class diagrams from C++ sources.

Corrections can be made interactively in a diagram editor (Dia) and are fed back into the source as Javadoc-style comments.

At this time, the layout must still be done by hand. Some code is already present to produce… 

GNU sauce 0.8.1 by Ian Jackson

GNU Sauce is an anti-spam server. SAUCE (Software Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) is an SMTP server that sits between the Internet and your actual mail software. It was originally written to help in the fight against spam, but it also helps encourage good configuration and administration in ge… 

wmmaiload 2.2.1 by Thomas Nemeth

wmmaiload monitors your incomming mails in your mail boxes.


1. Configure the sources :

Run ./configure to select what kind of mailbox you want to enable wmmaiload for. To get some help type ./configure -help

If you have non-standard libraries or libraries in non-standard p… 

Tao Live CD 4.03 by Tao Linux Team

Tao Linux is a project to build a free Linux distribution from the sources used in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux product line.

The target market is either experienced system administrators who would like freely available binaries of this code, or end users who are interested in experimenting with… 

AcornICQ 0.3 by Angelo Melis

AcornICQ is the RISC OS ICQ client.

Norcroft C compiler
(All are included in the C/C++ Toolbox from Acorn)
CVS (for getting the sources and updates/commit changes)

Libraries needed:

Clib library (included in the C/C++ Toolbox)

kio-ftps 0.1 by David Faure and Magnus Kulke

kio-ftps is an ftps KIO slave for KDE, based on rfc4217 and build upon the ftp KIO-slave sources.

kio-ftps should work yet with most server implementations It issues an "AUTH TLS" command after connecting and refuses to continue, when it's not supported.

In prior to every data channel io command (… 

Camaelon 0.1 by Nicolas Roard

Camaelon is a theme engine for GNUstep.

While very good when you works with it, it looks a bit old with the current playskool interfaces avalaible everywhere. So I wrote this theme bundle, Camaelon, with the idea of providing a fresher look, while remaining good on term of useability.




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