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pyNMS 20060126 by Keith Dart

pyNMS is a set of Python modules for network management, network testing, systems management, and general use. It contains a nearly complete implementation of SNMPv2c, a SMI/MIB package, and a MIB "compiler".

The package as a whole is currently in development, and much of the top-level
NMS funct… 

Andutteye Software Suite 2.3 (Cache) by Andutteye Software

Andutteye Software Suite is a systems management tool. Andutteye Software Suite has a modular design and every module targets different tasks of systems management.

Andutteye Software Suite will let you manage all aspects of the IT infrastructure, helping to ensure availability, monitor, tune, an… 

LAN Management System 1.9.1 by LMS Team

LMS (LAN Management System) is the integrated system of networks management designed for various size internet providers (ISP).

That software writed in PHP, Perl and C, works with variuos database systems.

Web Server
PHP Interpreter
Database Server
Smarty Library

sysinit 0.1 b1 by Dean Hall

sysinit is a system initialization and daemon management scheme for Linux (and possibly other Unix-like operating systems).

The system initialization portion has no external requirements except a working BASH shell. The daemon management portion requires a working BASH shell and either runit or d… 

Enomalism Virtualized Management Console 0.1 by Enomaly Labs

Enomalism Virtualized Management Console project is a open source web-based systems administrator management tool for XEN hypervisor. Servers with hundreds of multiple isolated virtualized systems can be managed like a standalone server.

Enomalism also includes a virtual server creation wizard an… 

Openwsman 0.4.1 by Anas Nashif

Openwsman is a project intended to provide an open-source implementation of the Web Services Management specification and to expose system management information on the Linux operating system using the WS-Management protocol.

WS-Management is based on a suite of web services specifications and u… 

Galena 2.0.0 by Herbert Poul

Galena was originally designed as a modular bot to serve commands on various protocols (Jabber, IRC, email, HTTP, FTP).

Because of its design, Galena2 developed into a framework for server side applications, especially for Web applications and content management systems (CMS).

Addins like wiki… 

CMSmod .4 by Glass Hat Software

CMSmod is a content management class for PHP developers.

It is designed to allow a dynamic Web page to be set up in 10 easy lines of code.

CMSmod class includes (optional) user and imaging systems.

CMSmod is a complete framework written in PHP making it extremely usable on a huge number of… 

LASANGE 0.4.1 by Satori Yakamura

LASANGE project is an advanced LAN session management system.

LASANGE aims at creating a mostly-automated LAN session administration and management system.

It provides game server management (instant deployment of game servers) and tournament management in a more advanced and automated way th… 

Network Tracker and Management 0.94 by Network Tracker and Management Team

Network Tracker and Management is a Web-based network management application.

Network Tracker and Management can store information about all of your network devices, and allows you to track all changes and updates made to the device.

Having this information readily available will enhance your… 

Jasmin 1.0.0 by TU Braunschweig & NEC CCRLE

Jasmin software distribution includes an implementation of the Script MIB according to RFC 2592 with a Java runtime engine, a selection of demonstration scripts, a Java package called "scriptmib" supporting the development of manager applications for the Script MIB, Smurf, a graphical user interface… 

Joomla! 1.0.11 by Joomla! Team

Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. Joomla! is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.

Joomla! is a production of Open Source M… 

Aware 1.2.15x by Russell Leighton

Aware is a high performance distributed event processing framework built for systems management. It comes with probes for common network services and system resources. Additionally, Aware allows the cross-correllation of many different streams of information, and includes a Web-based reporting inter… 

Inventory Management Software 1.18 by Inventory Management Software Team

Inventory Management Software is a Web-based tool that makes it easy to keep your inventory accurate from any location.

Inventory Management Software supports multiple users and inventory transaction logging.

What's New in This Release:
Some minor problems found in the library files for the… 

Real Estate Management Software 1.27a by Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management Software is the perfect real estate management solution for real estate professionals.

Get all your listings on the web with free, easy to use web-based real estate management software.

Create your areas, school districts and property types and even upload images. Full featu… 

Network Management Center 1.20 by Network Management Center Team

Network Management Center project is a comprehensive network device management tool. After entering each network device, every detail can be tracked and monitored.

Having this information accessible simplifies the process of troubleshooting a network.

Manage your network with a free web-based… 

eXe 0.19 by The University of Auckland

The eLearning XHTML editor (eXe) is a web-based authoring environment designed to assist teachers and academics in the design, development and publishing of web-based learning and teaching materials without the need to become proficient in HTML, XML or complicated web-publishing applications.


Scmbug 0.18.3 by Kristis Makris

Scmbug is a system that integrates software configuration management (SCM) with bug-tracking.

It aims to be a universal tool that will glue any source code version control system (such as CVS, Subversion, and Arch) with any bug-tracking system (such as Bugzilla and Mantis).

Those who do not us… 

Nuxeo Core 1.0 by Nuxeo

Nuxeo Core is an embeddable document management core, based on Nuxeo Runtime. Nuxeo Core provides all necessary low-level services to define, store, manage, audit, request and search content.

It is the kernel of Nuxeo 5 and can also be embedded in third-party applications to provide advanced cont… 

liblookdb 0.2.1 by LOOK Systems

liblookdb is a C++ library that provides an interface to several common Database Management Systems (DBMS). liblookdb library enables the programmer to write application code that can be built and run unchanged on a variety of platforms and against several DBMS.

It is currently in use in producti… 



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