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Critical Mass 1.0.1 by Frank Becker

Critical Mass (aka Critter) is an SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game. Critical Mass project currently runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

The latter is my main development platform. Other platforms supported by SDL/OpenGL may also work with a bit of work.… 

Oryx::DBI 0.24 by Richard Hundt

Oryx::DBI is a DBI Storage interface for Oryx.


my $storage = Oryx::DBI->new;

$storage->connect([ 'dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb', $usname, $passwd]);
$storage->connect([ 'dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb', $usname, $passwd], $schema);


libgphoto 2.2.1 by Hans Ulrich Niedermann

libgphoto2 is the core library designed to allow access to digital camera by external programs.

It makes abstraction of communication ports and camera protocol, to allow a complete modularity. To support a new communication physical layer (like IEEE1394), just add a new port to libgphoto2_port. T… 

OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall 3.8.1 by alti

OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall is an OpenBSD-based pf (packet filter) firewall, with DNS, squid, NAT, and a DHCP server (dnsmasq) for internal clients preconfigured. Settings and log files can be saved to a USB device.

Saved settings will be restored at the next reboot. Additional security related soft… 

Mass Rotate 0.2 by John Thompson

Mass Rotate is a program that quickly and losslessly rotates JPEGs.

It's useful for rotating images from digital cameras. Uses jpegtran from from the Independent JPEG Group. Written in gtk2-perl.

Usage: dir_with_images/

or: image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.j… 

GNU polyxmass 0.9.6 by Filippo Rusconi

GNU polyxmass is mass spectrometric software suite for (bio)-polymers.

GNU polyxmass features an integrated mass spectrometry framework where users are able to define brand new polymer chemistries (within the polyxdef module), and use these definitions in order to make simple mass calculations (w… 

Digital Audio Player 0.2b by Gina Belmonte

GNUdap is a project to build a userspace driver to interface Linux with proprietary-protocol USB MP3 players and mass storage devices. Currently GNUdap supports the CHIC MP10, CHIC MP30, CHIC Symphony from "Perstel,Inc." and the NGS Jogger from the NGS Technology.

GNUdap is also an experiment to… 

iriverh10.amarokscript 0.9.3 by Caspar Maessen

iriverh10 is an amarokscript to manage the iRiver H-series digital audio player in USB mass storage mode (USM mode as opposed to MTP-mode) from within amaroK.

iriverh10 script is build around easyh10. This is a commandline utility to generate a media database and playlist for the iRiver H-series… 

ScsiaddGui 1.5 by Michael Lange

Scsiaddgui application provides a graphical user interface for the Scsiadd utility, which allows you to add or remove SCSI devices without having to reboot.

Python >= 2.3
Tcl / Tk >= 8.4

What's New in This Release:
The contents of the display are now aut… 

ID3 mass tagger 0.78 by squell

ID3 mass tagger is a portable command-line mass tagger for audio files.

ID3 mass tagger is designed for non-interactively adding, updating or removing meta-information in a number of files with a single command.

It can generate tag fields from the filename and rename files using an intuitive s… 

Apache-Storage 1.00 by Brian Aker

Apache::Storage is Perl module containing simple functions to store and retrieve information from within the Apache process.… 

Cleversafe Alpha 4.1.3 by Cleversafe, LLC

Cleversafe is a storage software solution that offers extremely high reliability and security. It uses fast information dispersal algorithms to store small slices of data in multiple, disparate locations.

Each slice is individually unusable, yet any majority of the slices can perfectly recreate a… 

Pinky-Tagger 0.3.0 by Sebastian Stadelmann

Pinky-Tagger project is for editing and mass tagging music file tags. Pinkytagger uses the Musicbrainz service to find tags automatically. To do so, Pinkytagger generates fingerprints (TRM-Hashes) of your files and compares them with the data from a Musicbrainz server.

As an extra feature, Pinkyt… 

PDF::Reuse 0.33 by Lars Lundberg

PDF::Reuse is a Perl module that can reuse and mass produce PDF documents.


use PDF::Reuse;
prText(100, 500, 'Hello World !');

This module could be used when you want to mass produce similar (but not identical) PDF d… 

MassSpec::ViewSpectrum 0.05 by Jonathan Epstein

MassSpec::ViewSpectrum is a Perl extension for viewing a mass spectrum.


use MassSpec::ViewSpectrum;

open PNG, ">mygraphic.png" or die "Unable to open output filen";
binmode PNG;

my @masses = (1036.4,1133,1437,1480,1502);
my @intensities = (0.1,0.15,0.05,0.10,0.2);

Lars 0.99 Beta1 by Michael Kohn

Lars project can help you mass-produce audio CDs from MP3s.

Tell Lars which mp3's you want and Lars will turn your mp3's into wavs and burn them onto audio CD's only stopping when the CD is full. As soon as you put another valid blank CD in the drive and click the continue button, and Lars will sta… 

kds 0.2.6 by Christian Willy Asmussen

kds (krico's distributed storage) is a distributed storage system. kds's main goal is to work as a session handler for PHP.

This package provides four components: a daemon (kdsd), a command-line cilent (kdsc), a library (libkds), and a PHP session handler extension.

kdsd is a daemon that… 

Metal Mech 0.2.6 by Dzmitry Haiduchonak

Metal Mech is a fully web-based mass multiplayer game of battle between robots and space exploration. Metal Mech is a game of strategy, economic, role-playing and combat.

Each player can handle own war robot and battle against other players to be the Emperor of the Universe. Players war against eac… 

Blog Pinger 1.0 by Jim Burnett

BlogPinger is a desktop application that lets you mass ping trackback URLs. This utility can be used if your website doesn't already have a trackback ping utility, or if your website or web software doesn't allow you to ping multiple trackback URLs.

BlogPinger has an integrated trackback search u… 

nautilus-image-converter 0.0.8 by J?rg Billeter

nautilus-image-converter project is a Nautilus extension to mass resize images.

Adds a "Resize Images..." menu item to the context menu of all images. This opens a dialog where you set the desired image size and file name.

A click on "Resize" finally resizes the image(s) using ImageMagick's co… 



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