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WWW::Meta::XML::Browser 0.08 by Benjamin Boksa

WWW::Meta::XML::Browser is a Perl module to simulate a browser session described in a XML file.


use WWW::Meta::XML::Browser;

my $session = WWW::Meta::XML::Browser->new();

Class::Meta::Type 0.53 by David Wheeler

Class::Meta::Type is a Perl module for data type validation and accessor building.


package MyApp::TypeDef;

use strict;
use Class::Meta::Type;
use IO::Socket;

my $type = Class::Meta::Type->add( key => 'io_socket',
desc => 'IO::So… 

Object::Relation::Meta::Type 0.1.0 by Kineticode, Inc.

Object::Relation::Meta::Type is an Object::Relation Data type validation and accessor building.


key => "state",
name => "State",
builder => 'Object::Relation::Meta::AccessorBuilder',
raw => sub { ref $_[0] ? s… 

Class::Meta::Express 0.04 by David Wheeler

Class::Meta::Express is a Perl module for concise, expressive creation of Class::Meta classes.


package My::Contact;
use Class::Meta::Express;

class {
meta contact => ( default_type => 'string' );
has 'name';
has contact => ( required => 1 );


RankQuest SEO Tools 1.2 by Wrensten Paul

RankQuest SEO Tools aims to help Web masters in search engine optimization. RankQuest SEO Tools is Keyword Finder and Meta Tag Analyzer are among the most important tools for SEO. Keyword Finder lists the keywords in the meta keyword tag of a site.

Meta Tag Analyzer examines the meta information… 

Class::Meta 0.53 by David Wheeler

Class::Meta is a Perl class automation, introspection, and data validation.


Generate a class:
package MyApp::Thingy;
use strict;
use Class::Meta;
use Class::Meta::Types::String;
use Class::Meta::Types::Numeric;


# Create a Class::Meta object for thi… 

Meta Matrix Library 0.7.2 by Joerg Frochte

Meta Matrix Library is a modular designed collection of C libraries. Meta Matrix Library was developed as part of the Free Finite Element Package to provide easy and consistent access to numerical linear algebra software for sparse and dense matrices.

The dense matrix and vector operations of the… 

Conversation Meta Language 0.7.2 by Sanaa Maati

Conversation Meta Language is a Thunderbird extension with the purpose of exchanging emails between two persons using XML.

It introduces a new point of view where email messages are composed of one or more ConvML threads which can either start a new topic or reference an older thread.

The ext… 

Class::Meta::Declare 0.04 by Curtis Poe

Class::Meta::Declare is a Perl module deprecated in favor of Class::Meta::Express.


This was a first attempt at making a saner interface for Class::Meta. It is nicer, but Class::Meta::Express is nicer still. Go use that one.

package MyApp::Thingy;
use Class::Meta::Declare ':all';… 

Object::Relation::Meta::Class::Schema 0.1.0 by Kineticode, Inc.

Object::Relation::Meta::Class::Schema is a Perl module for Object::Relation database store builder.

This module is provides metadata for all Object::Relation classes while building a storage schema. Loading Object::Relation::Schema causes it to be used instead of Object::Relation::Meta::Class. Th… 

Website META Language 2.0.11 by D. Barbier

Website META Language is a free and extensible Webdesigner's off-line HTML generation toolkit for Unix, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL v2). Website META Language is written in ANSI C and Perl 5, built via a GNU Autoconf based source tree and runs out-of-the-box on all major Un… 

Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute::Schema 0.1.0 by Kineticode, Inc.

Object::Relation::Meta::Attribute::Schema is a Perl module for Object::Relation database store builder.


# Assuming MyThingy was generated by Object::Relation::Meta and that we're building
# a data store schema.
my $class = MyThingy->my_class;

print "nAttributes:n";

Class::MOP 0.35 by Stevan Little and Yuval Kogman

Class::MOP is a Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5.


# ... This will come later, for now see
# the other SYNOPSIS for more information

This module is an attempt to create a meta object protocol for the Perl 5 object system. It makes no attempt to change the behavior or characteris… 

Object::Meta::Plugin::Host 0.01 by Yuval Kogman

Object::Meta::Plugin::Host are hosts plugins that work like Object::Meta::Plugin. Can serve as a plugin if subclassed, or contains a plugin which can help it to plug.


# if you want working examples, read basic.t in the distribution
# i don't know what kind of a synops… 

WmfView 0.8 by Albrecht Kleine

WmfView is a viewer for the Windows Meta-File (WMF) graphics format.

It is written in Java.

What's New in This Release:
This adds several enhancements to 0.7 contributed by Mike Flis enhanced with 2 minor patches by me.… 

SourceBrowser 0.20050801 by Dimitris Vyzovitis

SourceBrowser is a documentation meta-programming tool that generates a wiki for a source tree.

The project provides a domain specific language called Source Annotation Language for writing documentation meta-programs.

A meta-program is embedded into the source code of a program or library, a… 

Magellan Metasearch 1.4.2 by Pierre Caron

Magellan Metasearch is a modular meta search engine, enabling users to monitor as many search engines as they want.

Magellan Metasearch provides a complex query language with standard boolean operators, meta-operators (to search through pages' metadata), and proximity operators.

This language… 

Flagpoll 0.8.1 by Daniel E. Shipton

Flagpoll project is a tool for developers to use meta-data files for storing information on what is needed to compile their software.

Think of it as the rpm of software development. It provides developers with total control over which packages, versions, architectures, et cetera that they want to… 

Image::MetaData::JPEG 0.15 by Stefano Bettelli

Image::MetaData::JPEG is a Perl extension for showing/modifying JPEG (meta)data.


use Image::MetaData::JPEG;

# Create a new JPEG file structure object
my $image = new Image::MetaData::JPEG('somepicture.jpg');
die 'Error: ' . Image::MetaData::JPEG::Error() unless $i… 

pstoedit 3.43 by Wolfgang Glunz

pstoedit program converts Postscript and PDF files to other vector graphic formats so that they can be edited graphically.

Supported Formats

Currently pstoedit can generate the following major formats:

Tgif .obj format (for tgif version >= 3)
.fig format for xfig
pdf - Adobe's Porta… 



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