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libpcap 0.9.4 by The Tcpdump Group

This is a handy little library which provides a packet filtering mechanism based on the BSD packet filter (BPF).

What's New in This Release:
Fixes for compiling on nearly every platform, including improved 64bit support
MSDOS Support
Add support for sending packets
OpenBSD pf format suppo… 

BlueZip 0.10.0 by Cameron McKay

BlueZip is a cross-platform compression utility.

Here are some key features of "BlueZip":
clean interface
full drag and drop support
Zip support
RAR support

What's New in This Release:
This release of BlueZip brings official support for the Linux platform.
Furthermore, this release… 

DirectX support for Wine 2005-06-13 by Oliver Stieber

DirectX support for Wine project enables DirectX 9 support for Wine, which is useful for games and 3D graphics.

DirectX support for Wine is a set of patches against Wine to implement DirectX 9. It allows modern games and 3D applications to run under Wine.

The patches include many experimental… 

gnubiff 2.2.4 by Nicolas Rougier

gnubiff project is a mail notification program that checks for mail and displays headers when new mail has arrived.

Here are some key features of "gnubiff":
Multiple mailbox support
pop3, apop, imap4, mh, qmail and mailfile support
SSL & certificates support
GNOME support with complete in… 

PSGw 1.5 by

PSGw is an application that allows connecting Skype network with SIP networks.

SIP module features
registrar support
proxy support
authorization for proxy and registrar
external IP address mapping support
adjustable UDP port range
"arbitrary" mapping of SIP names to Skype names

KFTPGrabber 0.8.0 Beta 2 by Jernej Kos

KFTPGrabberKFTPGrabber is a graphical FTP client for KDE. KFTPGrabber supports SSL encryption, FXP transfers, multiple FTP sessions (using tabs), bookmark system and more.

Here are some key features of "KFTPGrabber":
multiple FTP sessions (tabs)
transfer queue
TLS/SSL support for encrypted… 

SPTK 3.2.2 by Alexey Parshin

SPTK (Simply Powerful Toolkit) is a cross-platform toolkit that provides a set of C++ classes for fast and easy application development. It provides GUI components that use FLTK, and features ODBC database support with seamless connection to GUI components.

SPTK project includes many classes for… 

Mercurial 0.9.2 by Matt Mackall

Mercurial project is a lightweight, fast Source Control Management system designed for the efficient handling of very large distributed projects.

What's New in This Release:
Complete support for rename/copy.
Improved support for case-insensitive filesystems.
Local charset support.

Ubuntu Commercial Support 0.2 by Joel Bryan Juliano

Ubuntu Commercial Support aims to provide an interface for getting commercial support from Canonical Ltd.


Companies and businesses can't rely on getting support from random individuals. What they need is a dedicated 24/7 technical support from a company that offers that kind of servi… 

Web-FTP 2.2.1 by ant

Web-FTP 1.5.x introduces Crytpo Card support, and also some support for connecting to MS ftp servers.

Crypto card support allows people to connect to ftp servers that use crypto card security. Lemme know if it works for you.

Web-FTP is a fully featured ftp client designed for secure file manag… 

GtkLP 1.2.2 by Tobias Muller

GtkLP is a Frontend for Cups. GtkLP is not an administrative Tool (the frontend is good enough!), but intended for Users.

They can easily choose all options that cups provide (including the printer independent options) without remebering or even knowing their names.

For Printeradmin is also a… 

LeahHTTPd 0.01 by Daniel Nakata

LeahHTTPd is a fast HTTP server.

Here are some key features of "LeahHTTPd":
Configurable mimetype support
Specifyable document root and port
Templated directory listings
IPv4 and IPv6 supported
Basic file-transfer resuming (Range/206)
Completely asynchronous I/O
Configurable default… 

GQmpeg 0.20.0 by John Ellis

GQmpeg is a front end to various audio players, including mpg123, ogg123, and xmp. Also works with mpg321. It includes playlist support and is very configurable.

Here are some key features of "GQmpeg":
Playlists, with playlist editor.
Extensive support for options of mpg123.
ogg support (th… 

LW Support 1.0.0 by Laurence Withers

LW Support project is a C++ support library for Linux.

Although it has gone through many iterations of design and goal, LW Support is designed to expose C library functionality in an object-oriented manner (for example, by providing classes for POSIX I/O).

In fact, one of its main features is… 

Gaim Video and Voice Support 1.2.0 by Tim Ringenbach

Gaim Video and Voice Support is a friendly fork of the gaim project to concentrate on video and voice support, which will eventually be backported.

To install gaim-vv you have to have libj2k, linphone-im and libosip installed.


1) Download and save the gaim-vv-1.2.0 tar… 

Eterm 0.9.4 by Michael Jennings

Eterm is a vt102 terminal emulator intended as a replacement for xterm. It is designed with a Freedom of Choice philosophy, leaving as much power, flexibility, and freedom as possible in the hands of the user.

Eterm is designed to look good and work well, but takes a feature-rich approach rather… 

aria2 0.9.0 by Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa

aria2 is a software for downloading files.

The transfer can be paused, resumed, queued, and saved. It has a friendly GTK-based GUI and useful log consoles.

It supports URL list importing, CRC checking, HTTP proxy servers, HTTP recursive downloads with various useful options, and cut-and-pastin… 

Ekiga 2.0.3 by Damien Sandras

Ekiga is a SIP and H.323 application, supporting audio and video, and is the successor of GnomeMeeting.

Here are some key features of "Ekiga":
Call Forwarding on busy, no answer, always (SIP and H.323)
Call Transfer (SIP and H.323)
Call Hold (SIP and H.323)
DTMFs support (SIP and H.323)

Newega 0.7.2 by tedemo

Newega is a Usenet reader with a Web-based interface. Newega is a stand-alone program (no Web or database server needed), is cross-platform, and has support for themes using HTML templates.

Here are some key features of "Newega":
Basic: Subscribing, Sorting and searching newsgroups, Threads

Frets On Fire 1.1.324 by Unreal Voodoo

Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. Frets On Fire's aim is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.

128 MB of RAM
a fairly fast OpenGL graphics card (shader support not necessary, antialiasing support recommended)



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