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CGI::WeT::Modules::Basic 0.71 by CGI::WeT Team

CGI::WeT::Modules::Basic is a basic rendering engine extensions.


use CGI::WeT::Modules::Basic ();

This module provides basic rendering constructs for the engine. Please be aware that the code supersedes the documentation. While I have tried to be accurate there are times that w… 

CGI::WeT::Modules::Calendar 0.71 by CGI::WeT::Modules::Calendar Team

CGI::WeT::Modules::Calendar are Perl extensions to engine to allow calendar management.


use CGI::WeT::Modules::Calendar ();

This module provides rendering constructs to allow navigation through a set of calendars. Support is provided for multiple types of events in multiple cal… 

Slackmod 0.1.0 by Andrea Guarnaccia

Slackmod is a Slackware modules manager.

Slackmod is a GTK2 interface developed for Slackware for the rc.modules file.

A simple interface that scans your kernel and rebuild a rc.modules that contains compiled modules only.

Slackmod has an algorithm that checks kernel's changes and automati… 

mod_ssi_func 1.0 by Nick Holmes

The modules in the mod_ssi_func suite were founded to support functions based on mod_include and related to the way pages are built on mod_ssi_func was developed to supply an API that would be familiar to other users of Apache's mod_include.

This was in the hope that it would be includ… 

wbmtranslator 0.6.1 by Emmanuel Saracco

wbmtranslator is a translation assistant for webmin/usermin modules.

wbmtranslator module is intended for webmin modules translators. It may not be usable with text only browsers like lynx or w3m. Also, please activate javascript in your browser settings.

You need at least the f… 

NickBot 1.0.12 by Nick Estes

NickBot is an IRC bot framework written in Perl. It is designed such that all of the user modules that do the actual data processing are located in an external file. Each module is run individually inside of Perl's eval function to keep rouge modules from crashing the entire bot; plus this gives t… 

Module::Build 0.2805 by Ken Williams

Module::Build is a Perl module for build and install Perl modules.


Standard process for building & installing modules:
perl Build.PL
./Build test
./Build install
Or, if you're on a platform (like DOS or Windows) that doesn't require the "./" notation, you can do t… 

MingMods 0.2.0 by Billy Bob Ming

The MingMods are modules for The Ming Server that connect your digital properties to your PayPal account.

Easy modules rely on the seller to email the purchase to the buyer based on the PayPal receipt's return address.

Direct modules load the purchase into the buyer's browse.… 

Bundle::Catalog 1.02 by Loic Dachary

Bundle::Catalog is a bundle to install all Catalog related modules.


perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Catalog'

This bundle includes all the modules used by the Perl Catalog module.

A Bundle is a module that simply defines a collection of other modules. It is used by the CPAN modu… 

Pythonutils 0.2.5 by Pythonutils Team

Pythonutils project is helpful collection of utility modules for common Python programming tasks.

The Voidspace Pythonutils package is a simple way of installing the Voidspace collection of modules. Several of the Voidspace Projects depend on these modules. They are also useful in their own right o… 

pyNMS 20060126 by Keith Dart

pyNMS is a set of Python modules for network management, network testing, systems management, and general use. It contains a nearly complete implementation of SNMPv2c, a SMI/MIB package, and a MIB "compiler".

The package as a whole is currently in development, and much of the top-level
NMS funct… 

PAUS - Perl AUtomation System 1.0 beta by Edwin Eefting

Paus is all about controlling "stuff" with easy scripts. You could for example make the light in your house go on and off in the way you specify.

You also could use paus to create a remote controlled mp3box that also has a web-interface at the same time and shows the current song on an LCD displa… 

Batik 1.6 by The Apache Software Foundation

Batik is a Java(tm) technology based toolkit for applications that want to use images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for various purposes, such as viewing, generation or manipulation. The project's ambition is to give developers a set of core modules
which can be used together or indi… 

Test::Tester::Capture 0.103 by Fergal Daly

Test::Tester::Capture is a help testing test modules built with Test::Builder.

This is a subclass of Test::Builder that overrides many of the methods so that they don't output anything.

It also keeps track of it's own set of test results so that you can use Test::Builder based modules to perfo… 

Bundle::DBI 1.52 by Jonathan Leffler, Jochen Wiedmann and Tim Bunce

Bundle::DBI is a bundle to install DBI and required modules.


perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::DBI'


DBI - for to get to know thyself
DBI::Shell 11.91 - the DBI command line shell
Storable 2.06 - for DBD::Proxy and DBI::ProxyServer
Net::Daemon 0.37 - for DBD::Proxy an… 

pydiction 0.5 by Ryan Kulla

pydiction is a special dictionary file of Python modules for use with vim's completion feature. is a program that generates the pydiction file and you can use it to add your
project's own modules to it.

When you supply a module name to it will generate the modules cont… 

HardInfo 0.4.2 RC2 by Leandro Pereira

HardInfo is a benchmark tool and system information for Linux systems.

Here are some key features of "HardInfo":
Get information about your computer:

The Processor
Operating System
Shared Directories
Network Interfaces

Its devices (an… 

Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client 0.01 by Sander van Zoest

Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client is a Perl module with a bundle to install MusicBrainz::Client and required modules.


perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::MusicBrainz::Client'


MusicBrainz::Client - for to get to know thyself
MusicBrainz::Queries 0.05 - The RDF Query Constants

BasicLinux 3.40 by BasicLinux Team

BasicLinux is designed specifically for old PCs. It uses a small kernel and busybox to provide a low-RAM Linux, capable of browsing the web, doing email, and functioning as an X terminal.

The current release of BasicLinux is particularly suitable for old laptops -- it has PCMCIA capability and… 

Lin-setibuf Modules 1.8.1 by Emmanuele Bassi

Lin-setibuf Modules are a set of Perl modules for manipulating both the SETI@Home client files, and the SETI@Home text client.

SETI::Monitor offers an intuitive interface to stats retrieval, and manipulation via a Perl program. SETI::Client gives the Perl programmer a high-level layer for control… 



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