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GNU-Monitor 0.0.12 by Walter Pirri

GNU-Monitor is a transactional monitor that allows client/server applications to be developed with minimal effort.

GNU-Monitor project consists of transaction routing modules that ensure data integrity and recovery on abnormal termination.

What's New in This Release:
This release adds new "e… 

Aazmat Monitor 0.1 by Aazmat Monitor Team

Aazmat Monitor is a SuperKaramba system monitoring widget.

It was adapted to meet office theme and added a few new monitors all of them are built into there own theme file so you can place them were you like.… 

TC System Monitor 1.44 by timecop

TC System Monitor is the fastest system monitor dockapp. Accept no substitute!

Quick Instructions:

| [---------] |… 

UPS monitor 0.8.3 by Manuel Amador

UPS monitor is a graphical monitoring application that lets users watch a your UPS's status in real time.

Here are some key features of "UPS monitor":
Saves your session if UPS switches to battery power
Warns you when power is critically low
Lets you monitor networked UPSes
Remembers conf… 

Camera Monitor 0.1 by Adolfo Gonz?lez

Camera Monitor is a little tray system icon that notifies you when your Webcam is on. It is desgined for the GNOME desktop, but will work as well on KDE and XFCE.

Camera Monitor is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


tar xzf laptoptemp-0.2.tar.gz
cd ca… 

GroundWork Monitor Architect 1.2 by GroundWork Open Source Solutions, Inc.

GroundWork Monitor Architect or Monarch in short is a full-featured, easy-to-use configuration system for use with Nagios.

Monarch consists of a set of tools that allow a user to easily configure and maintain Nagios, or GroundWork Monitor, without editing the Nagios configuration files directly.

Edmon 0.8 by sede

Edmon is a system monitor SuperKaramba theme.

I just made this system monitor for myself, because didn't find any suitable for my needs.

It looks like Liquid Weather Plus, and has all the important info about the system. For the temperatures lm_sensors have to be installed. The theme needs to… 

Link Monitor Applet 2.1 by Jean-Yves Lefort

Link Monitor Applet is a GNOME Panel Applet displaying the round-trip time to one or more hosts in a bar graph.

Here are some key features of "Link Monitor Applet":
full ICMP and ICMPv6 support
configurable scale and delays
HIG 2.0 compliance

GTK+ 2.4.0
GNOME 2.6.0


GKrellm SNMP Monitor 1.0 by CW Zuckschwerdt

GKrellm SNMP Monitor project is a plugin for GKrellM that lets you easily monitor SNMP vars.

Some examples are server load via UCD-SNMP daemon or ambient temperature via router environment MIB.

You need a SNMP library to run this plugin.
You also need the header (include) fil… 

DDCcontrol 0.4.2 by Nicolas Boichat

DDCcontrol is a program used to control monitor parameters, like brightness and contrast, by software, i.e. without using the OSD (On Screen Display) and the buttons in front of the monitor.

With DDCcontrol you can monitor the parameters of your monitor on Linux.

What's New in This Release:

Ubuntu Security Notice Monitor 0.5 by yonkeltron

Ubuntu Security Notice Monitor is a karamba theme that displays the ten most recent USN report titles in a desktop widget.

Ubuntu Security Notice Monitor works by parsing the link text out of the USN page at using a Python backend.

Thanks goes to Richard "Ricard… 

Orange Monitor 0.1 by xbrunox

Orange Monitor is a system monitoring theme for SuperKaramba.

Here are some key features of "Orange Monitor":
CPU Load and Temperature (mbmon)
Used RAM
Used Space on hda and hda2 (customizable)
Bandwidth Spent (bars are customizable , Incoming gets full @ 1GB and Outgoing @ 256MB by defa… 

Crystal Monitor 6.3 by Mihael Simonic

CrystalMonitor is SuperKaramba theme with:

* Guess distro
In .py file is link to files, where are basic infos about your distro. .py file finds sitably file and only writes out data to CrystalMonitor.

* Kernel monitor
Display your kernel version

* Cpu monitor
Display your procesor na… 

X Hardware Monitor 1.0 by Fabien Coutant

X Hardware Monitor is a hardware monitor that shows indicators for temperature, voltage, fan speed etc, of a running system with a graphical panel.

The default configuration allows to monitor up to 3 temperatures, 3 fan speeds and 6 voltages. This tool is more particularly adequate for bi-proces… 

CompTemp Monitor 0.9.6 by Adolfo Gonz?lez Bl?z

Computer Temperature Monitor is a little applet for the GNOME desktop that shows the temperature of your computer CPU and disks on screen.

It also allows you to log temperatures to a file.

You can set alarms to notify you when a tempertature is reached.

Several monitors can be added to the… 

KNetLoad 3.0 alpha2 by Diego "Flameeyes" Petten?

KNetLoad is a Network Load Monitor applet for Kicker. You can monitor how many interfaces you want, and for every interface it will show you two graphs, one for incoming and one for outgoing load.

From version 3.0 you can now monitor remote SNMP interfaces, knowing the interface number (work in p… 

Server Monitor 0.1 by Taucher

Server Monitor is a theme which displays the status of your servers. Also you can start / stop them by clicking the names.

You cann add servers by editing the py-file. You may resize theme in the .theme-fille.

Based on vpn by N7DR (


Computer Temperature Monitor 0.9.3 by Adolfo Gonzalez Blazquez

Computer Temperature Monitor is a little applet for the GNOME desktop that shows the temperature of your computer CPU and disks on screen. Computer Temperature Monitor also allows you to log temperatures to a file.

You can set alarms to notify you when a tempertature is reached. Several monitors… 

Bubbling Load Monitor Applet 2.0.5 by Johan Walles

The Bubbling Load Monitor (or "Bubblemon" for short) is a system CPU and memory load monitor.

It displays something that looks like a vial containing water. The water level indicates how much memory is in use. The color of the liquid indicates how much swap space is used (watery blue means none and… 

X Interface Monitor 1.8.4 by X Interface Monitor Team

X Interface Monitor (abbriviated xifmon) monitors any network interface (most suitable, the ppp# interface) for traffic, load average, and various other statistics using purly ioctl() directly to the Linux kernel.

It also has options to run `connect' and `disconnect' scripts, for dialup modem use… 



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