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AudioFile::Info::MP3::Info 1.03 by Dave Cross

AudioFile::Info::MP3::Info is a Perl extension to get info from MP3 files.

This is a plugin for AudioFile::Info which uses MP3::ID3Lib to get data about MP files.

See AudioFile::Info for more details.



Creates a new object of class AudioFile::Info::MP3::Info. Usually called… 

Video::Info 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info can retrieve video properties such as: height width codec fps.


use Video::Info;

my $info = Video::Info->new(-file=>'my.mpg');

## ... see methods below

Video::Info is a factory class for working with video files. When you… 

AudioFile::Info::MP3::Tag 1.05 by Dave Cross

AudioFile::Info::MP3::Tag is a Perl extension to get info from MP3 files.

This is a plugin for AudioFile::Info which uses MP3::Tag to get or set data about MP3 files.



Creates a new object of class AudioFile::Info::MP3::Tag. Usually called by AudioFile::Info::new.


AudioFile::Info::MP3::ID3Lib 1.05 by Dave Cross

AudioFile::Info::MP3::ID3Lib is a Perl extension to get info from MP3 files.

This is a plugin for AudioFile::Info which uses MP3::ID3Lib to get data about MP files.
See AudioFile::Info for more details.



Creates a new object of class AudioFile::Info::MP3::ID3Lib. Usually call… 

Video::Info::Magic 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::Magic can resolve video filetype if possible.


use strict;
use Video::Info::Magic qw(:all);

my $type = divine('/path/to/video.mpg' );

print $type; #MPEG system stream data (maybe)

## ... see methods below


various constants related to video… 

AudioFile::Info 1.08 by Dave Cross

AudioFile::Info is a Perl extension to get info from audio files.


use AudioFile::Info;

my $song = AudioFile::Info->new($some_mp3_or_ogg_vorbis_file);

print 'Title: ', $song->title, "n",
'Artist: ', $song->artist, "n".
'Album: ', $song->album, "n",

Template::Plugin::MP3 1.02 by Doug Gorley

Template::Plugin::MP3 is a Perl interface to the MP3::Info Module.


[% USE mp3 = MP3("Montana.mp3") %]

[% mp3.title %]
[% mp3.album %]

# perldoc MP3::Info for more ideas

Template::Plugin::MP3 provides a simple wrapper for using MP3::Info in object oriented mod… 

All System Info by revolutionist

All System Info is a system info SuperKaramba theme. Simple english version...

It shows:
System Info
CPU usage
Network Usage
Memory Load
HDD usage


gIpc 0.79 by Shreenath Deshpande

gIpc is a tool to get all the IPC info. Just like a GTK frontend for IPCS and IPCRM commands which are already there in existing Linux systems.

gIpc will collect the snapshot for the IPC info (i.e, Shared memory,semaphore and messageQ information).

You can also refresh the IPC info using “IPC… 

Video::Info::FOO 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::FOO is a Perl module for video information.

Video::Info::FOO - what is it useful for? an example list:

-video codec
-audio codec
-frame height
-frame width
-frame count
and more!


use Video::Info::FOO;

my $video;


The SysteMonitor 2.0 by freedom2099

The SysteMonitor is a SuperKaramba theme for system monitoring.

It monitors:

System Info
CPU Info
Memory Load
Disk Usage
Network Info
System Temperatures

I hope you will enjoy it!


TkInfo 2.8 by Axel Boldt

TkInfo is a Tk-based Info reader.

Here are some key features of "TkInfo":
Intuitive point-and-click interface.
Supports index lookups (for info files which contain an index).
File-wide search (exact or regular expression).
Multiple windows.
"Redirect window feature" (bound to right… 

Station Info 2.3 by John Kodis

Station Info program searches for and displays AM, FM, and TV station entries from databases supplied by the US Federal Communications Commission (also known as 'the FCC').

The station-info program provides many ways of selecting a collection of stations for display, and several criteria by which… 

Video::Info::RIFF 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::RIFF is a Perl module that can probe DivX and AVI files for attributes like:

-video codec
-audio codec
-frame height
-frame width
-frame count
and more!


use Video::Info::RIFF;

my $video;

$video = Video::Info::RIFF->new(-file=>$filename);… 

Perl Playlist 0.1 by John Hass

Perl Playlist is a command line application to generate m3u files based on your all your MP3s.

Perl Playlist uses MP3::Info to read the MP3 tags.

Perl playlist maker was designed to build a playlist on a remote machine that does not have a screen or X windows.

perl MP… 

Info-Sistema 1.7 by Davide01

Info-Sistema is a system information package.

I wrote this kommander script only to understand what kommander can made for me....

Thank to all the other people who have inserted their scripts here, which was important to understand better.

I hope this tool can be usefull to someone else...… 

minmax_reMiXed 1.0 by rishi984

minmax_reMiXed is my first MOD of Sanjay Kumars minmax theme.

I have tried to keep the spirit of the original theme intact -Minimum CPU usage, maximum information.

I added a few bars to indicate CPU usage, HDD info and XMMS slider. Heres what the theme contains :

Clock from Simplewidgets

Product Info Hunter 27.06.2005 by rofler

Product Info Hunter is a graphical application that automatically grabs pictures and descriptions from the Web.

It uses a database with manufacturer IDs and product titles to query search engines and big e-shops to find pictures and descriptions.

It then displays a tree view of the product lis… 

Video::Info::MPEG 0.993 by Benjamin R. Ginter and Allen Day

Video::Info::MPEG is a basic MPEG bitstream attribute parser.


use strict;
use Video::Info::MPEG;

my $video = Video::Info::MPEG->new( -file => $filename );

print $file->type; ## MPEG

## Audio information
print $file->acodec; ##… 

CPU Info 0.5.2 by Ken Werner

CPU Info is a KDE kicker applet that shows the current CPU temperature and frequency. Make sure you have enabled the temperature ACPI kernel module (thermal.ko).


run configure

./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)

build the sources


install the applet (… 



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