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ArtistX 0.2 by ArtistX Team

ArtistX is a comfortable way of trying multimedia GNU/Linux softwares without any installation. ArtistXs goal is to show multimedia creators that the world of GNU/Linux multimedia softwares is going further and further every day, sometimes faster than proprietary operating systems and softwares.


Inventory Management Software 1.18 by Inventory Management Software Team

Inventory Management Software is a Web-based tool that makes it easy to keep your inventory accurate from any location.

Inventory Management Software supports multiple users and inventory transaction logging.

What's New in This Release:
Some minor problems found in the library files for the… 

Zero Install 0.1.27 by Thomas Leonard

The Zero Install system makes software installation not merely easy, but unnecessary. Users run their applications directly from the Internet from the software author's pages.

Caching makes this as fast as running a normal application after the first time, and allows off-line use.

Here are so… 

Range Software package 1.0.0 RC2 Demo by Tomas Soltys

Range Software package are software for engineering simulations.

The Range software team provides a range of design and analysis software products. Each of these products provides their own range of features and specialties.

With new features and capabilities continuously under development, in… 

syncekonnector 0.3.2 by Volker Christian

syncekonnector is a konnector-plugin for SynCE-KDE, which provides the functionality to synchronize Appointments, Contacts, and Todos between a Windows-CE device and a KDE-equipped desktop/laptop.

This konnector is based on the kitchensync framework.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, t… 

LinuxCase 0.9 by Peter Zatschker

LinuxCase project is an Case Management Software for Linux. You can Document social cases. It is possible to add delete or edit Users, add delete or edit Projects from Madates. You can make reports and add them to a Mandate.

The Software uses a Mysql-Database to store the Informations. The Softw… 

timeclock software 0.92 by

timeclock software is an application for employees to use as a timeclock. An employee time and attendance system keeps track of when your employees sign in and out of work.

This information can then be compiled to produce the total hours worked and the amount that the employees should be paid.


Billing Software 1.04d by Billing Software Team

Billing Software project allows your business to track invoicing and allows your customers to view their invoices online and easily export them to Excel for saving or printing.

Invoices can also be emailed to customers right from the online application for convenience and efficiency.

What's New in… 

Andutteye Software Suite 2.3 (Cache) by Andutteye Software

Andutteye Software Suite is a systems management tool. Andutteye Software Suite has a modular design and every module targets different tasks of systems management.

Andutteye Software Suite will let you manage all aspects of the IT infrastructure, helping to ensure availability, monitor, tune, an… 

Score Cluster System Software 5.8.3 by PC Cluster Consortium

Score Cluster System Software is a cluster system software is designed for the high performance cluster environment without using the TCP/IP protocol stack. Score Cluster System Software features high performance communication, efficient computer management and single-system image, higher usability… 

Property Management Software 1.18 by Web-Tool

Property Management Software allows owners to manage and track their real estate properties online.

Property Management Software is an easy system that allows them to view and update property information from anywhere over the Web, including information about tenants, costs associated with the pr… 

Call center software 0.93 by Call center software Team

Call center software is one of the most important aspects of any call help center, being able to track and manage calls can be the key to high customer safisfacation. Our 100% free call center software solution is based on php and the mysql database.

A call center is a place where customers calls… 

Generations Linux 2.6.11-4 by Softcraft Impresa

Generations Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution that boots and runs completely from CD-ROM media.

It includes a large base of powerful recent Linux software and desktop environments, including the lastest Linux kernel v,2.6, the K Desktop Environment (KDE) with office tools, games, multimedia, grap… 

Service Management Software 1.12 by Service Management Software Team

Service Management Software Solution manage your service and repair including work orders, service scheduling, service calls, preventative maintenance, and customer contact information.

Service Management Software is the ideal free solution for any service oriented business.

Web-based interfac… 

VocabPlus 0.2 by Gaurav Jain

Vocab+ is basically an English Vocabulary building software, for the UNIX environment. Features include adding/deleting/editing/searching words, and an extensive set of randomized and controllable tests of vocabulary.

VocabPlus is very useful for those who are mainly working in the UNIX environme… 

Luau 0.1.9 by David Eklund

Luau is an attempt at breaking up the old-style of software updates - browsing web sites, checking, subscribing to autoupdate services provided by individual distrbutors, etc. - by providing a decentralized approach to software distribution.

In short, Luau allows individual software… 

Contractor Software 0.8 by

Contractor Software allows contractors to manage their projects and interact with customers online. A contractor can post each task of a project. Each task has a start date and estimated completion date.

The client can then always know where the project is and leave comments for the contractor on… 

Docs::US_DOD::STrP 0.06 by Software Diamonds

Docs::US_DOD::STrP is a Perl module.

The Software Transition Plan (STrP) identifies the hardware, software, and other resources needed for life cycle support of deliverable software and describes the developer's plans for transitioning deliverable items to the support agency.

The STrP is devel… 

FIRST DiskImager 1.0 by Azril Azam

FIRST DiskImager is an advanced, full-featured GUI disk image acquisition tool.

It was designed for forensic disk image inspection. Developed using C++ and QT. This is our 1st attempt to create an acquisition software to meet the NIST standards.



UTUTO XS is a desktop and extensible solution based totally in Free/Libre software. It only includes (and will ever do) free/libre and open source software. But it let users the possibility to install other programs.

UTUTO XS is free/libre software, so their users have a high quality desktop syst… 



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