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JXTA P2P 2.5.1 by Project JXTA

JXTA platform is an open network computing platform designed for peer-to-peer (P2P) computing. The JXTA platform standardizes the manner in which peers:

Discover other peers
Advertise Peer resources (Peer, PeerGroup, Service and Pipe Advertisements)
Communicate with each other (Pipes)

GRIDportal 0.5.4 by Martin Matusiak

GRIDportal is a Web-based application portal that acts as a frontend to GRID computing. GRIDportal's aim is to make common GRID applications like Abaqus, Matlab, or BLAST more accessible to the user.

Use of GRIDportal does not require any knowledge of Unix nor GRID computing whatsoever. All the u… 

KBoincSpy 0.9.1 by Roberto A. Virga

KBoincSpy is a KDE monitor and control utility for the BOINC client. KBoincSpy displays a lot of useful information about the computation of work units, such as the percent of work done, and estimates of the completion time and credits granted.

For some projects like SETI@home and ClimatePredicti… 

Wazobia Linux Live by Leapsoft

Wazobia Linux is a complete Linux-based operating system designed and developed by Leapsoft.

Wazobia Linux distribution delivers quality desktop computing solutions that combine the best of open source technologies with a corporate attention to completeness, usability, and support.

It represen… 

SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 by Novell, Inc.

SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 from Novell provides everything today's Linux user needs for home computing and computing-on-the-go.

Jump in and join the millions of computer users worldwide who have made SUSE LINUX Professional their choice for home and mobile computing. This product includes a Linu… 

libGlass 0.7.1 by Bruno Barberi Gnecco

libGlass is a library for distributed computing that makes its programming easy.

The Glass framework is a scalable set of components that can be used by applications to perform distributed computing. Applications are built reusing the available components as needed.

One of the major goals of l… 

Coda Distributed File System 6.0.8 by Jan Harkes

Coda is an advanced networked filesystem. It has been developed at CMU since 1987 by the systems group of M. Satyanarayanan. in the SCS department.

Coda is a distributed filesystem with its origin in AFS2. It has many features that are very desirable for network filesystems. Currently, Coda has s… 

RealVNC 4.1.2 by RealVNC Ltd.

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing.

The two computers don't even have to be the same type, so for example you can use VNC to view an office Linux machine on your Windows PC at home. VNC is freely and publicly available and is in widespread active use by millions throughout industry, academ… 

Ch Standard Edition 5.0 by SoftIntegration, Inc.

Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, and embedded scripting. C/Ch/C++ allow users to use one language, anywhere and everywhere, for any programming tasks. Ch is the solution for:

Embedded Scripting

JXTA-C 2.5 by Project JXTA

JXTA-C/C++ project is an open source cross-platform C/C++ implementation of the JXTA platform.

The community is committed to a quarterly release cycle. For each release, it is currently built and tested on Solaris/Linux/Windows, MacOS X and BSD are reported to work.

The JXTA platform is an ope… 

NAS 1.8a by Jon Trulson

NAS (Network Audio System) is a network transparent, client/server audio transport system.

Network Audio System (NAS), originally developed at Network Computing Devices (NCD), includes:

Sample server implementations

VOXware/OSS (FreeBSD, Linux, SVR4.[02], UnixWare, Microsoft Windows using… 

TAU 2.15.5 by The Advanced Computing Laboratory

TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) is a program and performance analysis tool framework for high-performance parallel and distributed computing.

TAU provides a suite of tools for static and dynamic analysis of programs written in C, C++, FORTRAN 77/90, Python, High Performance FORTRAN, and Java.… 

Audio::MFCC 0.0801 by David Huggins-Daines

Audio::MFCC is a Perl module for computing mel-frequency cepstral coefficients.


use Audio::MFCC;
my $fe = Audio::MFCC->init(%params)
my @ceps = $fe->process_utt($rawdata, $nsamps);
my $leftover = $fe->end_utt;

This module provides an interface to the S… 

BBCD - Bootable Cluster CD 2.2.1c by Paul Gray

BCCD - Bootable Cluster CD was created to facilitate instruction of parallel computing aspects and paradigms. Part of the difficulty instructors face is lack of dedicated resources to explore distributed computing aspects lack of time to preconfigure and test the supporting environment.

The BCCD… 

s3d 0.1.1 by Simon Wunderlich

s3d project is a 3D network display server which can be used as a 3D desktop environment.

There are several reasons for this project, one of the most influencing
ones is boredem. i'm bored and blessed with too much time, and my gpu is bored as well with all this computing power which remains unu… 

Pawn Project 0.3.1 by Magnus Grander

The Pawn Project aims to make computing easy for anyone with an easy-to-use desktop environment.

How often have you felt that your computer could be smarter ? Aren't you tired of the old drag and drop style desktop and the horribly command promps.

Well Open Pawn Projekt (OPP) is about to chang… 

Java-Chess 06_30_03 by Andreas Rueckert

Java-Chess project is a standalone Java chess program.

Java-Chess is a fully-featured chess program that uses using Java 1.2 (including Swing) and 64-bit computing where possible.

The goal of the Java-Chess project is to develop an OpenSource chess application written in Java. We want to demon… 

Text::NSP::Measures 1.03 by Text::NSP::Measures Team

Text::NSP::Measures is a Perl module for computing association scores of Ngrams. This module provides the basic framework for these measures.


Basic Usage

use Text::NSP::Measures::2D::MI::ll;

my $npp = 60; my $n1p = 20; my $np1 = 20; my $n11 = 10;

$ll_value = calculateS… 

Network Tracker and Management 0.94 by Network Tracker and Management Team

Network Tracker and Management is a Web-based network management application.

Network Tracker and Management can store information about all of your network devices, and allows you to track all changes and updates made to the device.

Having this information readily available will enhance your… 

Los Alamos Message Passing Interface 1.5.16 RC1 by Advanced Computing Laboratory

Los Alamos Message Passing Interface is an implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) motivated by a growing need for fault tolerance at the software level in large high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

This need is caused by the vast number of components present in modern HPC syst… 



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