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Monitoring 0.1 by lisek54

Monitoring is a SuperKaramba theme for system monitoring.

My first template, icons with KDE 3.4

It monitors:

CPU usage
Network load
System Info


Monitoring API 2.0 Beta 1 by Arne Oslebo

Monitoring API project is a multi-user programming interface designed to simplify the development of network monitoring software and allows users to express their monitoring needs in a device-independent way.

The main abstraction provided by MAPI is the network flow. Although flows have been used… 

Jawa Open Eyes 5.1 by Haris Hasanudin

Jawa Open Eyes is a visual network monitoring tool developed in Java for managing network and Internet resources.

Jawa Open Eyes supports SNMP v1/2/2c for collecting MIB-II information, port scanning, and SSL capable URL time response.

The main features include visual network monitoring, an en… 

Network Management Tool 1.44 by Mike

Manage your network with a free Network Monitoring Software application.

Network Management Tool is an organized way to manage your network. 100% web-based network management.

Manage your network devices with ease. 100% Free Network Managment Software! Manage all your network devices, routers,… 

Sysmon 0.92.1 by Jared Mauch

Sysmon is a network monitoring tool designed to provide high performance and accurate network monitoring.

Currently supported tests include monitoring of SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, TCP, UDP, Radius, NNTP, and POP3 servers. It also includes the ability to ping hosts and routers, as well as the ability to p… 

Spong 2.8.0 beta2 by Stephen L Johnson

Spong is a simple systems and network monitoring package. It does not compete with Tivoli, OpenView, UniCenter, or any other commercial packages.

It is not SNMP based, it communcates via simple TCP based messages. It is written in Perl. It can currently run on every major Unix and Unix-like operati… 

Network UPS Tools 2.0.4 by Russell Kroll

Network UPS Tools is a collection of programs which provide a common interface for monitoring and administering UPS hardware. Network UPS Tools uses a layered approach to connect all of the parts.

Drivers are provided for a wide assortment of equipment. They understand the specific language of ea… 

Echelon Linux 0.2 by Mikael Mourcia

Echelon Linux is a distro designed to monitor services on your network. Echelon Linux is based on the DamnSmallLinux project.

I started building echelonlinux last year but I stopped working on it a few month later. Today I have decided to publish a new release of echelonlinux. It is a little bit… 

The EDDIE Tool 0.35 by Chris Miles

The EDDIE Tool is a system monitoring, security and performance analysis agent developed entirely in Python. It runs standalone on a system and performs checks and other actions as defined by an extensible configuration.

The EDDIE Tool can perform all basic system monitoring checks, such as: filesy… 

Nmonitor 2.0.0 by Jan Uyttersprot

Nmonitor is a monitoring tool, by default capable of monitoring via ping, UDP and TCP checks.

It has builtin plugin system so customized scripts can be used to monitor whatever you like eg. oracle tablespaces, diskspace whatever.

This tool was written because I needed a very simple network mon… 

Cheops-ng 0.2.3 by Brent Priddy

Cheops-ng is a Network management tool for mapping and monitoring your network. It has host/network discovery functionality as well as OS detection of hosts. Cheops-ng has the ability to probe hosts to see what services they are running. On some services, cheops-ng is actually able to see what prog… 

SLmon 0.5.13 by Krzysztof Luks

SLmon is a tool for monitoring system's performance. It displays results using nice and (hopefully) readable text-based UI. Currently monitored are:

CPU load (SMP is supported)
network interfaces
memory (including swap)
uptime, date and time
number of logged in users
mounted filesystem… 

Argo 0.6 by Steve Kemp

Argo is a extensible, simple framework for controling a host running multiple Xen instances.

Argo is a monitoring system for the Xen hyperviser, comprised of a network server which runs upon your Xen host and any number of clients which connect to that server over a socket.

The monitoring system… 

Network Time Tools 0.8.1 by Adam Guyot

Network Time Tools (NTT) is a set of network tools designed to provide monitoring of a network and the services on that network, and provide various reports on the hosts/services and optional alerts via email, pager, and cellphones. It also has the capability to send messages on user-specified servi… 

ECSHostMon 0.1 by Suyash Jain

ECSHostMon is a network monitoring software which monitors IP addresses by pinging them every five minutes.

It manages a downtime log and generates reports. ECSHostMon also has the ability to mark the hosts as firewall enabled or "admin down", which means you can change the status of hosts manual… 

BigBoos 1.4.1 by Suyash Jain

Bigboos is a perl based network monitoring system, which pools the devices based on configuration. It is developed by keeping the Middle sized Internet Service Provider to monitor their network and the central offices from where branch offices are connected on T1, E1 lines to monitor their clients a… 

mod_trace_output 1.1 Beta by Gerard Materna

mod_trace_output is an Apache plugin implementing server monitoring for output Web pages.

mod_trace_output is part of the WASA application developed by Jean-Pierre Norguet. WASA aims to analyse the semantic content viewed by a Web site visitors. Such analysis not only needs to log urls, but also… 

Mila NetWhistler 2.10 by Аlexander R. Еremin

NetWhistler 2.6 is a easy to use Network monitoring software that offers integrated fault and performance management functionality.

Mila NetWhistler project auto-detects networks and presents them on graphical maps, which reflect up-to-the-minute device and host status. It includes powerful diagn… 

FreeBSD ports monitoring 1.0 by Witold Rugowski

FreeBSD ports monitoring project is a simple solution for monitoring what has changed in installed ports on a FreeBSD machine. It works quite well and shows me what is happening on some machines which are manage not only by me. And leaves some trace after handy portupgrade -a command.

But when ma… 

Tvark 0.4 by Fenris

Tvark is a network monitoring tool (sniffer) with a GUI front-end, and is tied to a MySQL database. Tvark is necessarily resource-intensive. It is a multithreaded, database utility for recording network traffic. As a consequence, it uses 100% of the CPU simply because of context-switching and pa… 



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