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Instant 0.8 by Magne Westlie & Kent-Andre Mardal

Instant is a Python module that allows for instant inlining of C and C++ code in Python. Instant is a small Python module built on top of SWIG.

Example of use:

>>> c_code = """
double sum(double a, double b){
return a+b;
>>> import Instant
>>> ext = Instant.Instant()

Pyro 2 by Jan Danihelka

Pyro is a simulation of fireworks.


left CTRL - comet
left ALT - clasic firework
SPACE - lighting dart
right ALT - ball lightning
right CTRL - three flares

numeric PLUS - add gravity (more faster, but worse quality)
numeric MINUS - remove gravity (It can't be less than zero.)

msr 20060206 by Todd Allen

msr is a tool to display or modify x86 model-specific registers (MSRs).

The syntax for arguments is:

(none) : display all MSRs
number : display MSR with number
subname : display any MSRs whose names contain subname
number.field : display field in MSR with number
name.field : displ… 

MathML::Entities 0.13 by Jacques Distler

MathML::Entities is a Perl module that can convert XHTML+MathML Named Entities to Numeric Character References.


use MathML::Entities;

$html = '© by me';

# convert named HTML entities to character references:
$numeric = name2numbered($html); # © by me


bc 1.06 by Philip A. Nelson

bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Syntax is similar to C, but differs in many substantial areas. It supports interactive execution of statements. bc is a utility included in the POSIX P1003.2/D11 draft standard.

Since the POSIX document does not specify how bc must be impl… 

Palm::Progect::Converter::CSV 2.0.4 by Michael Graham

Palm::Progect::Converter::CSV is a Perl module to convert between Progect databases and CSV files.


my $converter = Palm::Progect::Converter->new(
format => 'CSV',
# ... other args ...


# ... do stuff with records

DBD::ODBC::Changes 1.13 by DBD::ODBC::Changes Team

DBD::ODBC::Changes is a Perl module with logs of significant changes to the DBD::ODBC.


What's New in This Release:
Fix inconsistency/bug with odbc_exec_direct vs. odbc_execdirect settings. Now made consistent with odbc_exec_direct. For now, will still look for odbc_execd… 

NumExp 0.14.1 by Alberto Sim?es and Gustavo Carneiro

NumExp is a family of open-source applications for numeric computation. When it was created, the idea was to make a powerfull tool like Mathematica.

Now, we know this is almost impossible without more open-source hackers. Meanwhile, we are trying to make, at least, an usefull tool!

NumExp is b… 

Virtual Data Center 1.04-11 by VDC Development Team

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a digital library system "in a box" for numeric data.

The VDC is a web application which provides everything necessary to maintain and disseminate collections of research studies: including facilities for the storage, archiving, cataloging, translation, and dissem… 

KNetStats 1.6.1 by Hugo Parente Lima

KNetStats is a simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx LEDs or numeric information about the transfer rate of any network interface in a system tray icon. The source code of the current version (v1.3) is avaliable for download at Sourceforge download and CVS servers.

Here are some key features… 

qtpod 1.1 by Dirk Jagdmann

qtpod is a Qt application which can control your Line6 POD 2.0 and POD Pro via MIDI. Currently, only the ALSA MIDI sequencer API is supported.


To configure your MIDI settings use the "-m" option on the command line to set the MIDI channel your POD listens on. The first MIDI channel is "… 

WorkBone 2.40 by Thomas McWilliams

WorkBone is a simple, curses-based CD player that is controlled by the num-lock keys. It uses the cdtool package can be used to determine the contents of a CD before playing it.

WorkBone uses the numeric keypad as a control panel to allow you to move track to track, play, stop, pause, and resume… 

airLCD 0.2 by Bob Castle

airLCD application provides an interface between the Amarok music player, a remote control and an alpha-numeric LCD display. Commands sent from your remote control are interpreted by airLCD and turned into commands for Amarok.

Status changes in Amarok (new song information, playing status) are sh… 

PyJack 0.1 by A. W. Schmeder

Jack is a high performance, low latency real-time audio server. PyJack is a python extension which allows you to play and record using Numeric Python arrays as audio buffers.

There are some potential problems involving new developments of the Jack client API. I have also received patches to make… 

gnumexp 0.10 by Gustavo Carneiro

NumExp is a family of open-source applications for numeric computation. When it was created, the idea was to make a powerfull tool like Mathematica. Now, we know this is almost impossible without more open-source hackers. Meanwhile, we are trying to make, at least, an usefull tool!

It is based on… 

Tk::NumEntry 2.07 by Slaven Rezic

Tk::NumEntry is a numeric Entry widget with inc. & dec. Buttons.


use Tk::NumEntry;
$parent->NumEntry(?-option=>value, ...?);

Tk::NumEntry defines a widget for entering integer numbers. The widget also contains buttons for increment and decrement.

Tk::NumEntry supports all the… 

HartMath 0.8 pre2 by jsurfer

HartMath is an experimental computer algebra program written in Java.

It features big number arithmetic, symbolic and numeric evaluation, plot-, polynomial-, vector, and matrix-functions.… 

NumPy 0.9.5 by NumPy Development Team

NumPy is the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python.

This package contains a powerful N-dimensional array object, sophisticated (broadcasting) functions, tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code, and useful linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabili… 

Language::Basic::Expression 1.44 by Amir Karger

Language::Basic::Expression is a Perl package to handle string, numeric, and boolean expressions.


See Language::Basic for the overview of how the Language::Basic module works. This pod page is more technical.
# Given an LB::Token::Group, create an expression I parse it
my $e… 

HylaFax 5.0.1 by Matthias Apitz

HylaFAX project is an enterprise-class system for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages.

The software is designed around a client-server architecture. Fax modems may reside on a single machine on a network and clients can submit an outbound job from any other… 



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