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raddump 0.3.1 by Jon Moore

raddump interprets captured RADIUS packets to print a timestamp, packet length, RADIUS packet type, source and destination hosts and ports, and included attribute names and values for each packet.

What's New in This Release:
Added support for IEEE 802.1q tagged VLAN frames.… 

ngrep 1.45 by Jordan Ritter

ngrep project strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to the network layer. ngrep is a pcap-aware tool that will allow you to specify extended regular or hexadecimal expressions to match against data payloads of packets.

It currently recognizes TCP, UDP, ICMP, IG… 

Advanced Packet Sniffer 0.19 by Christian Schulte

Aps is a small tool for analyzing network traffic. It prints out a great deal of information about the relevant protocols including TCP, UDP, ARP, and ICMP.

It allows you to filter IP addresses, hardware addresses, ports, and specific protocols. It comes with a little GTK-GUI displaying packet c… 

Aircrack-ng 0.6.2 by Aircrack-ng Admin

Aircrack-ng is a set of tools for auditing wireless networks.

airodump: 802.11 packet capture program
aireplay: 802.11 packet injection program
aircrack: static WEP and WPA-PSK key cracker
airdecap: decrypts WEP/WPA capture files

Aircrack-ng is the next generation of aircrack with lo… 

netAI 0.1 by Sebastian Zander and Nigel Williams

netAI comes from Network Traffic based Application Identification and has been developed for identifying the end host applications that are responsible for traffic flows in the network.

Unlike previous solutions that identify the application based on port numbers or packet payload (either through… 

Live-F1 0.2.6 by Scott James Remnant

Live F1 is a native Linux client for viewing the information feed of the official Formula-1 Web site without the need of a Java-enabled browser.

Live-F1 displays the live timing information from the track side during qualifying, races, and practice sessions. An account on is still re… 1.1 by Dan Stromberg is a python module that makes it a little bit easier to work with sockets, and may also make your I/O faster if you're reading and/or writing lots of tiny packets.

Also, you may find that it makes your network applications more reliable, as the network is allowed to split apart your p… 

tcpdump 3.9.5 by The Tcpdump Group

tcpdump is a handy little library which provides a packet filtering mechanism based on the BSD packet filter (BPF).

Most notably, tcpdump needs this to work, and there is also a perl module (still in beta) which can use this as well. In plain english, if you want to write your own network traffic… 

Smit 0.20 by Paul Starzetz

Smit is a simple ARP sniffer for switched/unswitched networks.

It works even better on switched networks, because the spoofed sides do not see the duplicated packets.

I based the tool on sources from arpmitm and arprelay and included nice features like automatic ARP MAC query and some improv… 

Packet Construction Set 0.3 by George V. Neville-Neil

Packet Construction Set is a set of Python modules and objects that make building network protocol code easier for the protocol developer.

The core of the system is the pcs module itself which provides the necessary functionality to create classes that implement packets.

Installation Instructi… 

Rubyforger 0.03 by Rubyforger Team

Rubyforger is a raw packet manipulation tool. Rubyforger allows you to easily send, receive, and modify Ethernet, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP packets.

Creating and modifying packets is easily done by adding layers and changing their parameters.

Visualforge is a GUI packet crafter based on Rub… 

Packet Excalibur 1.0.2 by Jitsu

Packet Excalibur is a multi-platform graphical and scriptable network packet engine with extensible text-based protocol descriptions. It is a network tool designed to build and receive custom packets from network.

Pen testing firewalls, routers, or any network enable equipment. Validating your c… 

DNS Blacklist Packet Filter 0.6 Beta1 by Russell Miller

DNS Blacklist Packet Filter project is a Linux netfilter client that decides whether to accept or drop packets based on the results of a DNS blacklist query (such as MAPS, SORBS, or SPEWS, to name a few).

One use is to filter all incoming SMTP SYN packets for spam filtering.


Arpoison 0.6 by Steve Buer

Arpoison is a program that sends out a custom ARP REPLY packet. Since ARP is a stateless protocol, most operating systems will gladly update their ARP cache with any information you send them in your hand-crafted packet.

Requires Libnet --… 

Stone TCP/IP packet repeater 2.3c by Hiroaki Sengoku

Stone is an application layer TCP/IP packet repeater. It repeats TCP and UDP packets from the inside of a firewall to the outside or vice versa.

It is simple, supports OpenSSL for encrypting and decrypting packets, performing client and server verifications, and sending a substring of the subject… 

NetMate 0.9.4 by S. Zander

NetMate comes from Network Measurement and Accounting System and is a flexible and extensible network measurement tool (meter).

It can be used for accounting, delay/loss measurement, packet capturing and much more. The main advantage over other existing tools is that it can be easily extended due… 

Scapy 1.0.5 by Philippe Biondi

Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation tool, packet generator, network scanner, network discovery tool, and packet sniffer.

Scapy project provides classes to interactively create packets or sets of packets, manipulate them, send them over the wire, sniff other packets from the wire,… 

nf-hipac 0.9.1 by Michael Bellion and Thomas Heinz

nf-HiPAC is a full featured packet filter for Linux which demonstrates the power and flexibility of HiPAC. HiPAC is a novel framework for packet classification which uses an advanced algorithm to reduce the number of memory lookups per packet. nf-hipac package is ideal for environments involving lar… 

Layer-7 Packet Classifier for Linux 2.7 by Ethan J. Sommer

Layer-7 Packet Classifier for Linux is a classifier for the Linux kernel's Netfilter subsystem that identifies packets based on application layer data (OSI layer 7).

This means that it can classify packets as HTTP, FTP, Gnucleus, eDonkey2000, etc, regardless of port. Our classifier complemen… 

Net::BitTorrent::PeerPacket 1.0 by Josh McAdams

Net::BitTorrent::PeerPacket is a Parse/Build Peer Packets from BitTorrent.


# Encode a packet
my $binary_packet = bt_build_packet($key1, $value1, $key2, $value2);

# Decode a packet
my $parsed_packet = bt_parse_packet($binary_data);

Net::BitTorrent::PeerPacket handles pa… 



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