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Lazarus 0.9.20 by Michael A. Hess

Lazarus project is the class libraries for Free Pascal that emulate Delphi. Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32, OS/2, 68K and more.

Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP. Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle… 

Nemesis Pascal 0.1 by Nemesis Pascal Team

Nemesis Pascal is an Pascal interpreter that is:

Open Source (GPL)
Cross-platform (currently Windows and Linux)

Nemesis Pascal is written in Delphi and Kylix. Borland CLX libraries supplies the cross-platform features.

The Nemesis Pascal applications runs on Windows using native cont… 

Free Pascal Compiler 2.0.2 by Dani?l Mantione

Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 or 64 bit (from 1.9.6) pascal compiler. Free Pascal Compiler is available for different processors Intel x86, Amd64/x86 64 (from 1.9.6), PowerPC (from 1.9.2), Sparc (from 1.9.6) and Motorola 680x0 (1.0.x only).

The following operating systems are supported Lin… 

Pascal Server Pages by Pascal Server Pages Team

Free Pascal Web Unit allows you to write binary CGI programs in easy and comfortable way.

If you need binary server pages and you know Pascal, PSP (Pascal Server Pages) will help you. Let the Pascal be multiplatform web programming language with PSP and Free Pascal Compiler!

Simple Data Storag… 

Xwpe-ALPHA 1.5.30a by Dennis Payne

Xwpe is a programming environment with a user interface that mimics the Borland C and Pascal family of products. The user interface mimics the Borland C and Pascal family of products for MS-DOS. From within xwpe you can edit, compile, and debug programs. Unfortunately Fred Kruse seems to no longer b… 

Delphi Yacc & Lex 1.4 by Michiel Rook

Delphi Yacc & Lex is a parser generator toolset for Delphi and Kylix, based on Turbo Pascal Lex and Yacc version 4.1.

The primary goal of Delphi Yacc & Lex is to clean up the code, and improve compatibility and maintainability.

The project started because the original Turbo Pascal Lex and Yacc… 

Glpi_1 1.0 by Roman Mozalev

Glpi_1 is a Linux Professional Institute test Level-1 (101 and 102 exams) for Gnome/GTK+.

Glpi_1 software is written in Free Pascal Compiler (FPC).

GNOME libs;
GTK+ libs;
GLIB libs;


Just type from console './Glpi1' in the installed directory or click mouse on… 

Aubit 4GL compiler 1.00.0 by Mike Aubury and Andrej Falout

Aubit 4GL compiler is a project to make a free Informix-4GL compatible compiler. Aubit 4GL compiler translates 4GL source into executable programs, enabling fast creation of screen/form-based applications.

With support for SQL statements forming an intrinsic part of the language, it's especially… 

4tH compiler 3.5a release 2 by HanSoft

4tH is a Forth compiler with a little difference. Instead of the standard Forth engine it features a conventional compiler.

4tH is a very small compiler that can create bytecode, C-embeddable bytecode, standalone executables, but also works fine as a scripting language. It supports over 85% of th… 

phpCAS 0.4.22 by Pascal Aubry

phpCAS is a PHP client library for CAS (Central Authentication Service).

phpCAS is a simple interface to ITS Central Authentication Service for PHP web applications.

phpCAS is written by Pascal Aubry (University of Rennes 1) from previous work done by Julien Marchal and Vincent Mathieu (both a… 

cim 3.30 by Sverre Hvammen Johanson

GNU Cim is a compiler for the programming language Simula (except unspecified parameters to formal or virtual procedures (see the documentation for how portable code for formal procedures can be written)).

cim project offers a class concept, separate compilation with full type checking, interface… 

State Machine Compiler 4.3.3 by Charles Rapp

State Machine Compiler takes a state machine stored in an .sm file and generates the state pattern classes in nine programming languages.

Its features include default transitions, transition arguments, transition guards, push/pop transitions, and Entry/Exit actions. State Machine Compiler require… 

Java Brainfuck Compiler 2.0 by Petter E. Stokke

The Java Brainfuck Compiler is a compiler for the uniquely powerful Brainfuck language, which produces Java bytecode that will run on any Java Virtual Machine (with no intermediate steps such as going by way of Java code).

You will need the BCEL package in your classpath to compil… 

Kent Retargettable Occam Compiler 1.4.1-pre4 by Fred Barnes

Kent Retargettable Occam Compiler is a multi-platform Occam 2.1 compiler that is designed to allow the Occam programming language to be used on non-Transputer platforms.

KRoC, the Kent Retargettable occam-pi Compiler, is a collection of programs/libraries which facilitates the execution of occam-… 

SmartEiffel 1.2r7 (Transitional) by Dominique Colnet

SmartEiffel is the GNU Eiffel Compiler. SmartEiffel is intended to be a complete, though small and very fast, Eiffel compiler.

The current distribution includes an Eiffel to C compiler, documentation tools, a pretty printer, and various other tools including an Eiffel debugger. It also includes a l… 

Pasdoc 0.10.0 by Marco Schmidt

Pasdoc is a tool to generate documentation for Pascal unit files.

PasDoc is a documentation tool for ObjectPascal source code. Documentation is generated from comments found in source code.

See WhereToPlaceComments, WritingDocumentation and SupportedTags for information on how to document your… 

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler 6.6 by Simon Marlow

The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is a state-of-the-art, open source, compiler and interactive environment for the functional language Haskell.

Here are some key features of "The Glasgow Haskell Compiler":
GHC supports the entire Haskell 98 language plus a wide variety of extensions.
GHC works on… 

Scriptol to Php Compiler by Denis G. Sureau

Scriptol to Php Compiler is a scriptol program that may be interpreted by the Php interpreter and it may be also compiled either to C++ or directly as an executable.

The Php interpreter is required by solp (download it at or get it on the Scriptol CD).


It is better… 

DistCC LiveCD 3.3.6 by Natanael Copa

Distcc Livecd is a small bootable cdrom that contains a uClibc Linux system, the GNU compiler and a distcc daemon.

The purpose of this CD is to be able to borrow compile CPU power from computers without installing anything on the harddisk. The CD is build with the Gentoo portage framework.


ROBODoc 4.99.28 by ROBODoc Team

ROBODoc project is program documentation tool. The idea is to include for every function or procedure a standard header containing all sorts of information about the procedure or function.

ROBODoc extracts these headers from the source file and puts them in a separate autodocs-file. ROBODoc thus… 



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