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Popup Fortune 2 by Michael Terry

Popup Fortune is a python application which takes over your root window and displays on it output of the 'fortune' program in boxes (or whatever program you specify).

It is very much a work in progress, but I find it enjoyable to leave running, and if you do too, great.

Popup Fortune is releas… 0.5.0 by Seiichi SATO is a ticker dockapp based on wmticker written by Jiro SEKIBA. reads a file that is specified by the command line, and displays each line in a viewing area periodically. When the file has been modified, it was reread automatically.

If you run in a tail-mode, ticks… 

GtkPBButtons 0.6.9 by Matthias Grimm

GtkPBButtons is client for pbbuttonsd displays small popup windows each time a message from the daemon pbbuttonsd appeares. The view of each popup could individually configured.

The following windows could pop up:

brightness level
The current display brightness level would be displayed.… 

Ajax+PHP CSS Popup Chat rev173 by Rolando Gonzalez

Ajax+PHP CSS Popup Chat is a web script to comunicate with current users watching a Web page.

On the browser, it uses JavaScript to request the online users list from the PHP script. If the user clicks on one of the user's nickname, a CSS popup will appear for sending messages.

If the user rec… 

Gastify 1.1 by Jan Penschuck

Gastify is a client for app_notify, an asterisk extension. Gastify project sits in the notification-area of the gnome-panel and displays a libnotify popup when a call arrives. Beside it logs all calls.

Here are some key features of "Gastify":
an libnotify popup for incoming calls
a click on t… 

Kisdnmonitor by Jorge Windmeisser Oliver

Kisdnmonitor is an applet for your KDE-desktop environment, it shows the status of the B-Channels and logs the calls (incoming and outgoing) with the duration and the costs and some other information.

It uses the standard KDE-addressbook to avoid annoying duplicities, and it retrieves on the fly… 

ROX System Monitor 1.9.1 by Thomas Leonard

ROX System Monitor displays a large window containing two bar charts. One shows the Free/Used space on each mounted filesystem, and the other shows a list of processes with Shared/Unshared/Paged-out memory.

A popup menu allows processes to be paused, resumed, or killed. The aim is to show the inf… 

Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::ErrorMsg 0.11 by Kevin C. Krinke and James Greenhalgh

Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::ErrorMsg provides a simple error message dialog.


use Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::ErrorMsg ( destroy_with_parent => TRUE,
modal => TRUE,
no_separator => FALSE );

# do some stuff like creating your ap… 

XDG-Menu 1.3 by Konstantin Korikov

XDG-Menu project is a ROX panel applet that displays an applications menu button. The menus it builds fit the XDG Menu Specification published by

Here are some key features of "XDG Menu":
Applications menu based on XDG standards with capabilities to launch applications by mouse… 

Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::Message 0.11 by Kevin C. Krinke and James Greenhalgh

Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::Message provides a simple message dialog.


use Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::Message ( destroy_with_parent => TRUE,
modal => TRUE,
no_separator => FALSE );

# do some stuff like creating your app's main $… 

News notification 0.2 by Don Neumann

News notification is a RSS News notification via a popup window.

Modeled after Mail Notification. RSS News your way!

Here are some key features of "News notification":
Drag and drop to add feeds (into the news icon on status bar)
Font setting
Site icons

NOTE: FG/BG Color setting… 

cpop 0.0.4 by Joe Draxil

cpop is a network popup message system that uses the jpop protocol and a simple GTK+ interface. It provides handy popup messages for LAN messaging or just sending yourself reminder messages.

This version is the UNIX/GTK+ native version. The cross-platform, Java version is called jpop.


destripe 0.2 by Marc Lehmann

destripe plugin is used to remove some artifacts caused by low-cost or bad scanners, i.e. "stripes" running vertically (or horizontally) through the image.


main() - Main entry - just call gimp_main()...
query() - Respond to a plug-in query...… 

ChinesePera-kun 0.1.2 for Firefox by Justin Kovalchuk

ChinesePera-kun is a Chinese dictionary popup modded from Perapera-kun.

Licensed under GNU GPL and uses the the dictionary file generously borrowed from

This is the Chinese version of Perapera-kun which will popup the pinyin reading and English definition when you mouse over C… 

Stickytime 0.5.3 by Brian Moats

Stickytime is a digital clock that also displays the current state of the stickykeys and mousekeys as set by an accessibility program.

Version 0.5 can execute programs and direct their output to a tooltip (admittedly, an abuse of the tooltip concept). These programs can be executed by mouse click… 

Gsh 0.1.3 by Bellsouth

Gsh is designed to do two things:

1. be a comfortable environment for people who are already accustomed to using a Unix shell.
2. make operations that are difficult or awkward with a normal shell easier by having the shell take advantage of a graphical environment.

For the most part, Gsh beha… 

stickystatus 0.1 by Brian

stickystatus is a small program that displays the sticky and mouse key status in a popup image.

The image disappears when no sticky or mouse keys are pressed.

It is fully configurable: custom images, popup location, characters used for each key, position of characters, font used, and color o… 

intclock 2.07 by Peter Verthez

intclock is an international (multi-timezone) clock which can be run in a window or in a terminal.

Here are some key features of "intclock":
Gtk2 configuration window (see this screenshot)
configuration is saved between runs
layouts: 1 column, 1 row, table, or 1 clock at a time (with clock… 

Tomboy Reminder Plugin 0.9 by Raphael Slinckx

Tomboy Reminder Plugin allows tomboy to show a note at a specified date in the note.

Tomboy will scan all the notes when started and display the notes to be reminded for a given date and time.

Tomboy will also re-scan the note when you close the note window, so if you want to update the remin… 

keywordManager 0.3 by R?gis Caspar

keywordManager is a small tool to manage bookmarks keywords.

The tools is added to the Bookmarks or Places window using a toolbar button.

A small dialog popup when this button is pressed showing all existing keywords. Each listed keyword can be double clicked to be edited.

Finally, some f… 



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