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OpenLDAP-PostgreSQL Linux HOWTO 2.0 by Gilles DAROLD

OpenLDAP-PostgreSQL Linux HOWTO is a HOWTO for implementing PostgreSQL as an SQL backend for OpenLDAP.

This HOWTO doesn't talk about OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL or iODBC in this document I suppose that you know all that, I just provide my personnal installation of these apps.

So in this new version I… 

PostgreSQL 8.2.0 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

PostgreSQL is a highly-scalable, SQL compliant, open source object-relational database management system. With more than 15 years of development history, it is quickly becoming the de facto database for enterprise level open source solutions.

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management… 

guile-dbd-postgresql 2.0.0 by Maurizio Boriani

guile-dbd-postgresql is a PostgreSQL database driver for guile-dbi.

guile-dbi is a database generic interface. The main lib provide a way to use dbds (data base drivers) which are linked at run-time (like perl dbi or php or...).

This provide a very flexible way to use guile scheme implementati… 

PostgreSQL Table Log 0.4.3 by Andreas Scherbaum

PostgreSQL Table Log contains functions that allow you to log PostgreSQL table inserts, updates, and deletes into another table.

This can be used to recover the state of the logged table or to recover specific rows from a given time period.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bu… 

Npgsql 1.0 by Francisco Figueiredo Jr.

Npgsql is a .Net data provider for Postgresql. It allows any program developed for .Net framework to access database server.

Npgsql library is implemented in 100% C# code. Works with Postgresql 7.x and 8.x.… 

MySQL PHP 2 Postgres 0.94 by Michael Kohn

MySQL PHP to PostgreSQL is a application that takes a php page that uses mysql calls and changes them into PostgreSQL calls.

This allows any website (if it converts properly :) that was written in PHP for MySQL to run as a website written to run on PostgreSQL.

What's New in This Release:

Gemello 0.3.0 by Thomas F?hringer

Gemello is a forms front end for PostgreSQL on GTK. Gemello project is written in Python and uses Python as the trigger language.

Abu combines design concepts of Oracle Forms and Microsoft Access. It is meant to be simple and lean yet powerful enough to support scalable applications.


bonddb 2.2.5 by Andru Hill

Bonddb is a object oriented wrapper for postgresql SQL. bonddb project is a fast data abstraction layer written in C for C/C++ applications to allow easy access to class objects.

Bonddb is not a stand alone object orientated database, but works on top of SQL so you still get a solid proven backen… 

EMS Data Export 2005 for PostgreSQL by EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc.

EMS Data Export for PostgreSQL is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) program to export your data quickly from PostgreSQL databases to any of 15 available formats, including MS Access (Windows version only), MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF and others.

EMS Data Export 2005… 

ora2pg 4.2 by Gilles Darold

Ora2Pg is a Perl module to export an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. ora2pg project connects your Oracle database, extracts its structure, and generates an SQL script that you can load into your PostgreSQL database.

It dumps the database schema (tables, views, sequences,… 

PHP-Calendar 0.10.5 by rottenvegetable

PHP-Calendar is a Web-based calendar that uses PostgreSQL or MySQL to store data. It is designed to display properly only with modern browsers.

It is designed with accessibility in mind, but does not degrade very well on Netscape 4.x.

PHP 4.0 or greater
MySQL 3.23.x or Postgr… 

ZABBIX 1.3.1 by Alexei Vladishev

ZABBIX is software for monitoring of your applications, network and servers.
ZABBIX project supports both polling and trapping techniques to collect data from monitored hosts.

A flexible notification mechanism allows easy and quickly configure different types of notifications for pre-defined ev… 

MySQL PHP to Posgres Converter 0.94 by Michael Kohn

MySQL PHP to PostgreSQL is an application that takes a php page that uses mysql calls and changes them into PostgreSQL calls.

This allows any website (if it converts properly) that was written in PHP for MySQL to run as a website written to run on PostgreSQL.

Step 1: Download and uncompress

GeoTypes 0.6.0 by R. Taylor

GeoTypes is a Python library that implements both the OpenGIS/PostGIS and standard PostgreSQL geometry types. GeoTypes integrates with the psycopg Python/PostgreSQL interface.

It provides implementations of all of the OpenGIS/PostGIS classes, except (x,y,m) and (x,y,z,m). It currently supports th… 

mod_dbd_pgsql 0.1 by Nick Kew

mod_dbd_pgsql is a DBD Driver module for PostgreSQL.


The apr_dbd framework presents a common API for different SQL database engines. The API is documented in apr_dbd.h.

DBD Drivers

APR DBD Drivers are currently available for MySQL and PostgreSQL. The apr_dbd architecture suppor… 

PgWorksheet 1.8 by Henri Michelon

PgWorksheet is a simple GUI frontend to PostgreSQL for executing SQL queries and psql commands without using the psql command line tool.

PgWorksheet allow you to execute SQL queries and psql commands against a PostgreSQL database with a GUI. The UI have been designed to be extremly simple and easy… 

AuthPG 1.5 by Min Sik Kim

AuthPG is a PostgreSQL Authentication Module.

PostgreSQL Authentication Module (AuthPG) enables Apache to authenticate users with the information stored in PostgreSQL database. This module gets a username and password pair in the standard way or from a cookie, and you can choose your preferred me… 

mod_auth_udp 1.0 by Rolf Jentsch

One half of mod_auth_udp, is a modul designed to be linked into the Apache http server. (Version 1.3.x) The other half is an external serverprogram, that queries a datasource to retrieve the user, password and group information, that is needed for authentication and authorization.

The first imple… 

PRepS 2.1.0 by Ken Sodemann

PRepS is a tool for reporting and tracking problems or tasks. PRepS project is designed for tracking problems with software, but can also be used for tracking other types of problems or tasks. Be creative.

I started working on PRepS after determining that Gnats was overkill for what I needed to d… 

APLoader 0.1.0 by Travis Whitton

APLoader stands for Another Postgres Loader, is a front-end to the Postgresql COPY command written in Ruby.

Features include:

fault tolerance
a progress meter
failed batch logs
minimal requirements
a programmable API
excellent performance.

The APLoaderproject is a PostgreSQL Community… 



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