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Xplns 3.3.1 by Osamu Ajiki

Xplns reproduces real starry sky on your display of X Window System. It calculates the position of many celestial objects (stars, galaxies, nebulae, constellations, planets, comets, etc.) very accurately.

You can enjoy the past and future sky on the desk top as if you have traveled all around the… 

PROJ.4 4.5.0 by Frank Warmerdam

PROJ.4 is a cartographic projections and datum shifting library written in C. PROJ.4 includes support for many (100+) projections, including Transverse Mercator and Lambert Conformal Conic.

Included is a command line program for reprojecting points. It was originally written by Gerald Evenden of… 

pyglplot 0.1.0 by Dominik Epple

pyglplot is a program to 3D-plot mathematical functions and datafiles. It is written as a module for python and as such features the full power and flexibility of the python programming language.

Here are some key features of "pyglplot":
Data Sources

Plot python functions
Plot python dict… 

EmailScan 0.12 by Mat Kovach

EmailScan scans incoming multipart email for bad file types, filenames, and virii using procmail.

EmailScan is yet another scanner for e-mail. Now, why did I write my own and not use one of the others that are available. First of all, I have always used my own and second of all I
wanted somet… 1.1-051212 by Marcus Liback was done as part of the examination in a Perl course I attended at school.

Basically it's a script for setting permissions on files and directories recursively.

Usage: [options] [files]

-h display this text.

-R set modes recursively.
-d NN directory… 

FastVox 2.0 Alpha 1 by Digital Medics GmbH

FastVox project is a state of the art volume rendering API with outstanding image quality and acceleration features that take advantage of today's hardware. These features include GPU, SSE and hand-tuned assembly language optimizations, resulting in one of the fastest implementations available… 

VDOWall 0.3 by Martijn Houtman

VDOWall is an application which enabled you to create a realtime streaming video out of different sources.

These sources can be controlled seperately and are then combined into one single stream, which can then be displayed with a projection device, such as a beamer. This displaying can be used to… 

Thuban 1.1.0 by Thuban Development Team

Thuban is an interactive geographic data viewer (GIS viewer) which features methods to visualize, explore, and analyze geographic information.

Here are some key features of "Thuban":
Vector Data Support: Shapefile, PostGIS Layer
Raster Data Support: GeoTIFF Layer
Comfortable Map Navigation

C# for Emacs 0.4.0 by D. Moonfire

C# for Emacs is a derived mode implementing most of the C# rules.

After a good number of years, we noticed that there wasn't a "non-patched" version of a csharp-mode for Emacs.

There were a few, but most of them had comments that they were "in progress" or "about to merge", but then we noticed… 

Laptop Mode Tools 1.32 by Bart Samwel

Laptop Mode Tools allows you to control various power management settings based on AC/battery power state.

Among other things, it controls Linux's "Laptop Mode" feature that allows your hard drive to spin down for extended periods.

It can also control CPU frequency scaling and screen blanking… 

Kernel Mode Linux 2.6.19_001 by Toshiyuki Maeda

Kernel Mode Linux project is a technology which enables us to execute user programs in kernel mode. In Kernel Mode Linux, user programs can be executed as user processes that have the privilege level of kernel mode.

The benefit of executing user programs in kernel mode is that the user programs c… 

File::Stat::ModeString 1.00 by Dmitry Fedorov

File::Stat::ModeString - conversion file stat mode to/from string representation.


use File::Stat::ModeString;

$string = mode_to_string ( $st_mode );
$st_mode = string_to_mode ( $string );
$type = mode_to_typechar( $st_mode );

$record = < IN >; chomp $record;

MapServer 4.10.0 by Stephen Lime

MapServer is an Open Source development environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications. The project is not a full-featured GIS system, nor does it aspire to be. Instead, MapServer excels at rendering spatial data (maps, images, and vector data) for the web.

Beyond browsing GIS d… 

Stellarium 0.8.1 by Fabien Ch?reau

Stellarium is a free GPL software which renders realistic skies in real time with openGL. Stellarium is available for Linux/Unix, MacOSX and Windows. With Stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope.

Here are some key features of "Stellarium":

ccorp-irc 1.0 by Emanuel Miller

ccorp-irc is an ncurses-based IRC client. You can currently connect to a server, parse server messages, and participate in chats.

This project was tossed, heres a brief explanation on how to use this IRC client: To switch between chat mode and command mode, hit `, you will see the %mode change In… 

Lavengro 1.2.7 by Richard Harris

Lavengro is a cross-platform, console-based vocabulary-test engine. The project uses text files as its tests.

The tests themselves are created by you. It has a tutor mode, a test mode, and a CBT learning mode. There is also a bsd-quiz mode for nostalgia's sake.

What's New in This Release:

Adcd 0.8 RC1 by Antonio Diaz Diaz

Adcd project is a cd player for Linux with a ncurses (text mode) interface.

Adcd can play all the tracks from a disc in order (linear mode), or in the order specified by the user (playlist mode), and includes all the functions expected in a stand-alone cd player, including random play and loop mo… 

libgeotiff 1.2.3 by Frank Warmerdam

Libgeotiff is a public domain library normally hosted on top of libtiff for writing, and reading GeoTIFF information tags.

GeoTIFF represents an effort by over 160 different remote sensing, GIS, cartographic, and surveying related companies and organizations to establish a TIFF based interchange… 

NSCL SpecTcl 3.1-pre3 by Ron Fox

SpecTcl (pronounced Spectacle) is a powerful nuclear event data analysis too. NSCL SpecTcl project provides an object oriented C++ framework for histogramming and other data analysis operations.

The Tcl/TK scripting language is embedded as the program's command language, providing the user with a… 

Guitar Mode Maker 1.3 by Ken Wagman

Guitar Mode Maker is a software will help the guitar player learn scales, modes, chords, and create new scales. Designed to be easy enough for the beginner and comprehensive for the advanced user! Learn Chords and Scales. Review the Chord and Scale List for GMM 3.0. Over 750 Chords and Scales Includ… 



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