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Yahoo::Search 1.7.10 by Jeffrey Friedl

Yahoo::Search is a Perl interface to the Yahoo! Search public API.

The following search spaces are supported:

Common web search for documents (html, pdf, doc, ...), including Y!Q contextual search.

Image search (jpeg, png, gif, ...)

Video file search (avi, mpeg, realme… 

image_album 2006-12-11 by Dan Harkless

image_album generates HTML on-the-fly for the navigation of albums of related images.

It supports several different viewing modes appropriate for different display sizes and connection speeds, and allows the viewing of additional image info such as EXIF data.

It uses CGI PATH_INFO-style URLs (… 

Aptsh 0.0.6 by Marcin Wrochniak

Aptsh is a pseudo-shell for systems with Apt package managing tool. Aptsh is similar to AptShell from AptRpm, but it works not only with AptRpm (actually, it's being developed with Debian's Apt).

Also, it's inspired by The Poldek from PLD. But, what does it exactly do? Well, if you use Apt, you s… 

gjrand 1.1.0 by G. Jones

gjrand is a programmer's library for pseudo-random numbers. gjrand library includes random number generator testing code and is intended for simulation, games, and "Monte-Carlo" algorithms.

It produces pseudo-random numbers of the types: uniform integers, uniform reals, normally distributed reals… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::Beaucoup 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::Beaucoup it Scrapes Beaucoup's Super Search.


use WWW::Search::Scraper;
use WWW::Search::Scraper::Response::Job;

$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('Beaucoup');

$search->setup_query($query, {options});

while ( my $response = $scr… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::BAJobs 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::BAJobs it Scrapes


require WWW::Search::Scraper;
$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('BAJobs');

This class is an BAJobs specialization of WWW::Search. It handles making and interpreting BAJobs searches

This class ex… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::Brainpower 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::Brainpower it Scrapes


use WWW::Search::Scraper;
use WWW::Search::Scraper::Response::Job;

$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('Brainpower');

$search->setup_query($query, {options});

while ( my $response = $scraper->next… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::FlipDog 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::FlipDog it Scrapes


use WWW::Search::Scraper;
use WWW::Search::Scraper::Response::Job;

$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('FlipDog');

$search->setup_query($query, {options});

while ( my $response = $scraper->next_resp… 

flpsed 0.4.4 by Johannes Hofmann

flpsed project is a WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor. "Pseudo", because you can't remove or modify existing elements of a document.

But it does let you add arbitrary text lines to existing PostScript documents. Added lines can later be reedited with flpsed.

Using pdftops, one can convert PDF d… 

Puzzled 1.3 by Fr?d?ric Demers

Puzzled project is a program which helps you solve complex grid-type logic problems.

Puzzled is a program which will ultimately help you solve complex grid-type logic problems by understanding pseudo-English translations of the clues provided with the problem.

It can automatically reassess c… 

js-search 1.0 by ogrodnek

js-search is a javascript indexing and searching.

A client-side library for building a simple inverted index, and searching it.

You can download the source code from SVN with the following command:

svn checkout js-search… 

ELF statifier 1.6.8 by Valery Reznic

ELF statifier create from dynamically linked executables and all it's libraries one file. This file can be copied and run on another machine without need to drag all it's libraries.

Dynamically linked executables are smaller then statically linked. From the other side dynamically linked executabl… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::NorthernLight 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::NorthernLight it scrapes


require WWW::Search::Scraper;
$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('NorthernLight');

This class is an NorthernLight specialization of WWW::Search. It handles making and interpreting NorthernLight searches http… 

Search::Tools 0.01 by Peter Karman

Search::Tools are tools for building search applications.


use Search::Tools;

my $re = Search::Tools->regexp(query => 'the quick brown fox');

my $snipper = Search::Tools->snipper(query => $re);

my $hiliter = Search::Tools->hiliter(query => $re);

for my $result (@se… 

Add Mol Bio Search Engines To Your Konq 0.1 by Reza Salari

Add Mol Bio Search Engines To Your Konq script adds "PDB search" and "NCBI Entrez cross database search" engines to your Konqueror. Now you can search these databases right from your konq. The procedure of adding these search engines to Konq is explained in download file.

Now for example if you… 

eXtace 1.9.6 by Dave J. Andruczyk

eXtace is a Audio Visualization plugin for the X-Window System.

eXtace project connects to ESD (Enlightened Sound Daemon) and displays the audio data as either a pseudo 3D flying landscape, pseudo 3D pointed landscape, 16-256 channel graphic EQ, multi-mode Oscilloscopes, Horizontal Spectrogram, o… 

Altse Internet Search Engine 26102005 by Jari Tuominen

ALTSE is an alternative search engine technology.

It can index up to a couple million Web sites.

A search engine is a program designed to help find information stored on a computer system such as the World Wide Web, or a personal computer.

The search engine allows one to ask for content mee… 

ccollect 0.5.1 by Nico Schottelius

ccollect project does (pseudo) incremental full backups with different exclude lists, using hard links and rsync.

ccollect backups data from local or remote hosts to your local harddisk. Using hard links, only very less space is needed for this kind of backup.

It uses rsync for synchronisation… 

DGS Search 0.9.6 by Digital Genesis Technologies

DGS Search was created to provide an easy to install search utility capable of handling filesystem and database searches on UNIX and Windows based platforms.

DGS Search is aimed at supporting the small to medium sized web site.

PHP v3.0.7+, PHP v4.0.0+ (Tested with 3.0.12, 4.0.… 

Paranormal 0.2.0 by Jamie Gennis

Paranormal is an extremely customizable (pseudo-programmable) audio visualization library, based (conceptually) on Winamp's AVS plugin. Paranormal's goal is to be as flexible as possible by providing a number of 'actuators' that perform various tasks involved in generating an image.

These actuato… 



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