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gnome-python-desktop 2.17.1 by gnome-python-desktop Team

gnome-python-desktop package contains a few python modules that used to live in gnome-python-extras:

- gnomeapplet
- gnomeprint, gnomeprint.ui
- gtksourceview
- wnck
- totem.plparser
- gtop
- nautilusburn
- mediaprofiles
- metacity… 

Gnome Comics Organizer 0.5.0 by Mads Villadsen

GNOME Comics Organizer (GCO for short) is a program to help keep track of your comic book collection.

It has been written in Python using GTK+ and GNOME.

Requires python 2.3.x, gnome-python2 2.0.x, pygtk2 2.3.96 (or greater), libxml2-python 2.6.x.

Versions older than 0.5.0 use GNOME 1.4.x a… 

GNOME Advanced Preferences 1.2 by Celso Pinto

GNOME Advanced Preferences is an UI to tweak advanced GNOME preferences.

GNOME Advanced Preferences allows you to tweak hidden GNOME preferences, including custom keyboard shortcuts to execute specific commands, etc.

Stuff generally only available through GConf.


MicroPics 0.1 by Martin Gadbois

MicroPics is a small Gnome applet that display miniature photos on your Gnome Panel. When the mouse runs over it, Micropics enlarges the image.


Execute, as root:

# python install

should do it.

Now, restart Gnome, and add to the panel Micropics (under Multimedia)… 

Gnome OSD 0.11.3 by Gustavo Carneiro

Gnome OSD project is a notification system.

Gnome OSD is a new small project to create an OSD (On Screen Display) infrastructure, similar to XOSD.

It includes a command-line client, and sample xchat and rhythmbox plugins.

gnome-python 2.6.1
dbus python bindings (optional)


GNOME Sudoku 0.7.1 by Thomas Mills Hinkl

GNOME Sudoku is a GNOME-based puzzle game. Sudoku is a popular puzzle Japanese logic game. GNOME Sudoku intends to provide a simple interface for generating, playing, saving, printing and solving Sudoku puzzles.

At present, GNOME Sudoku supports infinite undo, generation of symmetric puzzles with… 

Gnome Blosxom 1.1 by Chris Ladd

Gnome Bloxsom is a GUI based program to post entries to a Blosxom based weblog. The program requires Python version 2.2 or greater, PyGTK version 2.0 or greater, and Gnome-Python for Gnome 2.

It can optionally use PyGtkSpell version 0.3.1 or greater for spell checking, which is part of Gnome-Pyth… 

Gnome Catalog 0.2.1 by Jos? S?nchez Moreno

Gnome Catalog is a cataloging software for CDs and DVDs. Catalog your dvds/cds and files in your hard disk. Generate thumbnails of the video files and image files via nautilus (gnome file manager), and saves it in the database files.

Save the metadata of the files, then you can search in the meta… 

Sputnik 0.0.3 by Erik Grinaker

Sputnik is an internet radio player for GNOME.

Sputnik is meant to be a companion to the Muine music player, and is heavily influenced by its user interface.

Sputnik is based on GStreamer 0.10, and can play streams in mp3, ogg vorbis, and many other formats. Sputnik is written and maintained… 

gnome-python-extras 2.14.2 by gnome-python-extras Team

gnome-python-extras contains gnome-python development modules.

If you're looking for one of the following python modules, they moved to the package gnome-python-desktop:

- gnomeapplet
- gnomeprint, gnomeprint.ui
- gtksourceview
- wnck
- totem.plparser
- gtop
- nautilusburn

pessulus 2.16.1 by Vincent Untz

pessulus project is a lockdown editor for GNOME, written in python.

pessulus enables administrators to set mandatory settings in GConf. The users can not change these settings.

Use of pessulus can be useful on computers that are open to use by everyone, e.g. in an internet cafe.


Crauti alpha2 by Francesco Gigli

Crauti, is a Tree Organized Object Container written in Python for the Gnome desktop. From the user's point of view it's a place where to drop files that needs to be "at hand", it's similar to the nautilus side's bar tree.

PyGTK > 2.3.91
gnome-python > 2.0.1

What's N… 

pyoooqs 0.1.2 by Renato Cunha

pyoooqs stands for Python Quickstarter and as the name suggests, it tries to be an Quickstarter.

pyoooqs was written for the GNOME Desktop and works as an GNOME Panel Applet. Currently, it doesn't have international support.

GTK+ version 2.6.x

Gnome-Sshman 0.5.2 by Jordi Ivars

Gnome-sshman is an ssh session manager for Gnome.

Gnome-sshman is easy and fast to use and is useful for system administrators that need to connect to many SSH servers.

Gnome-sshman saves ssh sessions and allows you to open a saved session with selecting the saved session in a extensible menu… 

CompTemp Monitor 0.9.6 by Adolfo Gonz?lez Bl?z

Computer Temperature Monitor is a little applet for the GNOME desktop that shows the temperature of your computer CPU and disks on screen.

It also allows you to log temperatures to a file.

You can set alarms to notify you when a tempertature is reached.

Several monitors can be added to the… 

gnome-python 2.16.0 by James Henstridge, Johan Dahlin and Matt Wilson

gnome-python package contains python bindings for GNOME.


The simplest way to compile this package is:

1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `./configure' to configure the package for your system. If you're using `csh' on an old version of Syst… 

btrcv 0.2 Beta2 by Ulrik Sverdrup

btrcv is a python wrapper for gnome-obex-server.

btrcv project loads gnome-obex-server in the background and presents a small window with transfer progress, and allows you to open or reveal a file as it is transferred.

GTK+ version 2.2.x


Gnomolicious 0.7.2 by Nicolas ?vrard

Gnomolicious is an GNOME applet that help you post links on the site simply by drag'n'dropping them.

Gnomolicious project is written in python using the pygtk bindings. The library used to connect on the API is the work of Frank Timmermann.

GTK+ version… 

Gnome Moleskine 0.7.9 by Michele

Gnome Moleskine is a source code editor for the GNOME desktop. It is built with Scintilla, a free multi-platform editor component written in C++ that is available for GTK+, wxWindows, and MS Windows.

Scintilla has two wrappers: a shared library and a Python module.… 

Freerock GNOME 2.12.1 by Jason Woodward

Freerock GNOME is a complete GNOME Desktop distribution designed and packaged specifically for Slackware Linux.

Freerock GNOME installs cleanly and non-intrusively by utilizing the standard Slackware software package format (".tgz"). Freerock GNOME integrates seamlessly and easily into Slackware… 



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