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KDE Radio Station 0.6 by Josef Spillner

KDE Radio Station presents you a list of internet streaming radio stations. Just select your favorite one, and the media player of your choice will pick up the right stream.

More than 40 radio stations (and more than 90 streams) are already available; thanks to the decentralized structure, many m… 

RadioActive 1.4.0 by Gergő ?rdi

RadioActive is a small radio application for Video4Linux-compatible radio tuner cards.

The lowlevel functions were initially based on GRadio, but RadioActive has a traditional, "real-world radio"-like interface.

It is written by Gergő ?rdi.

an radio tuner card… 

Radio DE Toolbar by dersimli

Radio DE Toolbar is a Firefox extension that allows you to listen to more than 100 German Online Radio Stations.

Here are some key features of "Radio DE Toolbar":
Listen to more than 100 German Online Radio Station (Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Trance and more) from the Toolbar

Radio Explorer 2.7.7 by Dmitry Nefedov

Radio Explorer is a graphic viewer for shortwave radio broadcasting schedules.

Radio Explorer displays shortwave radio broadcasting schedules so that you can tune in to international radio stations and listen to the world around you.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:… 

Ximba Radio 1.0.0 by Michael J. Hammel

Ximba Radio project is a GTK+ based user interface to the OpenXM daemon for controlling an XMPCR (a USB-connected XM Radio for PCs). The daemon manages a USB connected XMPCR receiver, which in turn pumps the audio signal into your audio cards input port. The daemon runs in the background and the UI… 

XFCE Radio Plugin 0.1.0 by Stefan Ott

XFCE Radio Plugin is a plugin for the XFCE panel, which allows you to control your v4l radio device from within the panel.



Compiling from Sources

The Xfce 4 panel must, of course, be installed first.

Before installing a new plugin, you should back-u… 

rico_RADIO 0.8 by Enrico Nemack

rico_RADIO is a little app for X under linux to listen to the radio.

This is how to install:
type (make sure that you are root) "make install" to compile and copy rico_RADIO to "/usr/bin"

What's New in This Release:
many cosmetic changes… 

Gnomeradio 1.7 by Joergen Scheibengrube

Gnomeradio is a FM radio tuner for the GNOME desktop (version 1 and 2).

Gnomeradio is an FM radio tuner application. It should work with every FM tuner card that is supported by video4linux. Remote controls are supported via (optional) lirc-support. Gnomeradio can also record radio as a Wave or… 

GNU Radio 2.8 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

GNU Radio is a collection of software that when combined with minimal hardware, allows the construction of radios where the actual waveforms transmitted and received are defined by software. What this means is that it turns the digital modulation schemes used in today's high performance wireless dev… 

Stewie Radio Automation Project 0.3.1a by Jason Schindler

The Stewie Radio Automation Project is a stand-in replacement for the "XMMS playlist on random" style of independent radio station.

Once properly configured, the user will enjoy the low maintenance of a "random playlist" station while still being able to use legal IDs, liners, multiple playlists,… 

rdsd 0.0.1 by Hans J Koch

rdsd is a library for the development of software for receive, decode, and display RDS (Radio Data System) data transmitted by analog radio stations. Data includes station name, time, radio text, or traffic messages (TMC). As the latter is used by car navigation systems, RDS will exist for several m… 

Jebi 0.2.2 by Dave Steele

Jebi project allows users to record AM/FM radio, TV or other audio content to MP3 and automatically publish as podcast channels via RSS.

The result is a Tivo-like capability for radio (Rivo?). Tuner cards are supported.

An audio source for the shows to be recorded. I use a comb… 

Qradio 0.5.3 by Peter van Eerten

Qradio is a graphical radio card controller.

An Intel computer with Linux installed;
A radio card, connected to your sound card;
The necessary driver for the radio card, which you have to compile into your kernel (see installation steps below);
the FM tools programmed by… 

What's On Air 0.8.7 by Marek Kubica

What's On Air is a suite of programs that can handle radio stations metadata. Such metadata is the currently playing track as well as the last playing tracks and some general informations about the radio stations.


What's New in This Release:
Support for… 

iStream 0.01 by Jochen Baier

iStream is an applet to play internet radio streams.

iStream is a simple GNOME panel applet that lets you play internet radio streams (local files work too).

It uses Gstreamer for playback. Written in C using Gtk+.

GTK+ version 2.4.x.


< gstreamer of course… 

GQradio 1.9.2 by John Ellis

GQradio interfaces with radio cards through the video4linux, or the FreeBSD bktr APIs.

Stations can be tuned manually, set to presets, or auto seek can find the next available frequency. The application supports theming (skins), and includes a built-in skin editor. Skin formats are similar to GQ… 

AFU Knoppix 3.7 by AFU Knoppix Team

The AFU Knoppix CD contains software for the operating modes of PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, FAX, APRS and packet radio. Additional applications for Sat tracking, logging, locator referencing and antenna computation are also included.

The idea for this CD came in April 2003 after a lecture by Klaus Knopper… 

cRadio 0.10 by Carl van Schaik

cRadio is a QT - X11 interface that can control a radio card connected to your pc. cRadio started as a result of me wanting to learn X-windows programming and due to the fact that there were no decent looking radio card programs for linux out there. I took a brief look at the various tool kits out t… 

AIPS 31DEC06-07-28 by NRAO

AIPS (Astronomical Information Processing System) handles the processing and display of data from radio interferometers.

Data can be collected from any radio telescope array. Images can be exported in FITS format.

What's New in This Release:
Many new utilities for data processing and data ma… 

Radio Shortest Path First 1.1 by Craig Small

Radio Shortest Path First (RSPF) is a routing protocol for wireless networks. This particular implementation is written for Linux and conforms to version 2.2 of the protocol specification. There are many reasons why our networks are complicated, but one significant thing is that you can no longer as… 



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