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crapsearch 1.1.0 by crapsearch Team

crapsearch project enhances privacy by polling targeted Web search engines with random search terms. It does not flood search engines, but can help disguise your real search habits and prevent the creation of meaningful search logs and user tracking.

It uses local dictionaries, personal favorite… 

mod_random 2.0 by Brian Aker

Mod Random provides three services. The first service is redirection: you feed it URLs and it will redirect to random URLs that you have loaded.

The second is providing environment variables that can be used for implementing ad banner systems. The third is displaying entire pages of random HTML,… 

syrinx 0.9 by Andrew Everson

Sysrinx is a semi-intelligent controller for mpg123 that features searching ID3 tags and random song selection.

Here is how to setup:
First you'll have to add you mp3s to the database, if you have all your mp3s in /mp3 you do this:
syrinx -U /mp3
This adds all files with a .mp3 extension recur… 

Random Music 1.1 by David Veldhuizen

Random Music plays random MP3 tracks from your music collection. It maintains a flat database of tracks, detailed genres, and weights, and generates a weighted random playlist from the user-selected genres.

The ID3 and ID3v2 fields (title/artist/album), detailed genre, and weight (0-9) for the cu… 

Data::Faker::DateTime 0.07 by Jason Kohles

Data::Faker::DateTime is a Data::Faker plugin.



Return a unix time (seconds since the epoch) for a random time between the epoch and now.


Return a random date as a string, using a random date format (see date_format).


Return a random time as a st… 

NameSpawner 0.6 by Flavio Chierichetti

NameSpawner can be used to generate random names with a specific theme. Some of the themes included in the main distribution are: elvish, barbaric, dwarvish, angelic, demonic, and Tolkien-like.

Names are "spawned" via random walks on Markov Chains. New themes can be created using existing lists o… 

Random Album 0.3 by frawau

For a long time I wanted to play a random "album" in Amarok. I could not find how to do it with what existed, so I got around to write my own (first) amarok script.

Random Album should be a playlist really, but I don't know yet how to do that.

So here it is. It will play a random album… 

WordSearch 1.1 by Craig Maloney

WordSearch is a Perl script that generates word search puzzles. WordSearch will generate random word search puzzles, or you can give it a list which will allow it to generate your own puzzles.

This program is based off of discussions I've had with Stephen Uitti, who wrote a C program to create wo… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::Beaucoup 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::Beaucoup it Scrapes Beaucoup's Super Search.


use WWW::Search::Scraper;
use WWW::Search::Scraper::Response::Job;

$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('Beaucoup');

$search->setup_query($query, {options});

while ( my $response = $scr… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::BAJobs 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::BAJobs it Scrapes


require WWW::Search::Scraper;
$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('BAJobs');

This class is an BAJobs specialization of WWW::Search. It handles making and interpreting BAJobs searches

This class ex… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::Brainpower 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::Brainpower it Scrapes


use WWW::Search::Scraper;
use WWW::Search::Scraper::Response::Job;

$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('Brainpower');

$search->setup_query($query, {options});

while ( my $response = $scraper->next… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::FlipDog 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::FlipDog it Scrapes


use WWW::Search::Scraper;
use WWW::Search::Scraper::Response::Job;

$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('FlipDog');

$search->setup_query($query, {options});

while ( my $response = $scraper->next_resp… 

Math::Random::MT::Auto 5.04 by Jerry D. Hedden

Math::Random::MT::Auto is a Perl module for auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs.


use strict;
use warnings;
use Math::Random::MT::Auto qw(rand irand shuffle gaussian),
'/dev/urandom' => 256,

# Functional in… 

js-search 1.0 by ogrodnek

js-search is a javascript indexing and searching.

A client-side library for building a simple inverted index, and searching it.

You can download the source code from SVN with the following command:

svn checkout js-search… 

WWW::Search::Scraper::NorthernLight 2.27 by Glenn Wood

WWW::Search::Scraper::NorthernLight it scrapes


require WWW::Search::Scraper;
$search = new WWW::Search::Scraper('NorthernLight');

This class is an NorthernLight specialization of WWW::Search. It handles making and interpreting NorthernLight searches http… 

onepad 1.1.0 by Roland Smith

onepad is a set of programs to encrypt files using one-time-pad encryption. This is an old but theoretically impossible to easily break way of encryption. I came across this method in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

It works by XOR-ing every byte in the cleartext message with a byte in the key.… 

Random Phase Music Generator 2.0 by Tak-Shing Chan

Random Phase Music Generator is a small program that generates random phase music. Random music has been around for a long time (from Mozart's musical dice game to John Cage's chance music), but phase music was invented rather recently by Steve Reich.

It would be interesting to combine those ide… 

Yahoo::Search 1.7.10 by Jeffrey Friedl

Yahoo::Search is a Perl interface to the Yahoo! Search public API.

The following search spaces are supported:

Common web search for documents (html, pdf, doc, ...), including Y!Q contextual search.

Image search (jpeg, png, gif, ...)

Video file search (avi, mpeg, realme… 

gjrand 1.1.0 by G. Jones

gjrand is a programmer's library for pseudo-random numbers. gjrand library includes random number generator testing code and is intended for simulation, games, and "Monte-Carlo" algorithms.

It produces pseudo-random numbers of the types: uniform integers, uniform reals, normally distributed reals… 

Search::Tools 0.01 by Peter Karman

Search::Tools are tools for building search applications.


use Search::Tools;

my $re = Search::Tools->regexp(query => 'the quick brown fox');

my $snipper = Search::Tools->snipper(query => $re);

my $hiliter = Search::Tools->hiliter(query => $re);

for my $result (@se… 



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