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recover 1.3c by Tom Pycke

Recover is a utility which automates some steps as described in the Ext2fs-Undeletion howto in order to recover a lost file.

Recover (ie. console version) is no longer under active development since bug reports have become rare (thus stable), newer and better FS's are coming up and I don't really… 

e2undel 0.82 by Oliver Diedrich

e2undel is an interactive console tool that recovers the data of deleted files on an ext2 file system under Linux.

Included is a library that allows to recover deleted files by name. It does not require any knowledge about the secrets of the ext2 file system and should be useable by everyone.


delsafe 0.3.2 by Paulo Silva

delsafe is a set of utilities to hopefully allow you to recover recently deleted files. Basically, when you delete or in certain cases overwrite a file the original file is moved into a trash can.

delsafe does this by overriding the original unlink, rename, open, and fopen library calls using the… 

PhotoXtractor 1.0.0 by Grau GbR

PhotoXtractor is a data recovery software for digital images. PhotoXtractor runs on most Linux and UNIX-compatible systems. The easy-to-use user interface allows even novice users to recover deleted or lost photos and files.

X11 display with 800 x 600 or higher resolution
Java 1… 

libwab 060901 by Sean Loaring

Libwab is a little command line utility that you can use to export your addresses from a Windows Address Book (used in Microsoft Outlook Express).

Simply compile and run it on a .wab file and than it should dump the file in ldif format (a nice ascii format used in ldap).

libwab now has heurist… 

Channel16 0.1 by Joseph Kuan

Channel16 is graphical tool that allows users to browse the content of deleted files in an ext2 filesystem interactively, and to recover them into new files. The application also provides a search and rescue operation. This allows the user to input some exact text from the deleted file, which the pr… 

DARE 1.0 by Marek Zelem

DARE is a small Linux kernel patch to VFS (Virtual Filesystem) which transparently moves files into a special directory on each filesystem instead of removing them. DARE works similar like Novell Netware Data Recovery or MS Windows Recycle Bin.

DARE is independent on filesystem type, so it can b… 

PostgreSQL Table Log 0.4.3 by Andreas Scherbaum

PostgreSQL Table Log contains functions that allow you to log PostgreSQL table inserts, updates, and deletes into another table.

This can be used to recover the state of the logged table or to recover specific rows from a given time period.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a bu… 

recoverdm 0.19 by Folkert van Heusden

recoverdm is a software that can recover files/disks with damaged sectors

This program will help you recover disks with bad sectors. You can recover files as well complete devices.

In case if finds sectors which simply cannot be recoverd, it writes an empty sector to the outputfile and continues.… 

Relax and Recover 1.2 by Gratien D'haese & Schlomo Schapiro

Relax and Recover (abbreviated rear) is a highly modular disaster recovery framework for GNU/Linux based systems.

The disaster recovery information (and maybe the backups) can be stored via the network, local on hard disks or USB devices, DVD/CD-R, tape, etc. The result is also a bootable image… 

svndelta 1.0.5 by Jeff Pace

svndelta helps manage a Subversion project, identifying the local files that have been changed, added or deleted.

The relevant files can be automatically added to and removed from Subversion.

A list of files is produced, with a summary of content differences, i.e. the number of lines of code t… 

gzip Recovery Toolkit 0.5 by Aaron M. Renn

The gzip Recovery Toolkit attempts to automate the recovery of data from corrupted gzip files (including tarballs) through a program called gzrecover. gzip Recovery Toolkit package is still very experimental at this point.

99% of "corrupted" gzip archives are caused by transferring the file via F… 

iFolder 3.2.5347.1 by Calvin Gaisford

iFolder is a secure and simple storage solution that can increase your productivity by enabling you to back up, access and manage your personal files-from anywhere, at any time.

Once you have installed iFolder, you simply save your files locally-as you have always done-and iFolder automatically u… 

fid-graphics 0.2 by Jon Cast

fid-graphics project is a simple toolkit for the Frigand Imperial Desktop.

It is probably the easiest toolkit to write a display engine for, but it does not support any widgets.

What's New in This Release:
src/Desktop/Fid/Window.lhs (displayWaitRedisplay): New function.

mkCDrec Utilities 0.7.9 by Gratien D'haese

The mkCDrec utilities are optional for mkCDrec itself, but are an added value for rescue and recovery purposes.

The utilities are staticly compiled and include parted, memtest, partimage, gpart, and recover. Memtest86 is also available for memory testing.

To improve the added value of your rec… 

Photorec 6.5 by Christophe Grenier

PhotoRec is a small tool to recover pictures from digital camera memory. Photorec software searches for MOV and JPEG headers, and because there is (usually) no data fragmentation, it can recover the whole file.

It can recover data from CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SecureDigital, SmartMedia, Microd… 

Simple Perl Package Manager 0.98 by Peter Lunicks

Simple Perl Package Manager tracks the files added or deleted from a system by using "find". It can detect modified files using installwatch, make backups of modified or deleted files, and remove, list, or make a tarball of a package.

It records MD5 checksums of all installed files and includes a… 

Browseable Online Backup System 0.6.3 by Joe Zacky and Rene Rask

Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS) is a complete online backup system. It uses large disks for storing backups and lets users browse and restore the files using a webbrowser.

Files are fetched from other computers and stored in directories on the computer where bobs is installed.

Two types… 

Trinity Rescue Kit 3.1 by Tom Kerremans

Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK is a 100% free CD bootable Linux distribution aimed specifically at offline operations for Windows and Linux systems such as rescue, repair, password resets and cloning, with the ability to update itself.

It has custom tools to easily recover data such as deleted files,… 

Kmail password decrypter by David Hammerton

Kmail password decrypter can recover you Kmail password if you lost it.

Lost your KMail password? Use this tool that I whipped up in a jiffy.

gcc (to compile)… 



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