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Redland RDF Library Language Bindings by Dave Beckett

Redland RDF Library Language Bindings provides high-level language bindings for the Redland RDF C libraries, allowing full access to the C APIs along with enhancements for individual languages. Redland RDF Library Language Bindings currently provides bindings in C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP and… 

Redland RDF library 1.0.5 by Dave Beckett

Redland RDF library is a set of free software packages that provide support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF).

Here are some key features of "Redland RDF library":
Modular, object based libraries written in C.
APIs for manipulating the RDF graph, triples, URIs and Literals.

GCC Introspector 0.7 by James Michael Dupont

The Introspector enables the programming tools that deal with source code such as the compiler to communicate in a standard and neutral manner reducing the accidental cost of programming.

Like a telephone switchboard connects many parties who might wish to talk to each other, the Introspector all… 

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.4.13 by Dave Beckett

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit is a free software and Open Source C library that provides a set of parsers and serializers that generate Resource Description Framework (RDF) triples by parsing syntaxes or serialize the triples into a syntax.

The supported parsing syntaxes are RDF/XML, N-Triples, Turtl… 

Ruby-GNOME2 0.15.0 by Geoff Youngs

Ruby-GNOME2 is a set of Ruby language bindings for the GNOME 2 development environment.

Ruby-GNOME2 contains bindings for many of the core GNOME libraries and also some less common ones.

Bindings for GTK2 and associated libraries (ie. Pango, ATK, GLib, GdkPixbuf2) are released as part of the… 

Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.13 by Dave Beckett

Rasqal is a C library for querying RDF, supporting the RDQL and SPARQL languages. It provides APIs for creating a query and parsing query syntax.

Rasqal RDF Query Library features pluggable triple-store source and matching interfaces, an engine for executing the queries and an API for manipulatin… 

Gst-Python 0.10.5 by Edward Hervey

Gst-Python provides Python bindings for the GStreamer project. These bindings provide access to almost all of the GStreamer C API through an object oriented Python API.

What's New in This Release:
A new Python code generator is now used.
glib >= 2.8 is now required.… 

PHP-GTK 2.0.0 Alpha by Andrei Zmievski

PHP-GTK is a PHP extension that implements language bindings for GTK+ toolkit.

PHP-GTK is an extension for the PHP programming language that implements language bindings for GTK+. It provides an object-oriented interface to GTK+ classes and functions and greatly simplifies writing client-side cr… 

Java VideoLan Client Bindings 0.0.9 by Filippo Carone

Java VideoLan Client Binding lets you use the VideoLan multimedia player in any Java software.

Here are some key features of "Java VideoLan Client Bindings":
displays an original VideoLan Client
using JVLCCanvas (extends java.awt.Canvas) or JVLCPanel (extends javax.swing.JPanel) is possible… 

Glib::devel 1.120 by muppet

Glib::devel - binding developer's overview of Glib's internals

Do you need to know how the gtk2-perl language bindings work, or need to write your own language bindings for a Glib/Gtk2-based library? Then you've come to the right place. If you are just a perl developer wanting to write programs w… 

Ygl 4.1f by Fred Hucht

Ygl emulates SGI's GL routines under X11. It compiles fine under AIX >3.2, HP-UX >7.0, Linux with XFree/Xorg, SunOS, ConvexOS, Mac A/UX, Mac OS/X and many others, but needs an ANSI-C compiler (gcc is ok). The library was written for two reasons:

On our RS/6000 GT4 hardware, 2D Ygl is up to tw… 

Zinc 3.3.2 by Patrick Lecoanet

Zinc is a Tk widget developed with Perl/Tk, Tcl/Tk and Python/Tk bindings. Zinc widgets are very similar to Tk canvases in that they support structured graphics.

Graphical items can be manipulated, and bindings can be associated with them to implement interaction behaviors. But unlike the canvas,… 

Python-SIP 4.5.2 by Phil Thompson

One of the features of Python that makes it so powerful is the ability to take existing libraries, written in C or C++, and make them available as Python extension modules. Such extension modules are often called bindings for the library.

SIP is a tool that makes it very easy to create Python bin… 

Gnomolicious 0.7.2 by Nicolas ?vrard

Gnomolicious is an GNOME applet that help you post links on the site simply by drag'n'dropping them.

Gnomolicious project is written in python using the pygtk bindings. The library used to connect on the API is the work of Frank Timmermann.

GTK+ version… 

kAnyRemote 2.2 by Mike Fedotov

kAnyRemote's goal of this project is to provide IR or Bluetooth remote control bindings on Linux.

This project is just shell scripts which collects DCOP (and some other) bindings which allows you to manage application remotely.

At this moment the following application is supported: amarok… 

UPS monitor 0.8.3 by Manuel Amador

UPS monitor is a graphical monitoring application that lets users watch a your UPS's status in real time.

Here are some key features of "UPS monitor":
Saves your session if UPS switches to battery power
Warns you when power is critically low
Lets you monitor networked UPSes
Remembers conf… 

ORBIT2 2.14.3 by GNOME Foundation

ORBit2 is a CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker (ORB) featuring mature C, C++ and Python bindings. Bindings (in various degrees of completeness) are also available for Perl, Lisp, Pascal, Ruby, and TCL; others are in-progress.

ORBIT2 supports POA, DII, DSI, TypeCode, Any, IR and IIOP. Optio… 

The amaroK bindings for Python 0.1.0 by Manuel Amador

The amaroK bindings for Python is a fairly complete amaroK remote control class. It is extremely useful for amaroK scripts and other applications. Basically, you can remote control amaroK by calling methods from an amaroKProxy instance.

In addition, it implements the Observer/Observable pattern s… 

Rol 0.3.1 by Jonathan Gordon

Rol is a simple application for reading RSS or RDF feeds such as those produced by many news sites or Weblogs.

It is not intended to do anything more than display the headlines and allow you to choose which to read in your Web browser. Rol is written on Debian GNU/Linux, but it should work on an… 

GShare 0.92 Beta3 by Celso Pinto

GShare project allows users to easily share files between computers.

Shared files are published on the network and display automaticaly in Nautilus Network Servers browser.

An internal FTP server is used to share the files with other users.

GTK+ version 2.8.x
Mono Gtk#



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