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MP3 renamer 2006 0.62 by Mike Rhinos

Mp3 renamer 2006 by MiKe is a shell script for Linux. MP3 renamer goes by the Unix name of rename-mp3. It looks at MP3 files in a Directory and, using id3v2, will rename all the mp3 files in a nice format according to the id3 tags rename-mp3 will look at both v1 and v2 id3 tags, and will make the ou… 

TabRenamizer 0.7 by Valadrem

TabRenamizer is a Firefox extension which allows to rename tabs.

Have you noticed that everybody looks the titles of your open tabs? It has a name: Paranoia! And a solution too: TabRenamizer!

TabRenamizer adds two new options in your Tools menu.

Here are some key features of "TabRenamizer":… 

File rename utils 1.6.1 by Steven A.

File rename utils project is a robust bash hacks that enable various file renaming actions. These include upper, lowercase, and capitalized conversions, space removal, a KDE-compatible trash can, and renaming of HTML file and directory pairs. Man page documentation is provided.

These include file… 

qscan 0.1.2 by Vaclav Vyvoda

qscan is a sendmail queue scanner designed to scan all incoming email for file attachments and rename any offending file attachments. File attachments are not scanned for viruses, but allow you, the system administrator, to rename either some or all incoming file attachments to .txt file extension.… 

SmarTagger 0.1 by Lafor

SmarTagger is a perl script that read a text file with the album info and use it to write the MP3 tags and rename the files according to a format string.

The origin of the problem is people that don't save the MP3 tags o choose bad names (like track01.mp3 and so) for their songs. In addition, the… 

audio_rename 0.9708 by Ilya Zakharevich

audio_rename can rename an audio file via information got via MP3::Tag.


audio_rename -csR -@p "@a/@l/@02n_@t" .

renames all the audio files in this directory and its subdirectories into a 3-level directory structure given by Artist_Name/Album/Filename, with the basename of Filena… 

id3ren 1.1b0 by Christophe Bothamy

id3ren is used to rename batches of mp3 files by reading the ID3 tag at the end of the file which contains the song name, artist, album, year, and a comment. The secondary function of id3ren is a tagger, which can create, modify, or remove ID3 tags. The id3 fields can be set on the command line, or… 

MP3::Album::Track 0.14 by Bruno Tavares

MP3::Album::Track is a Perl extension to manage a "physical" track of a mp3 album.


use MP3::Album::Track;

#create a track object
$track = MP3::Album::Track->new(filename=>$path_to_mp3_file);

#set it's mp3 tag
$track->set_tag(title=>'i do… 

GPRename 1.7 by GPRename Team

GPRename is a GUI batch file renamer based on Gtk-Perl.

GPRename can rename files numerically, insert/delete characters at/between specified position(s), replace strings (either using regular express or not), and change case.

GTK+ version 2.0.x


RwdSchedule 1.02 by Steven Gibson

RwdSchedule is an event database program using RubyWebDialogs.

It can list events, store events, and edit, rename, and delete events.

FTP can be used to sync events with multiple systems.

ICS files can be created. Context help is sent on some screens. It should run without changes on all… 

coloured dashboard calculator 1.0 by burt

coloured dashboard calculator theme is based on the db calculator theme on this site but it has other colours.

To instal just untar. Go to sk and open locale theme and go to the folder where you saved it and select db_calculator.theme

You can chose your own background just go to the folder r… 

BatRen 0.3.1 by Costin Stroie

BatRen is an automatic file rename tool. The main goal is to provide a simple way to batch renaming collections of files, such as photo collections. BatRen accepts prefixing/suffixing, start index value and counter padding formats.

If the output file already exists, the counter is increased until… 

Danpei 2.9.7 by Shinji Morino

Danpei is a Gtk+ based Image Viewer, works on X-Window system.

Danpei allows you to browse through your image files in thumbnail form, and it can rename, cut, and paste them easily with an interface similar to that of Windows Explorer.

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


Mp3tag 2.73 by Maxence Guesdon and Xavier Lero

Mp3tag is an Objective-Caml library which can be used in other tools to read, write or graphically edit tags (v1 or v2) in mp3 files.

mp3tag library comes with the mp3tag and cddbtag example tools.

The mp3tag tool included can be used to modify tags in mp3 files, or rename files according to… 

imsniff 0.04 by Carlos Fernandez

imsniff is a pcap-based instant messaging sniffer. It captures the IM traffic in the network and is able to log conversations, contact lists, profile information, incoming email notifications, other MSN events, etc. Tested in Linux and Windows.

You can configure it via command line parameters or… 

Musicman 0.14 by Avi Alkalay

Do you have many MP3 files? Do you spend more time organizing them then listening to them? Do you store them on CDs? Do you have a car stereo MP3 player?

If so, MusicMan will help you organize your MP3, Ogg, from the most obvious place: Konqueror file manager.

Here are some key features of "Mu… 

Sprog 0.14 by Grant McLean

Sprog is a graphical tool that anyone can use to build programs by plugging parts together. In Sprog jargon, the parts are known as 'gears' and they are assembled to make a 'machine'.

Gears are selected from a palette and dragged onto the Sprog workbench, where they can be connected together.


Audio Tag Tool 0.12.2 by Pedro Lopes

Audio Tag Tool is a program to manage the information fields in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files, commonly called tags. It is available under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).
Please send me any comments or bugs you find (email at the bottom)

Tag Tool can be used to edit tags one by one, but the mos… 

Entagged 0.19 by Raphael Slinckx

Entagged provides a convenient way of changing the value of these fields, either manually, or automatically via the freedb database.

The freedb database is a server to wich you can connect, and ask about a precise CD (album, or compilation), if this CD is found in the database, it returns all the… 

FS.WordFinder 3.5.1 by Robert Klein

FS.WordFinder is a PHP word search puzzle game. You enter your own words, and set the many options to your liking, and it will create the puzzle automatically.

You can use many different styles for your puzzle, or create your own using the style toolkit.

The puzzle is printable, or you can pla… 



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