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Yahoo::Search::Result 1.5.8 by Jeffrey Friedl

Yahoo::Search::Result is a class representing a single result (single web page, image, video file, etc) from a Yahoo! search-engine query. (This package is included in, and automatically loaded by, the Yahoo::Search package.)

Package Use ^

You never need to use this package directly -- it is l… 

NetMath 0.1 by William F. Schelter

NetMath project is a web browser which allows Web pages to contain modifiable calculations.

It has built-in plotting engines and the ability to communicate with computation servers.

This makes it possible to do local graphics, zooming and panning, while taking advantage of sophisticated compu… 

iFind 4.0 by White Wizard Productions

iFind is the prime internet search software for the people.

iFind is the top internet search tool.
The real advantage of iFind 4.0 is, to deliver better results when searching for more than one word, like in names.

Best function - specific search, most result links might be related to query

HTML::Widget 1.09 by Sebastian Riedel

HTML::Widget is a Perl module with HTML Widget And Validation Framework.


use HTML::Widget;

# Create a widget
my $w = HTML::Widget->new('widget')->method('get')->action('/');

# Add a fieldset to contain the elements
my $fs = $w->element( 'Fieldset', 'user' )… 

TcpCat 0.1 by Ola Lundqvist

TcpCat is a cat like command but for tcp service.

TcpCat is a very lightweight tcp util. It take an IP address and a TCP port as argument, connect to it and give the result back to stdout.

It was written as a lightweight version of netcat. As such it work as the unix cat command but instead of… 

XML::Parser::YahooRESTGeocode 0.1 by Andrew N. Hicox


use LWP::Simple
use XML::Parser;
use XML::Parser::YahooRESTGeocode;

#connect to yahoo geocode service
my $url = '';
my $get = 'appid=YahooDemo&street=701+First+Street&city=Sun… 

Solid Of Rotation 1.3.0 by Frank Becker

There is quite a bit of history on this item. One of the assignments in a computer graphics course at the University of Victoria was to rotate a number of Bezier curves around an axis and display the result in 3D using a single light source.

This was on Sun Sparcs using X. Since then the program… 

Steinbeck 1.1 by Steinbeck Team

Steinbeck easifies a simple job in a secure way. It can be used to run shell scripts on a (linux)unix box with SSH server during which it can check on-going progress and grab the end result..

Steinbeck may be used by system admins or security testers who have to deal with running scripts on (many… 

EasySQL 0.0.1 by Jon Frisby

EasySQL is a front-end that provides a slightly extended version of the MySQL SQL syntax allowing for far more sophisticated tasks to be accomplished without resorting to using an external language such as Perl.

Here are some key features of "EasySQL":
Iterate across a SQL result set, and execu… 

xmlTreeNav 0.3.0 by Remi Peyronnet

xmlTreeNav is a XML viewer with several features. It can show the differences between two XML files (by using software based on the libxmldiff project).

xmlTreeNav can also perform XPath searches, "local XSLT" display, easy tree navigation, and more.

Here are some key features of "xmlTreeNav":… 

ramrip 2006-06-05 by Matthew Gates

ramrip is a little script which wraps up mplayer / ffmpeg. It downloads real video or real audio streams, and then encodes them. Video files are transcoded to mpeg format using ffmpeg. Audio-only streams can be encoded to ogg/vorbis, mp3 or wav formats.

Unlike ram2ogg, this script downloads uncom… 

Mono-Readline 0.0.1 by Patrick Wagstrom

Mono-Readline is a simple little assembly for .Net (specifically Mono) that provides support for GNU Readline support within Mono applications.

Mono-Readline project is based on the code of Martin Baulig in the Mono debugger. I just took it and made it all nice and autoconf/automake enabled.


SNMP::Multi 2.1 by Karl Schilke

SNMP::Multi is a Perl module to perform SNMP operations on multiple hosts simultaneously.


use SNMP::Multi;

my $req = SNMP::Multi::VarReq->new (
nonrepeaters => 1,
hosts => [ qw/ / ],
vars => [ [ 'sysUpTime' ], [ 'ifI… 

VoiceApp 0.4.4 by Pasi Savolainen

VoiceApp records sound from soundcard (or any file) and converts it to frequency domain via FFT, showing the result in a window. The result is thrown on the screen in matrixish colors.

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)
FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in The West)
XFree86 4.1.0


php-json 1.2.1 by Omar Kilani

php-json is an extremely fast PHP C extension for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) serialisation. php-json project library uses a forked version of json-c.

It can be used in conjunction with XMLHTTPRequest to exchange JavaScript-encoded data with a browser.


A simple ./configure; mak… 

roll 1.0.1 by Matteo Corti

roll command-line based program rolls a user-defined dice sequence and displays the result. The dices to roll are defined using dN where N is the number of sides.

Dices can be rolled multiple times by prepending the number of repetitions (e.g., 3d6) and used in simple mathematical expressions (e.g.… 

Raul's classes for PHP 0.6.3 by Raul Ionescu

Raul's classes for PHP is an OOP database abstraction layer for PHP 5.1 or greater. Raul's classes for PHP provides abstract classes to access database servers and traverse result sets.

There are several implementation classes to access different types of databases: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and… 

macwatch 0.2.7 by Torgeir Hansen

macwatch is a small daemon that counts in- and outbytes from a given MAC-address and stores the result in a file for use with MRTG. It will write the file every 5 minutes by default, and uses libpcap to do all the work. I made it to monitor some servers on a DMZ and show how much bandwith is used wi… 

nfcount 0.4 by Serg Repalov

nfcount is tool for count network traffic by using rules. Rule can be defined by source or destenation IP address, timeranges. Accounting result may be simple counter or hystogram.

Here are some key features of "nfcount":
In rule definition file You can use variables for addresses and timerange… 

Yamysqlfront rev-109 by Florian Schmidt

Yamysqlfront is yet another mysqlfront clone. It features a table schema editor, a table index/key editor, a memo editor, unlimited query tabs, syntax highlighting, multiple connections, and query templates to get quick data views.

Yamysqlfront allows you to to modify your order clause by clickin… 



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