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rsnapshot 1.3.0 by Nathan Rosenquist

rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems.

Using rsync and hard links, it is possible to keep multiple, full backups instantly available. The disk space required is just a little more than the space of one full backup, plus incrementals.


Algorithm::Diff::Apply 0.2.3 by Andrew Chadwick

Algorithm::Diff::Apply is a Perl module to apply one or more Algorithm::Diff diffs.


## Single-diff form:
use Algorithm::Diff::Apply qw{apply_diff};
my @ary = ...;
my @diff = ...; # some call to Algorithm::Diff::diff()

my @changed_ary = a… 

XML::Diff 0.04 by Arne Claassen

XML::Diff is a Perl module for XML DOM-Tree based Diff & Patch Module.


my $diff = XML::Diff->new();

# to generate a diffgram of two XML files, use compare.
# $old and $new can be filepaths, XML as a string,
# XML::LibXML::Document or XML::LibXML::Element objects.
# The… 

java-diff 1.0.5 by Jeff Pace

java-diff is a set of Java classes which implement the longest common subsequences algorithm.

java-diff compares the elements in two arrays, returning a list of Difference objects, each of which describes an addition, deletion, or change between the two arrays.

Java Environment… 

XML::Code 0.04 by Arne Claassen

XML::Diff is a Perl module for XML DOM-Tree based Diff & Patch Module.


my $diff = XML::Diff->new();

# to generate a diffgram of two XML files, use compare.
# $old and $new can be filepaths, XML as a string,
# XML::LibXML::Document or XML::LibXML::Element objects.
# The… 

Text::Diff3::DiffHeckel 0.06 by MIZUTANI Tociyuki

Text::Diff3::DiffHeckel is a two-way diff plug-in.


use Text::Diff3;
my $f = Text::Diff3::Factory->new;
my $p = $f->create_diff;
my $mytext = $f->create_text([ map{chomp;$_} < F0 > ]);
my $original = $f->create_text([ map{chomp;$_} < F1 > ]);
my $diff2 = $p->diff( $o… 

tkdiff 4.1.3 by John Klassa

tkdiff program is a merge tool and a graphical diff that runs under Unix, Mac OSX and Windows.

It provides a side-by-side view of the differences between two files, along with several innovative features such as diff bookmarks and a graphical map of differences for quick navigation.

The diff progr… 

commitrc 2.02 by Xavier Renaut

commitrc is a tool to put your /etc files (and the like) under cvs/svn.

It is useful to see diff in /etc/passwd, routing information, dns zones, to keep an history of what happened to the box. commitrc project is also a safe backup of configs when tweaking software behavior.


to add a file… 

libxmldiff 0.2.5 by Remi Peyronnet

libxmldiff library aims at providing efficient diff on XML file

Here are some key features of "libxmldiff":
Detection of modified items, added items, removed items
Not sensitive to item position changes (based on a id).
Designed to support large XML files (about 100 Mo). For larger files, t… 

DHEX 0.54 by Thomas Dettbarn

dhex is an ncurses-based hex-editor with a diff mode. It makes heavy use of colors, but is also themeable to work on monochrome monitors.


1. Become root
2. Copy DHEX somewhere where everybody can find it


When you run DHEX for the first time, it will try to c… 

lame-rtp 2 by Felix von Leitner

This is a unified diff (you probably need GNU patch to apply it) to lame 3.58. Please note that this diff is now obsolete as recent beta versions of lame include a version of this code. Just type "make mp3rtp". The code was broken, but the CVS code is reported to work (and interoperate with playRTPM… 

GNU Diffutils 2.8.1 by GNU Diffutils Team

Computer users often find occasion to ask how two files differ. Perhaps one file is a newer version of the other file. Or maybe the two files started out as identical copies but were changed by different people.

You can use the diff command to show differences between two files, or each correspon… 

Submerge 0.14.1 by CollabNet

Submerge project is subcommanders visual diff and merge tool for text files.

Here are some key features of "Submerge":
line based difference of text files.
an easy to understand display of differences with just one color (three colors in merge case).
mousewheel support to quickly scroll… 1.0.2 by Michele Pinassi is a simple way to do diff and complete backups for your servers.

Some days ago i'm looking for a simple way to do daily backups in my server. I found a lot of software BUT is too simple OR too complete for my needs.

So i decide to wrote a small python class to do that. And here is backu… 

SSDDiff 0.2 by Erich Schubert

SSDDiff is a diff application similar to GNU diffutils that generates "patch" files for semistructured data such as XML files.

SSDDiff project differs from other XML diff applications in that it doesn't try to make a "minimal" edit script, but rather retains the document structure as much as poss… 

Xfdiff 4.5.0 by Ed Scott

Xfdiff project is graphic interface to the GNU diff and patch commands. With this utility, you can view differences side by side for files or directories. You can also view differences that applying a patch file would imply, without applying the patch.

You can also apply patches to the hard disc… 

apercu 1.0.2 by Jeff Pace

apercu is a command-line application to summarize information from Apache logs, including hit counts, requests, referrers, and user activity.

Example Output

Hit Count

A summary of the hits this week:

% apercu --count --time=thisweek /var/log/apache2/access-2006_log

hits by time


webdiff 2004-08-01 by Stephan Beyer

webdiff is a powerful web page update checker. You can choose between different methods (diff, size, date, md5sum, regexp) it should check for.

webdiff will only print the URIs of web pages that changed, so that its output can easily be used by further scripts (such as wget or mail).

Usage: #{… 

cvsgdiff 0.04 by Don Owens

cvsgdiff uses tkdiff or mgdiff to graphically display diffs between CVS revisions of a file in your sandbox. cvsgdiff is basically a graphical version of "cvs diff".

If given no arguments, cvsgdiff will launch the graphical diff program once for every modified file in the current directory.


eSvn 0.6.11 by eSvn Team

eSvn - a GUI frontend to the Subversion revision system.

Here are some key features of "eSvn":
Checkout, Import, Export, Update, Commit, Add, Delete, Copy, Move, Merge, Switch, Revert, Log, Blame
Organize your working directory and workspaces
Browse SVN repository
Perform Quick Diff, Exte… 



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