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mved 0.1 by mved Team

mved project carefully rename multiple files.

At the slightest hint that you are going to destroy your files, it will bail out and tell you why.


mved =.c~ bak/=.c.bak
mv a.c~ bak/a.c.bak
mv b.c~ bak/b.c.bak
mv c.c~ bak/c.c.bak

mved '*.[ch]' save-=.=
mv a.c save-a.c

Save Lyric 1.0 by Jaroslaw Czarniak

Save Lyric script request lyric download (from and if succesfull save it into played mp3s directory.


Save As Image 1.041 by Rowan Lewis

Save As Image is a Firefox extension which adds the ability to save a page, frame, or part of either as an image.

This version does not replace older versions, so be sure to remove them first.

Firefox 2.0a1 - 2.0b2 ALL… 

ScrapBook 1.16 by Gomita

ScrapBook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to manage and save Web pages and collections.

Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy and multi-language support.

Here are some key features of "ScrapBook":
Save Web page
Save snippet of Web page
Save Web site
Organize the collecti… 

kpsql 0.2 by kpsql Team

kpsql is a graphical front-end to psql, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

kpsql has been tested on 3.4.3 and 3.5, seems to work.


1) extract to dir where you want it to be installed
2) run setup.bash to create a desktop icon

KDE 3.x


GIMP ASCII Load/Save Plugin 1.0 by Muthiah Annamalai

GIMP ASCII Load/Save Plugin package is a set of identical plugins Save 2 ASCII, and ASCII 2 Image, which make saving (loading) images to (from) ASCII text.

GIMP ASCII Load/Save Plugin is very useful if you are using GNU Octave & GIMP together for Image processing. These plugins are distributed u… 

beam-back 1.0 by Kal

beam-back is a simple Python script to save streaming MP3 data. This script has been tested with and If you want to make an mp3 for an infinite stream m3u url, start beam-back with the option -v:
xterm -e -v %s

Verbose mode will tell you how much data h… 

Format on Save 1.1.0 by Sebastien Vauclair

Format on Save is a Eclipse plugin to automatically organizes imports and formats code when saving a Java editor.

This is the exact equivalent as doing Ctrl-Shift-O, Ctrl-Shift-F before saving. New features: - Sort Members and Correct Indentation - preference page to configure defaults


FluxConf 0.9.9 by Fabien Devaux

FluxConf is a set of 3 programs for configuring fluxbox. FluxConf project is simple but you can configure almost everything.



Run fluxconf, then make your changes. When you want to apply your changes press the "Save" button, go to the fluxbox menu (configuration section) and… 

KGentooConf 0.0201a by Daniel Capit?n

KGentooConf is a global configuration tool to edit configuration text files from Gentoo Linux. KGentooConf offers a simple and elegant KDE GUI.

This project is currently in heavy development so... maybe has a lot of bugs ;) Send all bugs and suggestions to a developer, thanx! Any way, KGentooConf… 

Archive::Builder 1.06 by Adam Kennedy

Archive::Builder is a file generation and archiving framework.


# Make a builder with one section, and some files
my $Builder = Archive::Builder->new;
my $Section = $Builder->new_section( 'html' );
$Section->add_file( 'one.html', 'string', qq~
Hello World!

PNG Plug-In 1.1.6 by Michael Sweet

PNG plug-in provides Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file load & save modules for The GIMP. The plug-in supports all color modes and supports saving of interlaced images and setting the level of compression.

Using the PNG Plug-In:
Figure 1 shows the PNG save options window.
The Interlace toggle… 

SGI RGB Image File Plug-In 1.1.1 by Michael Sweet

SGI plug-in provides SGI image file load & save modules for The GIMP. The plug-in supports GRAY, GRAYA, RGB, and RGBA color modes.

Using the SGI Plug-In:
The Parameter Settings buttons control how much compression is applied to the image:
No Compression stores the image raw or verbatim.


knetfilter 3.5.1 by genoni

Knetfilter project is a KDE application designed to manage the netfilter functionalities that come with the kernels 2.4 and later.

In Princip, all standard firewall system administration activities can be done just using knetfilter. But there is not just a GUI to iptables comand line, it is possi… 

Glsof 0.10.0 pre-alpha4 by Daniele F.

Glsof is a user interface for lsof.

It's developed with C language (under GNU General Public License), and use gconf, libglade and libgnome/ui.

Here are some key features of "Glsof":
Lists for single process, separated in queries.
Manage for queries.
Manual save of output, or automatical… 

Auto-recompile 1.1 by Fredrik Hubinette

Auto-recompile is a small emacs add-on that allows you to fix compilation errors faster. It does this by continuously compiling the program you are working on while you are fixing problems.

Auto-recompile eliminates the need to explicitly start a compilation for every fix you make, and manages yo… 

Password Save 0.5 by Andrew Ruder

Password Save extension brings up a plain text listing of your passwords in a browser window that can be easily copy-pasted or saved to the hard-drive.

Some javascript warning fixes and a bit of debugging code for helping people that the extension doesn't work for (Email me if you get a blank scr… 

pppcounter 0.3.5 by T?th Andr?s

The general function of the pppcounter is to save the begin and finish times of the connection to a log file, and to act as a tool library for cost calculation. Save begin and finish time of the internet connection. It is contained a tool library for cost calculation. It's a simple cost calculator p… 

KHTMLScrub 0.3.1 by LeonScape

The point of KHTMLScrub is to remove unwanted tags and attributes from html files. Once the options are set you can apply the options to as many htmls as you want, and KHTMLScrub will also give you a preview of how the altered document looks, before you save them.

This program came about from a s… 

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File 1.42 by Dongxu Ma

Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File is an implementation of Audio::TagLib::File with Ogg/FLAC specific methods.


use Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File;

my $i = Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File->new("sample file.flac");
print $i->tag()->album()->toCString(), "n"; # got album

This i… 



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