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Slackware Interactive Boot Scripts 11.0.0 by SysDev Inc.

slakbootIBS (Slackware Interactive Boot Scripts) is an enhanced set of replacement boot scripts for the Slackware Linux distribution.

Slackware Interactive Boot Scripts includes a set of control and dispatch tools for configuring and booting with colorized interactive scripts. The new boot proces… 

IPTables Firewall Script 0.1 by Obsid

IPTables Firewall Script contains two example firewall scripts "rc.firewall.iptables. I've tried here to give some brief documentation for the IPTables firewall scripts contained in this directory. If you're not familiar with IPTables functionality and usage, then you may also want to check out som… 

vii-ppp-scripts 1.0 by John Fremlin

The vii-ppp-scripts are yet another set of ppp scripts. They feature handling multiple ISPs, autosetting DNS from ISP, ability to have a different resolv.conf for each connection, phone billing and chatscripts.

It is lacking of:
Graphical interface
Friendly set-up
Explicit multiple… 

Nautilus Scripts for Subversion 0.9.2 beta by Marius Scurtescu

Nautilus Scripts for Subversion is a set of scripts that will execute Subversion commands on selected files.

You can right click on a subversion managed file or folder (you can also multiple select) and then select a command from the Subversion submenu. All scripts will give feedback using a zeni… 

STUBS Configurations 0.6.9-2 by William Towle

Franki and Earlgrey Linux are small but usable Linux distributions designed to demonstrate the full extent of STUBS, the Toolchain and Utility Build Suite.

STUBS is a set of configuration files and scripts designed to build (and optionally employ) toolchains from just a list of desired packages,… 

PGU 0.4 by Phil Hassey

PGU includes several scripts and libraries. The scripts are a tile editor and a level editor.

The libraries include a state engine, a full featured gui, document layout, html rendering, text rendering, sprite and tile engine, and a timer.… 

Systemtap GUI 8.08.06 by Jeff Briggs

Systemtap GUI is a GUI to assist in the development of Systemtap scripts and to graph the return values of those scripts.

SystemTap GUI is an application intended to ease in the use of the SystemTap tool for Linux. Systemtap GUI is both an Integrated Development Environment for the SystemTap scr… 

Coin Strip 1.0 by Anthony G. Basile

Coin Strip project consists of scripts which play Coin Strip or Welter's game against the user.

Coin Strip is a series of scripts in which the computer plays either Coin Strip or Welter's game against the user (See "On Numbers and Games" by John Conway).

The scripts use a recursive algor… 

Autoconf 2.61 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Autoconf project is an extensible package of m4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages.

These scripts can adapt the packages to many kinds of UNIX-like systems without manual user intervention. Autoconf creates a configuration script for a packa… 

STUBS Scripts 0.6.9 by William Towle

STUBS Toolchain and Utility Build Suite is a set of scripts designed to build one or more software packages by means of a pre-written set of configuration files.

Each configuration file encapsulates the necessary build and install commands for a given package, and URLs are included so source and… 

UTF8Script 1.0 by Martin v. L?wis

UTF8Script provides an additional binary format for Linux: scripts that start with a UTF-8 signature (aka BOM), i.e. with the byte sequence xefxbbxbf#!.

This is particularly useful for scripting languages that recognize the BOM, e.g. Python. With Python 2.3 or newer, scripts with the UTF-8 BOM ar… 

PPPGun-Dialer 1.1 by Roudy Veve

PPPGun-Dialer is a Tcl/Tk script that can be used to etablish a PPP connection by dialing a remote terminal server.

It is based on PPP-on/PPP-off scripts, but it is more flexible than those scripts, allowing a more intelligent dialog with the modem.

PPPGun-Dialer is an user friendly program wr… 

PesterCat 2.3.0 by PesterCat

PesterCat is a web testing tool that was designed to perform functional testing for web applications. PesterCat features an integrated proxy recorder that enables you to record scripts using your favorite web browser.

PesterCat runs on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. PesterCat is a great tool to aid… 

Cluster Installation Finishing Scripts 3.1.1 by Joe Landman

The Finishing Scripts for Cluster Installations handle specific post-installation configuration that might not be convienent nor possible using existing cluster installation methods.

The usual installation process is used to build a reasonably configured node, and the system then reboots into nor… 

Microdrive 0.2 by Sreekant Kodela

Microdrive is basically a set of scripts which you can use to make your own live linux cd.

It depends on busybox, isolinux and linux of course.

I am planning to build a small bunch of diskless, monitorless, keyboardless nodes to do my rendering work [3D]. For them to run, I have various option… 

h300goodies 1.0 by Ian Douglas

h300goodies project consists of a handful of Perl and shell scripts that were written to help manage a user's music collection on an iRiver H320 or H340 digital jukebox.

These scripts don't run on the player natively, but are used when the player is mounted on a local file system via a USB connec… 

Apache mod_suid 2.1 by Igmar Palsenberg

Apache mod_suid allows per-vhost execution of scripts under their own UIDs. It functions in a way similar to Apache's perchild MPM, but differs in a number of ways.

Apache mod_suid does per child user/group switching; the Apache MPM makes switches based on vhosts. All processing is done under a… 

Live-Generator 2.0 by Aurox Core Team

Live-Generator is an integrated pack of scripts for building LiveCDs based on Aurox Linux. The user must fill in the config file (for custom wallpaper, bootsplash, etc.) located in the main Live-Generator directory and run 'generate-live'.

It creates a base Aurox installation in the specified dir… 

Boothbox LiveCD 0.3.6 by David Collie

Booth originally started as a collection of scripts to facilitate the creation of Firefox kiosks.

At the current time I have decided to focus my efforts on the livecd that incorporates these scripts.

I would recommend anyone interested in setting up a kiosk to try the livecd before looking at… 

Gimp::Fu 1.211 by Marc Lehmann

Gimp::Fu is a "easy to use" framework for Gimp scripts.


use Gimp;
use Gimp::Fu;

(this module uses Gtk, so make sure it's correctly installed)

Currently, there are only three functions in this module. This fully suffices to provide a professional interface and the ability… 



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