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VPN HOWTO 2.0 by Matthew D. Wilson

VPN HOWTO is a document that describes how to set up a Virtual Private Network with Linux.

Here are some key features of "VPN HOWTO":
Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Theory
Basic VPN theory. What is a VPN, and how does it work. Read this if you are entirely new to VPN.


Parrot::Docs::Section::C 0.4.5 by The Parrot Team

Parrot::Docs::Section::C is a C source code documentation section.


use Parrot::Docs::Section::C;

A documentation section describing all the C source code in Parrot.

Class Methods

header_item($text, @names)

Returns a C header files documentation item.


Archive::Builder 1.06 by Adam Kennedy

Archive::Builder is a file generation and archiving framework.


# Make a builder with one section, and some files
my $Builder = Archive::Builder->new;
my $Section = $Builder->new_section( 'html' );
$Section->add_file( 'one.html', 'string', qq~
Hello World!

Config::IniFiles 2.38 by Scott Hutton

Config::IniFiles is a module for reading .ini-style configuration files.


use Config::IniFiles;
my $cfg = new Config::IniFiles( -file => "/path/configfile.ini" );
print "The value is " . $cfg->val( 'Section', 'Parameter' ) . "."
if $cfg->val( 'Section', 'Parameter' );

help2man 1.36.4 by Brendan O'Dea

help2man is a tool for automatically generating simple manual pages from program output. It is intended to provide an easy way for software authors to include a manual page in their distribution without having to maintain that document.

Given a program which produces resonably standard --help and… 

IP Masquerade HOWTO 11/13/05 by David Ranch

IP Masquerade HOWTO project is a document describing how to set up IP Masq (NAT) for Linux systems.

It contains instructions on understanding, configuring, and troubleshooting NAT or Network Address Translation for Linux.

It covers topics such as IPTABLES, PORTFW, IPCHAINS, IPFWADM, stronger… 

Technorati Tracker 1.1 by ApogeeWebLLC

Technorati Tracker examines the traffic your blog is receiving from Technorati.

This open source web analytics software will examine an Apache web server log and will display hits generated by clicks from and will also track the visits by Technoratibot.


Each hit from Techno… 

PHP Profiler Class by Carl Taylor

This profiler is intended to be used to identify areas of code that could be optimised in order to improve overall performance of an application. Typically I identify the areas of concern in an application and place profile timers around those sections and focus down to add timers around the areas t… 

Lint4j Maven Plugin 1.3.1 by Stefan Reich

COPYRIGHT=1] Lint4j features command line, Ant, Maven, Eclipse, and Emacs integration

JDK or JRE 1.4.x
Maven 1.x

To install the plugin add the following snippet to the dependencies section of your project.xml
< dependency >
< groupId >lint4j< /groupId >

pyDirStat 0.9.15 by Arthibus Gissehel

pyDirStat is a small tool to view statistical information about a directory.

It will generate a view of all files contained in a directory (and subdirectories) with rectangles.

Each rectangle area is proportional to file size. It's a perfect tool to view disk usage with graphics.


AsmFile 0.9.15 by Jeff Owens

AsmFile is a small and fast file manager written in assembler.

AsmFile project uses a two pane interface like "mc" and other file managers. AsmFile runs in a console or a terminal window.

Assembly has been ignored by much of the Unix/Linux community and is almost never found in desktop applica… 

docbookm 0.2.0 by Robert Bienert

docbookm project is contributed with LayManSys and contains very simple XSLT drivers for generating XHTML chunks from DocBook XML.


The XSLT files for inline markup only recognize a limited DocBook XML subset, see the file para.xsl for details about supported tags.

Especially, there… 

Satellite 1.0 by Matt Sarah

Satellite is a very simple theme that displays a composite satellite image for the USA.

It updates hourly. You can zoom each portion of the main image, to see greater detail for a specific area.

There are only two actions. You press a section of the main image, and it zooms in on that section. Pre… 

man2web 0.88 by Jerry Talkington

man2web is a program that converts man (manual) pages to HTML.

man2web converts man (manual) pages to HTML via CGI or on the command line.

man2web also allows for keyword (apropos) searching and generation of section indexes.

Here are some key features of "man2web":
customizable style sh… 

libmiASMaELF 0.0.1 by Hareesh Nagarajan

libmiASMaELF is a library for generating relocatable object files that conform to the ELF format.

libmiASMaELF library has no complex class hierarchy, hence it is extremly easy to use, unlike most other libraries that accomplish the same task. Documentation and examples are provided to demonstrat… 

Komment build14 by kelko

Komment is a ruby app for KDE (so, it’s using Korundum). Komment allows the user to comment books or magazine-articles with which they have to work.

For example if you are writing a elaboration over a specific subject you gonna read lots and lots of books but you can’t remember exactl… 

xsd2db 0.1.0 by Robert Bienert

xsd2db package is contributed with LayManSys and is used for converting XML Schema Definition files into DocBook XML code. The transformer can also be used to generate DocBook XML from plain XML files.

xsd2db marks up tag names, attribute names, attribute values and annotation, if parsing XSD cod… 

Template::Manual::Plugins 2.15 by Andy Wardley

Template::Manual::Plugins is Perl module for standard plugins.

This section lists the standard plugins which can be used to extend the runtime functionality of the Template Toolkit. The plugins are distributed with the Template Toolkit but may required additional modules from CPAN.


flSynclient 0.5 by Matteo Lucarelli

flSynclient i a synaptics touchpads frontend build with the fltk ( toolkit. Uses synclient, a command line tool to set the driver. It is free software, released under the GNU GPL licence.

XOrg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver



kdissert 1.0.5 by kdissert Team

kdissert is a mindmapping-like tool to help students to produce complicated documents very quickly and efficiently : presentations, dissertations, thesis, reports ...

The concept is innovative : mindmaps produced using kdissert are processed to output near-ready-to-use documents. While targetted… 



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