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Lingua::Phonology::Segment 0.32 by Jesse S. Bangs

Lingua::Phonology::Segment is a module to represent a segment as a bundle of feature values.


use Lingua::Phonology;
$phono = new Lingua::Phonology;

# Define a feature set
$features = $phono->features;

# Make… 

Bio::DB::GFF::Feature 1.4 by Lincoln Stein

Bio::DB::GFF::Feature is a relative segment identified by a feature type.

Bio::DB::GFF::Feature is a stretch of sequence that corresponding to a single annotation in a GFF database. It inherits from Bio::DB::GFF::RelSegment, and so has all the support for relative addressing of this class and its… 

mod_pweb 0.2 by Marc Oliver Becker

mod_pweb is a mass virtual hosting with shared memory segment for domain to path translations.

If you want to run some hundreds of virtual hosts on an apache webserver and you configure the server in the conventional way, with virtual hosts in the httpd.conf, you will qick notice, that your httpd… 

Image::MetaData::JPEG::Structures 0.15 by Stefano Bettelli

Image::MetaData::JPEG::Structures is a Perl module that describes the structure of a JPEG file; it is an appendix to the main manual page of the Image::MetaData::JPEG module, which the reader should refer to for further details and the general scope.


The JPEG (Jo… 

X12::Parser::Readme 0.08 by Prasad Poruporuthan

X12::Parser::Readme is a Perl module for understanding configuration (cf) files for X12::Parser.

X12 transactions
ASC X12 standards define commonly used EDI transactions. The standards define a structure/format for exchange of EDI data.

Each transaction type is called a "transaction set". The… 

Berkley Snoop for Linux 0.3 RC4 by Ivan Keberlein

Berkley Snoop for Linux is a module which adds support for the Snoop protocol, a TCP-aware link layer protocol designed that can improve the performance of TCP over networks of wired and single-hop wireless links.

While TCP adapts well to network congestion, it does not adequately handle the vaga… 

Math::Bezier::Convert 0.02 by Yasuhiro Sasama

Math::Bezier::Convert is a Perl module to convert cubic and quadratic bezier each other.


use Math::Bezier::Convert;

@new_cubic = divide_cubic($cx1, $cy1, $cx2, $cy2, $cx3, $cy3, $cx4, $cy4, $t);
@new_quad = divide_quadratic($cx1, $cy1, $cx2, $cy2, $cx3, $cy3, $t);

cutmp3 1.9 by Jochen Puchalla

cutmp3 is a small and fast command line MP3 editor. cutmp3 lets you select sections of an MP3 interactively or via a timetable and save them to separate files without quality loss.

It uses mpg123 for playback and works with VBR files and even with files bigger than 2GB.

Other features are conf… 

Phex 2.8.10 by Gregor K

Phex is a P2P filesharing client which is based on the Gnutella network. Phex offers advanced functions and integrates all common Gnutella extensions like multi-source downloads and advanced search features.

Here are some key features of "Phex":
Phex is a FREE of spyware and adware

Phex nev… 

PHP Running Management 1.0.2 by Le Nounours

PHP Running Management or phpRunMan is a set of scripts for runners. Users can enter intermediate times of their training or race performance for calculating various statistics (distance, avg speed, time/km, projection on different distance, etc.). In PHP Running Management you can enter comments fo… 

Pak 1.0 by lacos

Pak transfers multiple, possibly very big, regular files between possibly different hosts you have shell access to.

It transmits segment IDs instead of file names and uses on-the-fly Blowfish-CBC encryption while being absolutely restartable with practically no loss of data already transmitted.


EDIReader 3.10 by BerryWorks

EDIReader is a Java package for parsing business documents structured according to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standards.

It supports the SAX and JAXP interfaces defined for XML, making it suitable for use in any XML-based system that allows the configuration of a custom SAX parser.


WFMath 0.3.4 by Ron Steinke

WFMath is a math library that focus on geometric objects.

Thus, it includes several shapes (boxes, balls, lines), in addition to the basic math objects that are used to build these shapes (points, vectors, and matrices).

Most of the library classes can be divided into two sorts. The first kind… 

Jumper 1.2 by Robota Seguridad

Jumper is a small program for the search and analysis of hosts.

It maps the network using the ARP protocol, and optionally can create an NMap script.

For example, it can tell you which IP addresses are free in your LAN segment or it can tell you which hosts are on your LAN.… 

WorldForge::wfmath 0.3.5 by Ron Steinke

WorldForge::wfmath's primary focus is geometric objects. Thus, it includes several shapes (boxes, balls, lines), in addition to the basic math objects that are used to build these shapes (points, vectors, matricies).

Most of the library classes can be divided into two sorts. The first kind… 

minpair 0.5 by Bill Poser

minpair generates a complete list of minimal pairs (words differing in exactly one segment) from a list of words. The input should consist of one entry per line in UTF-8 Unicode. As default, each entry consists of two parts, separated by a tab. The first field is the word. The second field is an ide… 

Call Commander 1.1.21 by Salem Radio Labs.

Call Commander is a high-performance management system and call screening designed for use in professional talk-radio environments that integrates directly with a variety of popular broadcast telephone interfaces.

The system is designed to allow the easy acquisition, tracking, communication and a… 

Bio::Graphics::Glyph::alignment 1.4 by Allen Day

Bio::Graphics::Glyph::alignment is the "alignment" glyph.


See L< Bio::Graphics::Panel > and L< Bio::Graphics::Glyph >.

This is identical to the "graded_segments" glyph, and is used for drawing features that consist of discontinuous segments. The color intensity of each segment is… 

NDisc6 0.7.0 by R?mi Denis-Courmont

ndisc6 consists of two small command line tools (ndisc6 and rdisc6) that perform ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery and ICMPv6 Router Discovery respectively.

NDisc6 is primarily meant for IPv6 networking diagnostics or to detect rogue IPv6 nodes or routers on an Ethernet segment.

What's New in This Rel… 

Pipeline::Config 0.05 by Steve Purkis


use Error qw( :try );
use Pipeline::Config;

my $config = Pipeline::Config->new();

try {
my $pipe = $config->load( 'somefile.type' );
my $pipe2 = $config->load( 'somefile', 'type' );
} catch Error with {
print shift;

Pipeline::Config lets yo… 



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