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Tudu Lists 2.0 Alpha 1 by Julien Dubois

Tudu Lists is a Web application for managing todo lists. With Tudu Lists, todo lists can be easily accessed, edited, and shared on the Web.

Tudu Lists project is a simple but effective project management tool.

If you want your very own install of Tudu Lists, or if you are a programmer and want… 

GTagger 0.2 by Marcel Karras

GTagger is a gtkmm ID3Tag editor which allows you to comfortably browse file lists, select a file and edit/convert its ID3Tag. Furthermore the programm suggests a filename you can accept in order to rename the file suitable to the tag.

Some systems require unusual options for compilation or linki… 

myGifts 2.70 Alpha1 by Jean-Fran?ois Bustarret

myGifts project enable you, your family and your friends to share your xmas wish-lists, your gift registry for your wedding or a newborn.

People can add gifts to their lists and claim other people's gifts, and it supports user groups to control who can and cannot see lists.

Here are some key f… 

onPHP 0.8.2 by Konstantin V. Arkhipov

onPHP project is a PHP framework aimed at rapid development of scalable robust applications with outstanding code reusability level.


General discussion in Russian:

General discussion in English:


Grave 0.4 by Bodo Bauer

Grave is an MP3 play-list editor and an interface tool to the Sensory Science RaveMP MP2000 Digital Media Player. Grave is made with the GTK+ toolkit and the Gnome libraries. It allows you to create and edit play-lists. The play-lists are stored as text files and can be used with most (software) MP3… 

Relations::Query 0.93 by Relations::Query Team

Relations::Query is a Perl Object for building queries with DBI/DBD::mysql.


# Relations::Query Script that creates some queries.

use Relations::Query;

$query = new Relations::Query(-select => {'fife' => 'barney'},
-from => {'green_tee… 

mrtg-select 1.0 by Saint Aardvark the Carpeted

mrtg-select allows the flexible display of MRTG graphs, chosen by keyword and time span.

I use MRTG to graph all kinds of stuff, and looking at those graphs on the same page helps me detect correlations. ("Say, Professor -- that spike in CPU temperature came right when the Rapture Index hit a thr… 

DVDAttache 3.7.0 by Marshall L Smith Jr

DVDAttache is an application for managing your database of DVD titles. DVDAttache is freely available, but donations are accepted.

Here are some key features of "DVDAttache":
Amazon and IMDB searching.
Quick Add feature with a database of over 3,500 titles. Just check the ones you own and cli… 

blq 1.23 by Chip Rosenthal

blq is a Perl script that queries one or more lists, such as the MAPS RBL or MAPS DUL, to determine if a host is listed as a potential source of spam or email abuse. Some organizations, such as the MAPS RBL and MAPS DUL, publish lists that identify potential sources of spam and email abuse. The blq… 

hpanel 0.3.2 by knorke

hpanel is a small panel that lists your windows.

Hpanel is hacked version of fspanel, a small panel that lists your windows and allows you to switch workspaces.

It requires a window manager that is compliant with the NETWM specification.

It works nicely with pekwm and aewm++, and handles… 

Nag H3 2.1.2 by Jon Parise

Nag is a Web-based application built upon the Horde Application Framework which provides a simple, clean interface for managing online task lists (i.e., TODO lists).

Nag H3 includes strong integration with the other Horde applications and offers shared task lists.

Absolute requ… 

Sympa 5.2.2 by Comite Reseau des Universite

Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable mailing list software. Sympa can cope with big lists (780,000 subscribers), and it comes with a complete Web interface for both the user and the administrator. It is internationalized.

Sites can customize Web and mail templates, authentication backends,… 

PM Report 3.5 by Zeke Walker

PM Report is a PHP/MySQL report generator. PM Report creates customizable reports and is very simple to setup and use.

You can select which database, table, and individual fields to use on your report. You can also select the order in which the fields should appear on the report, the field you wo… 

XCard 1.2.5 by Shawn Ellis

XCard project is a is a French flashcard program.

It's used to help students memorize French words. It comes with several default word lists, ranging from verb lists, to vocabulary associated with airplane travel.

It has the capability to repeat lesser known words, graph a student's progress,… 

Gentoo Category Select 0.3 by Craig Hurley

Gentoo Category Select is a graphical tool for selecting Gentoo Package Categories to exclude from your local package repository.

It does so by weaning information from multiple directories and files for convenience, as well as providing warning about categories that should not be excluded due to… 

SnapAll 0.1 by Eugene Morenko

SnapAll the program which allows to do screenshots of all window, select windows or select area of the screen.

SnapAll is based on gtk+2, has been tested on Linux, and should work on *BSD systems.

Sven is licened under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.0 or later, as pub… 

Mailman 2.1.9 by Mailman Team

Mailman is software to help manage email discussion lists, much like Majordomo and Smartmail. Unlike most similar products, Mailman gives each mailing list a web page, and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. over the web.

Even the list manager can administer his or her list entirely from… 

DBIx::Simple::Examples 1.26 by Juerd Waalboer




#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use DBIx::Simple;

# Instant database with DBD::SQLite
my $db = DBIx::Simple->connect('dbi:SQLite:dbname=file.dat')
or die DBIx::Simple->error;

# Connecting to a MySQL database
my $db… 

transset-df 5 by Daniel Forchheimer

transset-df is a patched version of xorg's transset. I wanted to integrate transset into my windowmanager and to be able to set and unset transparency by just pressing a key.

To make that possible I added several different 'select methods'. The first one was 'select by pointing' which lets the us… 

Minimalist Admin 0.4 by Mischa

Minimalist Admin is a very simple Web interface for the Minimalist mailing lists manager.


1. Unarchive Minimalist Manager

Make sure that you are in your WWW directory and then unarchive the Minimalist Manager archive (whatever the filename is):

$ tar -zxvf minimalist-mana… 



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