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Rush 2005 0.4.12c by aendeuryu

Rush 2005 is a football game using SDL.

Rush 2005 is a BSD-licensed project to create an American football game for Windows and Linux in the tradition of Tecmo Bowl and NFL Blitz, built using the cross-platform SDL game programming library.

BFont (source… 

ncpfs 2.2.6 by Petr Vandrovec

ncpfs project allows you to mount volumes of NetWare servers under Linux and to print to NetWare print queues and spool NetWare print queues to the Linux printing system.

What's New in This Release:
Fix CAN-2005-0013 and CAN-2005-0014.
Fix CAN-2005-0013: Run with euid == uid for most of tim… 

Lormalinux 2005 RC1 by Lorma Colleges IT Services Department

LormaLINUX is Lorma Colleges' very own Linux Distribution that has been optimized and customized to meet the needs of educational institutions and its students.

It is a full-featured Operating System specifically created for ease of installation, ease of use and functionality.… 

RWSecure 0.2 by R. Walz

RWSecure application parses the /var/log/secure file for invalid usernames or failed passwords to help protect against brute force and similar attacks.

If there are more than three invalid or failed attempts by one IP, it will add that IP to your /etc/hosts.deny file.

Put this file in any dire… 

JaCL Linux 0.2005-07-11 beta1 by JaCL Linux Team

JaCL Linux (Just a Command Line Linux) is a live CD distribution (a Knoppix remaster) of the Linux operating system. JaCL Linux is designed to be run as a command line driven server or utility system.

Most major command line applications or server software available in a standard Linux distributi… 

herodot 1.0 by Piotr Sobolewski

herodot is a tool that parses the timeline of filesystem activity created by mactime and adds human readable descriptions to it (e.g.: this file has been created). It also understands that later changes of some MAC tags hide earlier changes.


Use this tool like that:

$ ./herodot < tim… 

pymssql 0.8.0 by Andrzej Kukula

pymssql module provides access to MS SQL Servers from Python scripts.

It's the most efficient method of accessing MS SQL Server's data from Python scripts. If you care about performance, you can give it a try.

Supported Platforms

pymssql 0.7.4 has been tested on FreeBSD 6.0, NetBSD 2.1, 3.0… 

Xvpnd 1.1 by Xvpnd Team

Xvpnd is project that started in march 2005 as a project for two students of the U.S.T.L (Universit? des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France), Jonathan Derque and Jean-Fran?ois Smigielski. This project was proposed by Philippe Dumont, a Ph.D. of this University.

Mainly used VPN provide supp… 

Moagg 0.18 by Bernhard Trummer and Andreas Granig

Moagg combines several game types of other genres like races, search & rescue, seek & destroy et cetera into a 2D gravity game.

You are pilot of a small space ship and have to navigate that ship through different levels. But beside the gravity that drags you down there are other obstacles like la… 

C++ Server Pages 1.0.2 by Krzysztof Rzymkowski

C++ Server Pages is a partial Java server pages and servlet implementation in C++. C++ Server Pages is written as Apache 2.0 modules, with the focus on performance.

Apache HTTPD 2.0 or above. (Tested under 2.0.53)
Boost C++ Libraries. As of October 2005 the CVS version is needed.… 

jTDS 1.2 by Alin Sinpalean

jTDS is an open source 100% pure Java (type 4) JDBC 3.0 driver for Microsoft SQL Server (6.5, 7, 2000 and 2005) and Sybase (10, 11, 12, 15). jTDS is based on FreeTDS and is currently the fastest production-ready JDBC driver for SQL Server and Sybase.

jTDS is 100% JDBC 3.0 compatible, supporting f… 

KXplayer 0.2 pre1 by Andrew Ivanov

KXplayer is a very simple media player, based on xine. It's my hobby-project - just a way to get a better knowledge of KDE's internals.

Besides I wanted to learn programming C++ and since I believe the best way to learn programing is to write a program, I just made my mind to write a multimedia p… 

Pogo Sticker 1.0.3 by Skinflake

Pogo Sticker contributed in the Assembly'2005 event and placed 3rd in the game development competition. Pogo Sticker game is designed and programmed by Jetro Lauha, with most of level design and graphics coming from Sara Kapli, Antti Tiihonen and Joona Poikonen. Pogo Sticker also won the MindTrek 20… 

Gestshin 0.2.2 by Cyril Mougel

Gestshin is a personnal accounting application running on a web server and released under the GPL licence. Gestshin project is coded in PHP with a MySql Database.

The interface is written in XHTML 1.0 strict to be conform to W3C. Gestshin can manage multiple accounts, currencies and users. Currentl… 

EMS Data Export 2005 for PostgreSQL by EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc.

EMS Data Export for PostgreSQL is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) program to export your data quickly from PostgreSQL databases to any of 15 available formats, including MS Access (Windows version only), MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF and others.

EMS Data Export 2005… 

guitest 0.3.1 by Gintautas Miliauskas

guitest is a Python helper library for testing Python GUI applications. pyGTK support is most mature, and support for other toolkits is in progress.

guitest is a simple GTK application with its unit tests and doctests to demonstrate usage is provided in the package.

Documentation is severely lacki… 

VisualRoute 2006 10.0j by Visualware Inc.

VisualRoute helps determine if a connectivity problem is due to an ISP, the Internet, or the web site you -- or your customers -- are trying to reach, and pinpoints the network where a problem occurs.

VisualRoute 2005 is available in five specialized editions, enabling on-demand connectivity anal… 

mbank-cli svn20061102R049 by Jakub Wilk

mbank-cli project provides a rudimentary command line interface to the mBank online banking system.


You may create 'debug' directory to make debugging easier.

You may provide '--verbose' option to fill your screen with cryptic strings.

Usage examples:

$ ./mbank-cli list # list… 

Gantry::Docs::Tutorial 3.40 by Phil Crow

Gantry::Docs::Tutorial is a Perl module for The Gantry Tutorial.

Gantry is a mature web framework, released in late 2005 onto an unsuspecting world. For more information on the framework, its features and history, see Gantry::Docs::About.
Here we will explore the basic workings of Gantry by cons… 

mfGraph Library 0.4.2 by Michael F?tsch

mfGraph is a graph rendering library for interactive applications. Written in C++ and Python, mfGraph parses GraphViz DOT and XDOT files and provides rendering and hit-testing facilities. Supports Microsoft Windows natively, GNU/Linux through wxPython.

Here are some key features of "mfGraph Libra… 



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